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of a v /iible Church of Chrji. 79 made by the Surety this doth cotfequently deny his "'Vice. Is not filch a one an Heretick ? I aniwer, in the negative. Herefy doth not confifl in a confèquential denying of Tome fundamental Truth, but in a direct denial thereof. Now if that Truth that is confe- quentially denied, be profeffedly owned and maintained, that Pei fon, though he be guilty of Error in what he de- nies, is not a Heretick thereby. For inflance, to deny that Je(us Chrift is come in the F1efh, is to deny a fundamental Truth plainlyflated in the Word; but to keep up the Ob- fervation of the Ceremonies of the Law, Circumcifion, and the like, was a confequential denial that Chrift was come in the Flefh ; for it the Subilance was come, the Shadows were ceafed. Yet many of the Church of the 7c-vs that did believe Jefus Chrift was come, were zea- lous of all there, .f1Ets xxi. 21. But never dealt with as Hereticks; nor was there ever fuch advice given by Paul, or any other Apotlle. We muff then have a care we do iv-2c go about to make Men Hereticks by confequence. 3/y. Church - Members mull be fuch as are of a holy Con - verfation: If they live in Immoralities, and will not be reclaimed, they mull be ejeaed; there muff not be a wick- ed Man (that is, a Man who by his Converfation is known to be wicked) that mull remain in a Church -ftate; i Cor. v. 13. Wherefore put away from among you that wicked Perji n. C Fi A P. IY. Containing fame Cautions to Churches concerningforce Things that they had need to be aware IHAVE (hewed you the Bounds of an Inflituted Church, with refpea to the Members thereof. And Churches had need to be careful that they do not receive fuch as are not duly qualified for Communion. The