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of a vble Church of Cñr . 77 is a Redeemer ; and to deny the Spirit, is to deny that there is a Sanaifier. (z.) He is an Heretick that denies Jefus Chrift in either of his Natures. To deny him in the Human Nature is to deny him in his Obedience, both active and pallive, which is the Matter of that Righteoufnefs by which we are jufti- fied. To deny him in the Divine Nature, is to deny hint in the Merit of his Obedience. Now which ever of the Natures of Chrift is denied, there is a Fundamental of Religion denied, and I do not flick to call it a damnable Herefy. z Pet. ii. i. But there were fait Prophets among the People, as there (hall be fait Teachers among you, that ,hall privily bring in damnable Herefies, denying the Lord that bought them. (3.) He is an Heretick that denies the Refurreíclión of the Dead. The Refurre &ion is a Foundation- Principle of Re- ligion, and Inch a Foundation- Principle, that overturn this and overturn all. For if there be no Refurreelion from the Dead, then is not Chrift rifen; and if Chrift be not rifn, then is our Preaching vain (faith the Apoftle) and your Faith is vain, you are yet in your Sins. And we a fo are fund falte Witn f s, in that we have tell/fled of God, that he hath railed Chrift from the Dead, whom he bath not raifd, if the Dead rife not again. This is a Herefy that ftrikes at the whole Do&rine of the Gofpel to overthrow it; for if the Apoftles be found Liars in this, who can believe them in. any thing? z. Members mull be free from Principles of Immorali- ty, which lead to Immorality in Praaice, or elfe they are not fit to be continued with in Communion. Revel. ii. l 4. I have a few Things againff thee, becaufe thou haft there them that hold the Doflrine of Balaam, that taught Balak to lay a (fumbling -Block before the Children of lfrael, to eat Things offered to Idols, and to commit Fornication. And thou haft them alfo there that hold the Dot?rine of the Ni- colaitans, which thing I hate. Thefe I think may alto be ranked among Hereticks ; However, they mull be re- formed or purged out, for when God brings a Charge a- gainft a Church, if they repent not, he will remove the Candlelick out of his Place. G3 2/y.I