Quarles - PR3652 D58 1669

DIVINE POEMES Re~ti and C~rrected witlzAddzti;~s f!y tlze ./futhor c:Fr-a: Q::JZrfu.

. CONTAINING ' . ; ·• ~ .. . \ . ~ . -·. The H.1ao·ryof ' r ' . ·~ ,- ·: ~- " · ~ ~ - ' Toge.th~r with .~' ~ s I 6 Ns s 5 o ,~ N; ~ ; ~: l EL E G XE s. :,· ' ' ' ; ' ' ~ ' . - , .. - ' - ; ~. . ; Written; and new,Jy augm'ented~ By If RA. : Q._ V A RL E S. L 0 ND 0 N:; ' ! ) ' . .Printed by . E~ 0. fJr B~ T. dnd r~\ s~ and are to, t;e 'fold by wilt; 7h~tck..;ty at the 1 ~--G.....,o,....l-de_n_s-~g-a1 -....r~ ..... Jo_~-~-~~ ..... D- · u _ c-~-la_n_~ ._· ~ ·, . .. J \

... To the ,, . Sacfed ,Ivlajefty· . . Of . ' ·/ ' I :KrNG CHARLES.' ·S I It; WHen your Landed Subjeel dies; l and leaves none of his Blood to _ _ inherit, the Laws of this your J{ingdom finds the Kimg Heir : In this . Volume are containe , fevetal P0ems, · • lately dedicated todivers ofyour Nobili-· ty, whom they ·have out-lived ; So that th<: Mufes ( who feldome o~ never give honour for lives ) have found them all (ot theKiQg , whic~I haveheregathered to– g~ther , andproftrated before the feet of your,Sa,re~ Majetly~Indee~ ~n.e ~f ~hem 1 .A3

' I 1he ·Epiflle-Dtdicatory; , I formerly dedicated-, and prefented to your felt : So that now .they are become doubly yours, bothby Efcheat, and as · Survivf}r. And if)'ou pleafe to ownme . as yo_ur Servant, y~ur Majefiy bath ano– ther Title· good, bywhich I defire they tbould be known yours : I will not fin a- . gainfi the common good ,_fo n1uchas to eCpe&, your .Majefiies fer.ious ~ye_upon. them :Ifwhem your Crown {hall be ~oft favourable toJour Princelybrows, JOU pleafe tO affdr 'agracious hearing , they will with the help of fome ben.evole~~: Reader, andyour Royal acceptance ( 'l , · hope) rellifh in your facred·ears, and re· Geive honour from your accuftomed – goocdnefs, far above the merits, or the ,' expectation of . r_pur true..heArted, J • . · '~ tt!Jl! .~o1al Liegeman, ~; · .t , # ~ """ I • ' t· ' I ~ :. . . .. ~ - ,~. lt .A. QUARLEs, ' • ,. • 4 11 i ..t :-I • • 4, ' • . r ·• I , · --_. ..,,.

lt.l the READER. . .I Lift not to tir~ thypatie12t Ears ' · .with unnecefary Language .~ · ( ·the abufe ofComplement,) My mou~h's · 11~ Dictionary : .it orzely ferves ats ~he needful Interpreter of ·.my Heart. · · · . . . Ihavefent thee thefirft F~uits of an ~bortive Birth. It is adainty Subject,not Faqulaus, but Truth it:felf. . ' ' Wonder ttot at the Jltle, (AFeaft for Worms : for it is a Song of Mercy·: What gre(lter Feaft;than Mercy ? .And·what are Men, hut Worms? ·. More-~ .. ·.

·TQ the Reader. I . .·Moreov.er , I haiie.glean;ec/. fom~ few Meditations , obvious to the · Hiftory ; Let me advife thee- to k..eep the Tafte of the one , . wh~lfl t.hou readeft theother,andthat willmak..e thee rellifo both the hetter. ·. · Vnderftanding Reader, favour ) me : Gentlyexpound, when it is too late to correct, / I He leva le Golpe, Dios fea c.on ella. . · • i: • ' · · ,· Farewel. I ' I I •

ttt•••········· The Propofitio~ of this ~rft ., Work. T Is not the Tiuorr! ofgreat Hetl:or'sglory, \ •whofe matchlefs Vllour mat•.r the WorldaStory; · Nor yet the [welting of thllt Romans name That only Came, a1Jd Look'd, andOvercame; . ~orQge, nor All of tbo{e brave W<lJrthies nine, ( 'Whofe Might WtU great, aftd Acts almoft Divine, That liv'4 lt~e Gods, but di'd Lif.e Men, andgrme )J Shall givemy Pen attU~ to treat upon :/ 1fing the prai[e.r ofthe KING of l(ingr,' Out ofwbofe moHth atwo-edg~d Smirer Sf!ringr, whofe Words are Myfiery, whofe Works 11-re Wonder, Whofe Eyes are Lightning , and who{e Voice i5 Thunder ; wb~ li~e aCurtain .fJ!reads the Heavens ou.t, spa11gledwith Stars, in gLory rou.nd about : ~r;s He that cleft thefurioiU waves in twain, ·~afing aH.i.ghway-paffage through the Main: 'Tis He,that lurn'd the waters intoBlo6d, . And [mote the Rocky fione, and faus'd aFlood ; ~Tit He, that's juftly armed in hil Ire, BehindwithPlagues, before -with flamiRg fire; More bright,thar~. mid-dayPhcrbus are hisEyes, And »'ho[oe'l!Cr fees his Vifage, dies. I jing the Praifesof Great Judahs Lion, Tbe fragrant.Flow~r of Jdfe, tht.Lambof Sioa ; Whufe Head zs whzter,than the drzvenSnow, Whofe Yifage doth,ti~e flames of Fire,glt~»' • Hj1 Loyns be~ir! -wjth f_olden Belr, his Eyne, L1te Tlta~) .udmg 111 h1s SouthernShine, ' \ T

' ' \ His Fee~ li~t brtrning Brafs, and at the noi/e Of (urgy Neptunes roaring u his Voice, .. Th'!:rtJ that Pa[,hal Lamb, whofe dcarejt BloOd Is [ov£reign.Drin.k, whofe Fldh is faving Food i His precious Blood, the .Worthy's of the Earth · Did drin~,. which ( thougb but bomof mortal birth ) Return'd them t1eities: For,who drints ThisJ Shalt be recei7:ld intoEternal blifs; Himfelf $ the Gift, whi 'h He him{elf didgive, · Hi$ Str·ipes heal us, and by Hia death we liYe i He acti~g Go4 and Ma1,1, in r[ouble Naturf, Did reconcile M~nkind, and Mans Cr.caror. / 1, here's a t?-sk i11deed; if Morrals Ciuld . ~t mate av·er{e, yet R0cks ancl Mounninswould: The Hills (hall dance, the Sunjhatt {top bis COitrf e l Hea,ring t~e Subject if this high Di{cburf e :• Thr. Horfe a'(lcl Gryphin {halt togelber fleep) Thq WolfJhaU fawn_upo~ the fiLLy Sheep, The crafty Scrpenr, and the fearful Hare, sba4t'ioyn in Conforr, ai'ltd ea'h bear apartJ · ' ArJCI, leap for joy, when. my llrania fbtgr, Sheflngs the prai[es of the King of Kings. \ ~ . ' • I . '

t:+H.tttttt•t•t••~,•~t~~f•tr The IntroduElion~ . . THat AnCient Kingdom, that old A{?rtr fway'd, Shew' a two great Cities : Ah ~ hut both decay~'d : Both mighty Great, but of unequal growth;. Both great in People, and in Build~ng, both ; Bnc all ! What hold is there Qi earthly good ? Now grafs grows there, where thefe brave Cities flood. The name of one great Babyton was hi~ht, Through which the rich Euphrates takes her Bight Fromhigh J.f.rmen.ia to the ruddy Seas, -And ftores the Lal'ld with rich Commodities. The other Ninsu, Niniveh the Great; So huge a Fabrick, and weil-chofen Sear, Don 'Phrebu$ fiery Steeds (withManes becurl'd, That circundates in twice twelv~ hours the world ) Nc"r faw the like : By great King Ninz,u hand, ;JTwas rais'd and builded in th' Affyri.q.;u Land. On one hand, Ly~ra wa1ht hC!'l' fru~rfu.l fides, On t' other, Ty~ris with her haftv tides. · Begirt !be was ,;ith walls ofwondrous might, Creeping twice flfry foot in rneafur'd height. llpon their bredth (ifought we may rely On t.hereport of Sage ~ntiCJuity) Three: <;hariots fairly might rhemfdves difpby, .And rani~ te~ether in aB:md-ray : The c~rcuit that her rn!ghty Bu~k i.mbracc~, Contams the mere of hxty thoLtianu paces ; Withi,n her wcll-fcnc"d wall s you might dJ<!:over Five huncired fiately towers, thrice rdd over ,; Whereof tl;te higheft drawcrh up the eye i .~s wdi chc low'Ll, an 4tmdr-cd Cubits high 1 ' .! . .

The lntroti~tch~n., All ric1t1n rhofe things which to fiar~ belong; for beauty bravP, and for munitionJtrong : pnly, and daily rh[s great Wor~ was tended Witl1 ten tf.Jeu(cllld Wo; ~mm; begun and ended. In cie:ht J?ilYS .f]l.tce: How qeautifdl! how fait · 1'hy..Buildings! An~ how fo'NI thy Vices are ! '1 houLand cf 4ffm·, doubfe then_ thy pride, And let rhv vVdls of]oybe never dri'd, Thouhalla Patau, rhar\ renown ,d fo mud1~· The lil\e wa:s never, is, nor will be fuch. Thou Land of A(sur, treble then rhy•woe, And lee thy Teaxs ( do as thy Cups o'rflow; For this thy Pala~e of[o great renown, Shall be ddl:ioy~d, and fackr, and battcr'd down. But chear up, 'l{iniveh, thine; inbred might Hath means enough to quell thy Fo-man1 fpire: Thy Bulwarks are like Mountains, and thy 'Vall Difdains to ftaop t0 thundring01dnance call: Thy watchful Towers mounted round about) Keep thee in fafery, and thy Fo.,.men out: 1, bm thy Bulwar~r aid cannot withftand The direful ftroke of the Atmightie's hand_; Thy wafer-walls ar dread jehovah's blaft · Shall quake, and quiver, and 1l1all down h>e ca.!l : Thy watchful Towers i11all aflcep be found, And nod lheir drowfie heads down.to the ground : Thy Bul-varks are noc VengeanceJproof; thy V..Tall WhenJt,ftice brandi!heth her Sword, muft fall: Thy lofty Tgwers !hall be dumb and yeeld To high ~venge ; 'l(J7)enge muft win the field : Vengi'ance cries loud from heaven, i11e cannot fray ~er Fury, but ( impatient ofdelay ) / ) ' I • Harh brimm'dherVials full of deadly Bane : "thy Palaa f11all be burJOJ.t, thy People flain; Thy Hea;-t is hard as Flint, and fwoln with priclc, Thy rnurth~rou i Hanibs withguiltlefsblotd are dy' di . · Thy. /

The,!ntroduftion; Thy fi11y Babes da {l:arve f'or want Gf Food: . r Whofe render :Mothe;·s thou haft drcncht i~ Blood : women with Child, lie in the ftreets about, Whof~ ~'lajnJ thy favage hands have dafl·~d otft i> Difi:rdfed Widows w~ep, (but weep in vain) · For thctir ~ear Hrtsbands, whom thy hands h(!.ve fhiq. By on-e. ftl~n~ Force, another man's &evo4r~d, ' · · Thy Wives ~re ravitht, and thy .7vtaids .ddlour'd; . WhereJufltce !hoLtld, there Tort and Bi'lbe sare pla~~t Thy Altars defiled andholy thingr defac,i: : Thy Lips have tafl:ed,of proud Babels Cup, What tho~ 'haft lefr, thy Ch ildren have dn:nk up, Thy bloody (tns; thine Abcls guilrlcfs blood, Crib up to heaven for vengeance, cric~ aloud ; . Thy fins are (eir, and ready for the fire, · ,tJer~ rouze, ( .my M.ufe ;·. ~nd for a f¥ace, refpire. . . ,I To ~~~--~----------------~-~, ---------

••••••••••••••• Tothe M o st H 1 ·G H: l ' ~is ·Humble Servant implor~s · His favourable Ass t s t A N:CJ._. 0 .A!f·fufficient God? gre~t Lsrdof Light, . . Wtt hrJHt whofegracto": attl, and con{fant zvo lakoar.s profP.er,( howfoe r beg~) (JPrit.e, But.ftte lt'ltjMij/sbtfdrethemornengSNn: 0 raefe my thoughts, and cletrt m] Apprehenfion, lnfstfe thy Spirit ·inttJ my weak)nv~nt,on: ~ejleEJ thy Bea11H upon my feeble I!.yes, . Shewme the Mirr!Jtlr oft/Jy Mrfleries; My Art-le{i Han~,my humble Hettrt infPire; lt.Jfla!"e 1'1?1 froz..;n tongue w_ith h()lyfire : . R~vifh tny ffupul Senf~s wtththyGlory; Sf!Jee'ten my Lips with fa~red Or~tory: · . And tpou ( 0 Firtl: a11d Lafl:) a/fift 11!Y. Q_u1-l!. ThAt firfl amllaft I may perform thy w1ll : lf,[y fo!e ,:ntent•sto bla~m forth thy Praife.; My ruder Pen expeEls no crown of Bays. Suffice it then, Thine A!td.r!-have ~ifl: Crown me with ·Glory;Taf(..e the Bajs that lift. ' '

FOR ~ /' . VVorms.:. I By FRA. ~VARL ·Es. · ---. ~- -~· ..,.,.....,.- __ ___,....,...... __ ......; \ , LON])ON, Printed ~y E. O. for B. T. and!. S~ . , :. I 6 6 g. - ; .~~:> ~· "'-

A Feafi for WORMS~' THE ARGUMENT. The Word of God ttJ Jonah came, 1 Commanded J onah to proclaim The vengea11ce of his Maiefty,' Aga~nfo thefins of Ninivih. Sect. I. '• TH' Eternal WordofGod, whofe highDeer~ Admits no change, and cannot fruftrate1 be , Cal11e ddwn toJonah, from theheavens ab0ve,: Came down to Jtmah, heavens anointed Dov' , Jonal!, the flower, of old A.mittay's youth, Jonah, the Prophet, Son, and Heir to Truth; The blefled Type of him ~hat ranfom'd us, _ That Word came to him, and befpakehim rhus : ~ ".A.ri[e; trufs up thy loyns, ma~eall things meet; " .A»d put thy Sandats on thy haftyfeet ; ''Gird up thy reins, arzd t9te thy ftaff in ht~d:. ' ' Ma(e no delay, brtt go :Where I command ; . '" Me_pteafe.r not to fend tbee (Jonah) down, "Tofweet ,Gath-Hcpher, thy dear native Town; ' ' Whofe tender pttp.r wit~ plenty overflow, . ) ~·~Noryet U11tQ thy brethrenjh:ztt thou go : · B· . ~'.lmonffl

.. ... l . A Fl~tfl: f•r P'V,rms: cc Am•ngft .tbe'HelYtews, where thy [preadtn fame " Fore-runs the welcome •ftbmehoRiu;·•dn11.me. / cc :Jo, l'te not ftnd tbee thither: lip, arife, " .And go to Ninivch, where no Allies, ' ' '{D't ctJnfanguinity prtftrvti thy bto1d, " To Niniveh, wbe-te flrangerJ are withjlood: ,...._ "ToNinivch, aCity far remov'J . cc Fr91fl tlli~tt acqutZP,tance, where thou,'rt ;ut belo1J'd: " I fend thee to Mount Sinai , n6t Mount Sion, "'(ot to agentle La•b, but to aLion : ~'Ho;· ytt to Lydia, but to hloodyPafhur, " '{pt to tht Ll.itd of Canaan, hilt to A!hur, ~ ' Whofe Ltr.ngu'ar,e will be riddles to thine tArs, 4;' And thine.11gaus will be a1 ftra11ge to tbtirs : " l fay, ~o Niniveh, the warlds grtat Halt, " The Monttrcht feat , highcourt lmperial.. • . "But terrible S.J.o~ntSinai witl~tffright thu, " And Pailiur~/s heavy .hand iJ b1nt to[mitl tbte· ~ " The Lio11s roar ; thepeople' J ftrong a1ld Rout-., 4'!' The Bulwarts ftand ~fronf to ~eep thee out. "(irtat A!lmr menace$ withwhip inhand, ,_,To entertain tb.te ( wtl,ome) to his Laid. ·"What.then? Arife, be gotJe ; ftaynot to thin.~: , .~' Bad is the cloth , that wilt it~ wetting Jbrmt. ''What the;J, if crutl Pa!hur heap on jtrotts? _u Or Sinai ·blaft thee with her fulph'roas fm•ter ? "Or Nl1ur whip thee? or the 'LioNs r-ent thee? " Pijh, on with acourage ; I the Lord ha7Jt {tlft thee : " Away, away, lay by thy foolifh pity; " A.nd go to Nini~eh, that mighty City; " -f.ry loud agitlnft it , let thy dread{,;, voic.t ~ cc-s.-ta~e 11/l tbe City te&bll with tiJt 111i[t :· . ("t; "{lt ti~e a Dove but lite aDragon g9, 1 , · ~ • "Prpno~tnct myJlldg'!Nmt, and Jentlf.nct ~1 Woe ; "Ma(t not thy head afountait~ {~tll of teart,, · .'' T.o wtcp in fccrtt for her fins, Thi~tJ -tars ' " shalt

A Ftaft for w,rm1 ~· . ~ ' ' Shall hear fitcb things w!llnta~e thine eye1 r~n o·ve-t, "'Thine eyesJhtllt [mart wztb what ~hey }hall difcrwer... ~' Spendnot in private thoft thy -zealiJu1 drops, ~·But hew, and hac:f; fpgre neither._t,runct 11or lops;' ~' c/ltate heaven and earth rebound, when thoudi[chargef} ~~ PLead.not ( lifePaul) hr1t roar ( li.fe.B0ana.rges :) . ''Nor let the be4Uty of the lmilt(ings blear thee:, · '- ,, Let not the terrors of the 'l(fmpiers fear thee; · c, Let no man bribe thy fift, ( l well advife thee) ' ' Nor{tml means force .thet, nor let fair entice the~; '' R.am up thine ears: Ihint hen:rt sf flone Jhatl be! ''Be deaf tq them, · as they are_deafe tome i ''Go, crJ againfo it. Iftbey as~ thee, 't;J1by? '' Say, Heav.ens great Lortl comr(uu:dtd t}Jee to cry !_ ' ' My Altar! ceafe to [moat; their IJoly ji1ei ''Are tt"encbt; _an4where prayer$ fhould, there fin afpires~ ·' ' Tbe fatnefs fJ{ their f8rnication fries . '' OiJ coals of raging luft, a11d upward flies; ' ' Andmates mefie~ ~ l fJtar themou,rnful groa~s;· ''Andheavy fight offuch, who[e a~ing bones ·· ' ' 1b" Oppreflor grinds: Ala1, tbei! grief implortt me,' . " Their prai.,rs, prefetr"d with tears; plead loud b~fore me : · " BehiJld, my fons, t~cy have oppreft aJzd J,)lf'd, - "And-bath'cl their hands wit1Ji1~ the,blood tbej fpill/'d: ' ' The Jlream ofguilt/eft blood matesJr~it Jt.nto·me:> ~• The voiGt ofr»any blDOds is mounted to me; , " The vil&profaner of my facred. Names, " He tears my titles , , andmy honour maimi, , "Mates ·ztbet'rict of an oath,fwears and forfwearsi · "'J{.e&,ts not mymercy, nor my judgment fears: ' " They eat, they drint, they {leep, they tire the night ~'In want~n datliJI.nce-, a.nd 1tn,tean delight. ~ " Heave.ia w~nged Herald Jonas, up anci go, ~'.To mighty Niniveh; denou.rJce my woe. . ~' Advance thy voice, and when cho1t I:Jafo,advan-c'dit; ~~Spare ShtHb, tWt ceda~~, b;tt crj out againJi it : B:. "Ho!d

4 ~ Ftaft (1r W1t~l: - " H1l,l ottt thy Trumpet, ~tnd wit!J l6nder breath . "---:•"·~ ." 'fr6'larmmy[udden coming, and tlleir death. .,:.';!.;.' '. ,\ . .The Atttl1or's AP 0 L 0 G Y~ .. . I J T was my morni,ng Mufe ; AMufe whofe fpirit Tranfcends {I fear) · the fortunes of her merit ; Too bold a Mufe, whofe feathers (yet in bl0od) She never bath'd-in the Pyrenean Flood; · AMufe unbreath'J, unlikely to attain An eafie honour, by fo ftout aTrain; Expetl: no lofty Hagard, that fhall fly Aldfnin~ pitch, to the deceived r;ye , ~ If in her Downy Sorcage~ ib~ but ruff So firong a Dove, may it be th~ZJUght enough: Bear with her; Time and Fortun~ may.requite . .,. Your patient fl)ffetancc: With a !.lirer flight• The gene'lal Aptlicat!ort. To thee r .!}dalficlo J.. now1rurrrrny Qtill; _. That God is frill v;~~~God, and will be il:ill: The painful Pafiors ta~e.u;p:]Mah's room, And thou t~1e ~inivite, to. .W!lOrn they come. . . . . . ~· ... Mcditat. r. How J!_reat's the love of God unto his csea.ture? Or is his Wifdomc, or his Mercy greater ? I know not whether : 0 th' exceeding love . Of higheft,God, that from his Throne above .. Will-fend the brightneis of his grace JO thofe That grope in darknefs, and his grace oprofe : . He helps,provides,infpires, and freely gives, I A ~ plea~.' d'l:o fee w.s ravcl our our lives; He

He gr\Tes us froA.l the !leap, he meafures nor,' Nor deab (like Manna) each his ftinted l0t , · But daily fends the DoB:ors of his Spoufc, (With fuch like oil as from the Widows Ctufe · Did ilfue forth) in fulnefs without wafting, ·Where plenty ftill was had, yet plenty la{l:ing. • . I, there is care in Heaven, and heavenly fptights;'J That guides the world, and guards poor mortal wi~ts : There is ; elfc were the miferabkftare Of man, more wretched and unfortunate Tfian favage bca.tl:s : But, 0 th~ abounding le>ve Of higheft GGd ! whofe Angels from above Difmount the fower of Blifs, Ay to and fro, Af'fifting wretched man, their dead!yfoe. What thing is man, that God,s regard is.fuch ? Or, why fhould hea.ven love wrerchlefs man fo much ? Why ? what aTe men, but <JUickned lumps of earth ? A Fuft for WtJrms: A bubble full of breath; Alooking...glafs for grief ; a tla{h, aminute i A painted Tomb, with putrefattion in it ; A m_ap of death; Aburthen,of a fong ; Awmt(tl's duft ; aworm of fite foot long ; Begot in fin ; in darlmefs nourilht ; ·born · In farrow ; naked, !hiftlefs, and forlorn : , His tirft voice (heard) is crying for relief: Alas ! He comes into a world of gril:f ; Hi, Age is finful, and his Youth is vain, His life's a punHhmenr, his Death~s apain; His life's an hour oi Joy, aworld of Sorrow ; His death's awinters night, that finds no morrow : . Man's lifes an Hour-glaf~, which being run, Concludes that hour of joy, and fo is done. Jonah muft go, nor is this char~e· confin'vi ·To Jo!tah, but to all the world cnjoyn~d: You Magiftratcs, arife, and t:~.ke delight / In deating Juftice, and maintaining right; - . B 3 There ' . 'l

r:A F ,.p r~, Wor~~SI;' There liesyour 'l(jni'Ueh ; ~Merd1ants, arife i · And mingle ao~fden~e with yout Mercha.ndife..~ ~awyers, a~i~~' make f:10t your rtghteous Laws A trick for g:u~ ; Let Jnfhce rule t~e. ~ufe: . , Tradefmcnl, ·ar&, and ply yout thnvm~ ffio~ With truer hands, and eat your me:at with cltops ·: "Pattl to thy Tents, and ~eter.to thy ~et, · And all muft go that 'cGurfe,whlch God harh fer~ Great Gpd. awake us in thefe drow1.y times~ Left \Cngance find us Jleeping in Oljr Crime~.! Encreafc fucceffi~n in thy Prophets liett , ' · For ~o, thy H.arveft' s great? and workm.en few: T ~E AR G Ll M ~ -NI· But Jonah towar5! Tharfis 1vttJt , ..A tempeft dotb liu courfe prevent : (' TIJe Marintrs are fore Dppptft, While Jonah peep~ n.nd t~t~es hit rtfl~· SetJ. :.. D llt Jo~{lh thus betl1ought ~ The City's griat ~ · D ,AndmzghtyAfhu~ Hands wtth d.tadly threat. TJ;Jetr hearts art hardened, thttt they canno't hear : Wilt green woodbsr11, when fo unapt,s thr [t4r ?. Str11nge is the eharge : $haUl go ttl a"ace U~tfnaw;z d.Jldforei.n ? Aye nat ! harirl tht cafe; That ri!fotesus I!r'el mufl be thus »eglelled, · wben mifcrett11tJ and Gutilts are rtfpeJ.led. How might I hope my words Jh~Hid there fJtcceed,· Whi&h thrive 'lft, wWJ the Floc/:s I d11ily feed? ' 1l ~now my G1d is gentle, and i?Iclin'tl. 'J$tender m:-rcy, apt lo 'ha;1ge his mind~ . I upo~ ,.

~· Feaft fir YVorm1~. 1 · upsn the lttt~ repentance : Then fhalll . Be tlt~lll'd, AS fal[e, and Jhamt my Prophcjie.· · 0 heavy burienof ..c do~btft~.L mind! Where }halt 1ge, or wbicbPJay fha/ll witJd l My heart, lite Janus, -l,otttb to and fro : My cretbt bi•1me, Stay; my God b~dt, Ga: If Ga, my labour•Jt~ft, my Jhtmtt'l at bft.nd; If jtay, Lord! I trgn[gri{Jmy LIJrtls CIJmm•nll ;._ J[ga , fr~• b•d tJlatt , to Y~lr{t I fatl : .lf IJay, l (lidt frttn 64d, to worfl of all. My God bids Go, my Crteli~ bids mt,St•y2 My g¥ilty fear bidsjlj another way. So J~11ah fl:raight arofe,· himfdf bedight With fit accoutrements for hafty flight; ,lnflead of fbff, he took a. Shipmans weed i Ix:Ulead of going, lo, he.fl!eg 'Yith fpced. , Like as a Hawk ( that over-matcht with might ) Doing fad ·penance for th~uncqual t1ghc, ( Anfw'r.ing the Falk'ners fecond fho~.tt) doec; flee · From 6ft,. turns tail to foul, and takes a tree : S.o ·JMah:r baulks the place where he was fenr, (To Ni11iveh) and down toJaffa went; · He fought, enquired, and 'it lafr, he found AwclcomShip, that was to Tharfts bouad, Where he may £lie the.,prefence of the Lord: , He makes no ftay, but ftraiJ?;htway goes aboard: His hafty purfe for bar~ain finds no leifura , (Where fin delights, rhere~s no account oftteafur~} Nor did he know, nor ask , how much his Fare : He gave : They took : all parries plcaft.ld are. ( How thriftlefs uf our Foft, aud pains, are we~ 9rcat God of Heaven, and earth t0 £lie from thee ! ) Now have the Sailors drunk their parting cup, Theygo aboard, the Sails are hoyftingup ; .. . B+ The

' g 'A Fcafl f(jr WormJ; The Anchor's weigh'd: the Keel begins t~ obey Her gentle Rudder, leav·es !1er quiet ~ey, · Divides the :ll:reams, a.nd Wlthout W1nd~~Oar; .She eafily ,glides along the meving fhore ; Her· fwelling Canvas gives h~r nimbler motion; Sh'out-:ftrips the Tide, and hies her to tl1e Ocean! .Forth to the Deep fhe launches, and out-braves The prouder Billows, rides upon the Waves: She plyes that courfe her Compaf$ hath enjoyn'd her; And foon hatb left the lefs'ned Land bel~ind her ; By this, the breath of Heaven began to ceafe; Calm were the Seas ; the Waves were all at peace; The flagging ~ain..fayUlapt againft her Yard, The ufdefs Compafs, and the idle Card Were both ~egleCl:ed : llpon every fide The gamefome PorEoifc tmnblcd on the Tide Like as a Mafi:i£4 when rcfi:rain'd·a while, h made more furious, and more apt for fpoil: Or when the breathof Man being barr'd the courfe, At length breaks forth with a far greater force; Evc.n fo the milder brt:ath 0f Heaven, at lafi:, Lets fly more fierce, and blows a frronger blaft: - All on afu~dcn dax:lmed was the Sky With gloomy clouds; Heavcn~s mor~ refulgent eye Was all obfcued : The air grew damp artd~oJd, 1\nd flrong-mouth'd Bore"s could no longer hold: vfol~M lets lo(ilfc his·uncomrouled breath, Whofe language threatens'nothing under death : The Rudder f~ils; the Sh.ip?s at random driven; The eye noobJeCt owns, but Sea and Heaven : The Welkin frorms, ar~d rages more and more; The rain powrs. down ; the heavens begin to r0ar, As they would fplic the maffie Globe in funder, Prou.-1 thofechat live a.bpve, ~o thofe live under ; The Pilot'5 friglJtea, knows not what eo do.: H1$A'tesa.maz.'d, ~n fuch a maze of woe'; ' .. Faces

A Feaft for W1rm1.· Faces ~row fad, Prayers and complaints are'rifei , Eaeh one's become an Orator for life: The winds above, the waters underneath, Joyn in rebellion, and c6nfpire death. The Sea-mens courage now begins to quail, Some ply the Pump, whilft others{\:rike the Sa,il. Their hands are bu!ie, while their hearts d~fpair, .. .; Their fears and dangers move their lips to prayer: They pray'd, but winds did fnatch their words away, And lets their pray-'rs not go to whom they pray: . ;But fhll they pray, but ftill the wind and weather Do turn both !hip and pray'rs they .know not whitl1er. Their gods were deaf, their danger waxed greater ; They caft their wares our, and yer ne'r the bet~cr : .. , B1,1t all this while was Jonah drown'din fleep, ·:~. - And in}he lower'Deck was ~uried deep. ' · .Jrltdittit. :z.. Bllt fray: This was a. firange and unconth word, Did 1 Jonah fly the prcfence of the Eord? What mifte-r word is that ? He that repleats ~ The mighty llnivetfe, whofe lofty feaes Th' imperial heaven, whofe foor-frool is tl1e fa.~e ' Of maffie ~arth ? Can 'he from any place Be b~rr'd? or yet by any mean~ excluded, That is in all things ? (and not yet lncl~ded) Could Jonab find arefting any where So vQid, or fecrer, that God was not there ? I ftand amaz"d, and frighte<i at this word : Did Jonah fly the preience of the Lord? :Mount up to Heaven, and rhere thofl il1alt difcover The exc'lent glory of his Kingly power : Bdlride the earth beneath (with weary pace) 4rui thcr~ he bears the Olive bran~h of Grace:· .,. ... . ,. .. ' Dive

to :A riAjl f'-r W1rm1~ ( Dive down ieto th'extrem~ Abyfs of HeU.. l And there in Juiicc d~th rh'Almighty dwell; .. What fecret Cloifler could there then afford AScreen "cwixt faithlefi J~nab , and his Lord ?. Jonab was charg"d to takea charge in hand: But Jrmab rurn.d his back on Gods command ; Shook off h1s yoke, and wilfulll negled:ed, ~ And what was ftrittly eha.rg"d , h~ quit; rejc:Cl:ed' And fo- he fled the power of his -Word ; Aud fo he fled the prefence of the Lord. Good God ! how poor 1 thing is wretched man ?. ) So frail, that let ~im ftrive the beft he can, With every little blafi: he's overdone: It mighty Cedars of great Lebtnrm, Cannot the danger of the Ax withftand, ' . LGrd ! how fhall we 1 that are bti t bufhes ' fl:and ? .How fond, corrupt, how fenflefs is m:mkirid? How faining deaf is he ? how wilfull blind ? ~ fl:ops his ears, and !ins_; he fhuts his eyes ,_· And ( blindfold ) in the bpof danger flies' ~ fie fins , de~pairs ; and t11en to :flint his grief, He chufeth death , to baulk the Qod of life. Poot 'wretched ftnner ! travel wf1ere thou wilt: ; Thy travel !hall be burthcn'd with thy guilt :. Climb tops of hills, that profpech may deligl1t thee ; There will thy fins (like Wolves_ and Bears) afright thee:. Fly to the valleys, that thofe frie;hts may !hun thee, And there (like Mountains) d1eywill fall upon thee: Or.to the raging feas. ( with ]o11ah ) go ; There will rT1y 1in~>, like ftormy Neptune flow. Poor fhiftlefs man! what fhall become of thee? Where-e're tl1ou fllft, thygriping fin will flee. · But all this while, the fhip where 11nab flc,ps ' · h toft, and torn, and .batter'4 6n the Jeeps , · And wdl-nigh fplit upon the threatning Rock, ~ithmany 9: bo.ifterqu' bruili, and churly knock.. , . . .; G~c! . ,,

tJ F11tft for Wor111.1~ God help aUdefp'rate voyage_r~ and~eep All fucb, as feel thy wO?der~ m tl1e deep~ . . . / THE ARGUMEN~ ·· The Piltt thNmps tm Jonah's breAjt, ' '.,4.11d 1ouz:._etb 1onah {r1m hi$ .,eft : Thty ttll caft LOt$, ( bcint, fort aJJri,htld} Tpt facred Lot or~ Jonah lighted. \ St(t. J ~. ' • t THe am3.zed Pilot finding no fuccefli ; · ( BLlt that the ftorm grew ratl1er more, ths:n lefs ~ For all their toilfom pains, and needlefs prayer.s, Defpairing both of life and goods ) repairs To JsntJ.b's drowzy Cabbin; mainly calls;, Calls, Jonn.b, Jollab ; and yet louder yauls ; Yet fa 'tab Deeps, and gives a !hrug, or two, And fnoars, ( as greedy fleepers u[e to do. ) The woful' Pilot jogs him, ( ~ut invain.) (Perchance he dreams an idle word, or twain;) . At length he tu~s and puis his heavycoarfe, And thunders on his breaft with all his force : · But ( after many yawns ) he did awake him , .. And (being both afirighted) thus hefpake him: . cc Arife, ·o Slteptr, 0 arife, a1Hl {et, ' "Tbert's not a twiny tbred 'twixt deatb and thee t '.' ThiJ dartfome place (thou muz[ur,ft) is tbygrav~; " · Ancl fudden Dtath rides proud Oil yonder waue: · ".Ari{e, 0 (leeper, 0 arift, amd pray; "Perhaps thy God will hear, and not ftty, Ntty; . ~' 1{.rpatr the l1[s ~f tbe[e our ilt [pent ~ours,

,, ,,: A Ft~!f for ·wfJrmJ:. "!Ptrcbttnce thy G1d' 1 more powerful thin IUYf i cc Heaven's ,h~tnd mfly ceafe, and have compa(Jion on,; · ~~And tum awa1 thif mif,hief it h~t.&b done u.. { . I The fturdy Saylors (weary of their pain) Finding their boodefs labour loft, andvain , · Forbear their teilfome task, and wrought no more; Expefting death, for which they lookt before,; They call aearley, and confult together, 'I They count their £ns, (accufinf!; one another) That fer his fm, or his, this ill wa~ wreught : In 6ne, they,all prov.e guiltyof the fault : But yet the queftion was not ended fo ; Orie fays~ ~rwa.r t.bine offenu;bH.t be fayr, N~, But 7 lWilt for thy fate, that accufel me; 't R.ufbt forth a third (the WOYfer of tht three) Andfw~rt it wa.r another.r, which (he hear'i•g) · · Deny dit {l~tt, and ft.id, 'Twat thine, for fwearing : . lil come afifth, accufing all ; (replying But little et[e) they all cbid him for lying ; One{4id it wat. another [aid ~&was zzot, . So all a~reed to ftint the ftrife by Lot : Then all was whift, and all to prayer went; (For fui:h a. bufinef~ a. fit complement) The.tot \va5 caft ; 'r plea~'d Godby Lots to cell : The Lot was caft ; the Lot onJon(l.h feU. \ .?doditat. 3· 0 Sacred f\lbjeB: of a Meditation! - - Thy Works (O 'Lord) are full of Admiration ,; Thy jud~ements arc all juft, feve!e, and fure, They <iJUite cut off, or cMe, by lancing, cure The feftring fore of a rebellious heart, Left foul iutettion taint th' immortal £art. How /' I

:A F lllft for Worms~ Howd~p a Lethargy doth this di1eafe ' Bring to. the_ fiu.mbring ,foul, through carelefs ea!C! .Which once bemgwak d, (as from a golden dream) . Looks up and fees her griefs the moreex~cme. · How feeming fweet's the quiet fleep of fin? . Which, when a wretched man's once nuzzled in; ·' flow foundly fleeps he, without fear or wit? No fooner do his arms infoldoo knit . Adrowfie knot uponhis carelefs breft, But there he fnorrs, and fnoars in cndlefs reil ;' His eyes are clofed faft, and deaf his ears, And (like endymion) fleeps hift!fclf in years;' . His fen~e-boundheart relents not at the voic; .'~ Of gentle warning, neither does the noife . Of {bong reproof awake' his flecping ear, , ·AJ Nor louder threatnings thunder makes him hear : So deaf's the finners ear, fo nump'd his fenfc, .. 'That fin's no corrofive, breeds no offence ; for cuftom brings delight, deludes the hearr; Be~uiles the fcn~e, and takes aw~y. the fmarr. . But ftay ; D1d one of God's eletlednumber, (Wh.ofe eyes iliould never fieep, nor eye-lid§ flumber) So much forget himfelf? Did Jonah Oeep, That iliould be watchful, and theTower keep ? Did J•nah ( the feletl:ed mourll of God) Inftead of rearing Judgements, aees he nod ? Did ]1nah fleep fo found ? Could he fleep then, . When (with the fuciden figllt ofdeath) ili,e men (So many men,} ~ith yelling lhrieks, an:d 'crys, Madevety .Heaven report? Were ]Dnah's eyes Still dos,d,- and,.. he, not of his life bereaven ? Hard muft hewink that lhuts his eyes from heaven.· 0 righteous Ifr,el, where, 0 where art thou? , Where is thy Lamp? thy zealous Shepherd now? Alas! the ra.v"nous Wolves will worr' thy !hccp; Thy Shepherd's carclefs, and is faln aDeep; / J ~· Thy

14 I , :A F8AJ1 for WtJrmJ~ Thywandring flocks are frighted from their fold ; Their Shepherd's _gone, and F~xes are too held; . They,; they ~~ofe fmoot~fac ~ words .become the Alta~ Their wordSdlfie t; and .firft begm to.faulter ; . And they thar .fbo id be Watch~lights in the Temple.. ~re fnu~; and want -the oyl of good~xa~ple ~ The chofen Watch.:.men tll-a.t t11e Tow'r ~u·ld keep; Are waxenheavy.:..ey'd ·and fall aflecp~ · '· Lore~, if thy Watch.:.men fall afleep;awake them~ Although they flumbcr, do .hot quite forfake them; The flefh is weak , fay not ( if dulnefs fei1.e Their heavy _eys ) fleephencefort1l ; take your eafe : 1\ndwee poor weaklings,. when we fleep in fin; Knock,at o~r drowzy heans and never lin, · . Till thou awake our nn.:.congcaled eys ; . Left ( drown'din fleep )·we ftnk and ~ever rl~~..· T H E AR G l1 MEN T• .Thty qlleflio;z J onahw,henct he came., J;iis CfHI.mry, and his J!eoples '!'{ tm~e. · Ht mlltts re.ply : Thty mtJan thei.r wq;e; And ast_bis cq~n[et ·:whllt ta dfJ. , ' " rA S when aTheirs appr"hended on fufpett, .rl.And ch&rg,d for fomc fuppofetl n1alefatt, A rude concourfe of people firaight accrues, Whofe itching eau even [mart to lmow the news : The guilty pris'ner ( to him[elf bctraid) ~ .He ftands dejected , trembling , arid afraid : , SoJrn~ab fiood th~Salors all4mong , Inclo[ed ff)und amid the rud~r throng.

'A f tAft ft~r Wormi; ~s inaSummer's evening you (hall heal --– lnHives of B~s ( ifyou lay clofe yo~.tr ear J Confufed bu·z:ting, and feditious aoife, · Such was the p1utmure of the Saylors voice; \ . cc wbA.t wa$ thy(inful ~a, that (aufo tbi.t ? " (Says ••e) whertin h~~:{t thou[o ddne amifs? " TtUus; wbsrt is thine .Art ( anatherf~ys J cc Th~ thoupr8feffeft? Sptaf mait, -whence a"R14Ji; "Fr• whtt to'Afines C4mJt thou. ? (a thirll ,·eplies) ' ' wl:~at is thy CoHntry ? a11d of wh.at atliu,? ,, wh~t arl th1u bDrn a ]fW ?_or G~11tile? ~btther.? ~'E.'re he cottld lmd an 4-nfw,r unto etther > . ., .''Af1u.rtb ele•a•ds, wlocre h4th thy hre~tling b~en 1. '1 . ·: ., As

I ' I 'tS ':A Ftafl fir YP:~rmr. ·.J. 'As in afoul cry Summers evening tideo, (When luftful Phe£br~.r re-falutes his "Stide J. And_ehilometa 'gins her c~roli.ng) • ._I:: A Herd of Deer are browzmg m aSprmg; }~ ,; :,.,., With cao-cr appetite, mifdeeming nought~ ·,_ ........ c .. Nor in fg dce~ a 1ilence fearing ought; " . A fudden·crack, or fome umhoughr-of found,' ·Or bounce ·of fowlers Peece, or yelp of Houncfl . Dill:nrbs their quiet peace with ftrange amaze, Where (fenflefs half) through fear they fiand at gaze :– Se ll:and rhe Sea-men, (as with Ghofts affrighted) Entraunc'd with whatthis man of God. recited : Their cyred limbs do now wax faint, and lither, Their heuts did yern, their knees did fmite together : Congealed blood u[urps their trembling_llearts,. And-left a faimncfs in their feeble parts : Who (m;mqlirtg out diftraetirig .language) ·thus : · cc Why haft thou brought tbi1 mifchief upon US '/ cc What humeur led thee tl a plac.e-IJ;n!(_nown, · " T.o feet outforrein Land, _andLeave thine own? " W/tat ftaith hadft thou, by leaving thine ttbodt, " T11 thill_t to fly ~he pre[ence of thy God? , " why ~aft thfJtt not obey'd (but thus tran[greft) ' " The voice of God, w!Jom thou ac~mwledgeft ? " Art tboJt a Prophet ? ttnd Joft'thou ami[t? - " What is the caufe ? andwhy haft thou done this ? " What fhalt we do ? the tempe(t lends no ear "Tg fruitlc[t chat, nor do the billows hear,r . " .Or mar~ our lan[JMge: waves are ~ot attent: " 0ur gu9df they flo.tt, our ncedlefs ptt1iiS are [pent; " "OIJr Barfs rlot weather proof; no Ftnt>s [fJ flo!Jt. " To teep COiltinualjiege and !Jatttry ~ut. · , cc The Lot accufes thee, thy words condem;1 ther, . '' Tile waz.tes (thy deaths-men) ftrivc tfJ overwhebtJJbet; . . ,• "Wbat

.A FiAjl for Wl~11i1. 11 c~ wlutJbaU we.do ?Thou Prqphet, f)eat , ~epray thee : " Thou fear'ft the Lor~; Alas f wt may not (lay .zhce : . . " Or Jhall we {4-ve the1 ? No, for thou dojt flic · " The {t1.ce of God, and [o defen/jt tD die. ' ' ' Thou L"rophet, {ptat, what jhalt _be done ro thee, "That angry S~af mlycalm and q~iet bt? .- JlleJitiZt, 4,. . ' ' Giveleavea little ce fdjeurn yeur Text, _ · ~nd eafe my foul, me foul with douot5 perple;tt.. Can he be faid eo fear che Lord, that £lie~hi m? Can word confefs him, when as deed t denies him ? 1 My fatred M~Jfe huh rounded in ~ine ear, And read rhe mift'ry of a rwof0ld fear.: The firft, a fervile fear, fQr judi!;ments fake ; ·· ".. And thus Hells Fire-brands do fear a!ld q4ake. Thu$ .Adam fear'd, and fled behind a tree: And rhus did bloody cain !9oth fear and a~c. Unlike to this rhere .is a fecond kind . Of f~ar, elCtraaed from a zealous mind, · Full fraught with love, asd with a con[cience clear Froa1 bafe rcfl'eB:s: It is a filial fc2r; Afear whofe gr0un-d would juft remaitt, and level, Wereneither Heaven, nor Hell, nor God, nor Devil. ' Such was the fear that Princely Dar;id made ! • And thus our wretchedJa,ah fear'd and fled: He fled aiham'd, aecaufe hi~ fins were f1.1ch; He fled albam'd, becaufc hi!i fear was much. He fear"dJehovtzh, other fear'd he noJ.le : ·_ · - Him he ackno.w ledg'd ; hiR-1 he ti:ar"dalone : · ' · Unlike tocthofc who (being blind wir;h errir) Frame many geds, and multif>ly their terre~ Th' Egyptians god Apisdid implore, God Afl4s the Chaldeans did adore : .· ' ..... .( . c Jalel ' \

l S A Fe11Ii for Wor{1Js. label to th~J>evoNring Dr'!J;on feeks; · . .. ·; ·Th' Ar4hianf Aftaroth; ~~~o., the G~eet1 ;' The name of Betsu, the ApJ.YM/lS hallow i .. The Trojans; VeSfa; Ctm'nth, wife .Apoll•-; · Th' Argimans f~.C:r~fice 11nto the s~~; , 1 . To light-foot ,Jdercury,,bows M.a.cedon: .. \. .... To god Volunra, Lovers ben~ their knee: .l'oPavot, thofe that faint, ~d fearful be: . Who pra~ for )1ealth, ~~d ~~eng~h1 to MMtCill thofe, And to Vttlona, they that fear to lo(e : To Mut a, th~y_ th~t £ea~ awom~s tongue :. To great L;&~na, wome.n great with young:_ T 0 efculapiN_s, th~yltbat live .oppretl: : ' I • /illd fucq to ~ties, 'tha.i:·defire reft. ·- 0 blin-:ied ignorance of a'ni:ique rimes, - "' . How blent witherror, and how ftuft with crimes Your Temples were-! And how adulterate! How clo~g'd with needl~fs go~s ! Howobfi;inate! How void ilf reafon,,, order, how c~nfufc ! How full of dangerous and.foul abufd . "'Bow fandy were 'thy grounds, and how unftable ! HowmanyDeities ! yet how unable ! . Impl.or~;t~efe gods -that lift to howl ~n4 bark, They bow to Dagbn, T)agon to ~he Ark : ; _ But he to whom the fealo£ 'niacy's giyeq~_ 1 ~dores ]rho1.1ah_the great Godof Heaven : Upon the·mention <>f 'Yhofc facred N' amc, _. , I • • I ... "! .1. Meek Lfr!1bs gro~ fierce, and the fterce LY.ons tame : Brir;ht Sol !hall ftop, anq heav'n fh~ll turn his courfe, • - Mountains fha11 dance, aud 1/epttme flake hi~ fore;: The Sel Sih:lll pan, the tire w.an[ his flame, l1pon the meqtion ofjehav~H's Namrl : AName tha\·ma,kes the rQo(qf ~e~-ven to.fhake, The frame of~Ear~h to-.quiv~, Hell toquake : ' . A-N~e, to whic~ al1 Ang~l~tlb~~w ~heir Trumps: . · 4Namr, pun froh~k man 1nr~r1~s. e~ump"'' ._ , . 1/ (ThQtt'h .'·

.A Feafl for W~rm1J (Th~g~. pe'r fo. blyth~: ) AN:arrie of high r.enown lt mounts the'' ~cek, ano heat~ the lofty down: I\ Name,.divides the marrqw in the bene; A·Nam e,c. which·mit of h~r4. and ,flinty ftonc Extrach:th hearts of fl:.:lh, and makes relent · l . Thofe ·hearts'tharnever knew what m~rcy meant• . ; ,0 L~rd ~ ,how.~reat'sthy Name in"all the Land ?. How rpigh~y,·are chc·';o9ders of rhy -ha~d ? How is rh~ gloty 1 plac d above ·the·Heaven ? ,: To rentler p,1out1u of Sucklins thou ha~~iren Coercive pow'r, and boldnefs to reprove, When elder n)~n -do what them f\Ot beh~ve:. : Q.Lqrd !~ how,gr:eat' s the paw~ of thine hand ~ .~ . 0 God ! how gieat~s thy Name inall the Lal\d ! i g • THE· AR G ll MEN T.. . . ' .. i The Prophet dath hi.r frzu/t d1[cover, Perfwades ·the m~n to c,afi him over : 7:h~y row,;a~d toy!, but do no good r. 7.ih~y pray to b~ ~cu!:dfro~ btno1.~ · "'.. .,. ,. ~:~r .,.., . . . sea. )• . ~~ ~· - ) ' •• ..1. ' f'<• • ., "· ' ... .' • ·-:· ~ • S·o Jonab fram'd rhis- fp~ech tn their demand~ . "N1t tpat I feel( to traver{e. the CO'I{jmand , . r .:, Of my dear Lord, andout of mindperve<,fe, " T' avoid the Ninivites, do I amer.ce ·, · ' ' MJ:{elf; '. rttJr that I evc1 beardyou threat, · "(unlefs I went t8 :Niniveh (the grea~) · "Arzd do the mefj'&ge fen" ber{1om the 1,4ord) ; "Thd.t you would till;·or cajt me over-~oartf• ~'Dti I dB. tbis ; ~tis myjdeferved (iile : :'· ' , : ~~ T1J1. ~~~are l~illle[s, ar~d the{aU/' is mit~t. . c . . 3 "· : ~t ~~ 'Ti.B ( .

I 1,0 A Fuaff for WormJ. , " ,Tis 1, 'tis l alone, 'tis lam pe; . .. _ " Tbe tempeJl comes frtJm licaven, tbe ca11[ef,"immi: "'tou Jball not lofe a~air for thismyfin, · · " Nor perijh for the faulttbat mine bAth been; ,. "La, I the man am here; Lo, I am be, _ .. " The r1st of aU ; End your revenge tn me ; "' I ~ed th' £te;·iJal Gad; 0, let me then .1 " ( Becaufe l fled my God) fo flie frDmmen: · · "'I~deem your li't·ts withmine; Ab, why fhot•ld l · " Nst r,uiLtlefs, live ; andyou not guilty, die ·1 '' I am the :maa for whom tbefc billows daif_cc, · " M.y deathJbatl· ps~rcbace yottr deliverance; · · "Feat not to ceafeyour [ea1s, but throwme in; " .Alas ! myfo~t is b1trtben'dwith my fin., ~ . · ~' .And God is 1ufl, andbent·to his 'J)tcree, • • " Wbich ce~tain u, and cannot alter'd be; "I 11111 proclJim'd a Traytor to the l(ing . . " Of beaoen AJtd eatth ; t be wind1 withJpeedy wing " '.Acqu:zi;zt tbt Seas : The SeMmrmnt Hp on high, " And camzot rtft 1'11tit the Tr aytor die ; .. . "Ob, ca{t me in; ttnd let my life be endea ; .· " Let death mateJuftice mends which ti{e offended ; "OIJ, ld thefw~lting waters 1(Jt emhalm; ~ ~'SoJb.zlt ·the·wavcs be-flit/, and Se~ be calmo-- -~ - So faiJ, th' arm:zed Mariners grewfad, . - Neyv love abftraCted, what old fear did add ; ' "'' T · Love called pity ; Fear call'd Vengeance- in; Love view'ti the ~inner- ; Fear. beheld the Sin; , Love cry'd our, Hold; for better fav'd than fpill'd ; But fear er) 'd Kill; 0 better .kill than kJFd : ThtlS plung'd with Pafiions:they diiHacted 1 wc;e Betwixt the hopes and doubts of Love and Fear ; Son.1c cry'd out, Save : if this fotl d.ed we do, V(;ni;eancc that ha~uueJ him, will haum ustoo : ' . . Othcn

.A Fettft for Worms. · Other's cry'd, No: May rather death befai To one ( that hat.h deferv'd to die) than all : • Save him•( fays one) Oh fave the man tint thus His dearefi blood hath proffer'd.to fave us: No, ( fays a.nother) Vengeance muft have blood, · ~ And Ycngeance £hikes mofi hard, when moft with!l:ood. In 6ne (fay all ) Then let the Pfophet die, .· And we fhalllive ; For Prophets cannot lie. Lath to be guilry of their own, yet loth _ 1 To hafte poor Jonah"s dc~rh, with_ hope, that both Th'approachingevi,ls might be at once prevented, With prayers; and pains re-utterr•cf, re- attended i They cri'd newways defpairing of the old, Love quickens courage, makes the fpirits bold : · They !trove, in va.in, by toyl to win the iliore, · ~nd wrought a1ore hard dun e'r rhey did before: ·· . But now, both hands and hearts o:!gin to ~uail, •( For bodies waming refi, muft faint and fail ; J The Seas are angry, and the waves ·arife, . ..., Appeas'd ,with nothing but a Sacrifice ; . God:s vengeance ftormeth like.the ragin~ Seas, ~ Wh1ch nougl'lt but Jonah ( dymg) ·can appeafe : ••.. .. Fond is that labor, which attempts to free What heaven hathbound by a div,iBe decree : ,,•.,.. Jonab muft die, He_aven hathdecreed it fo; .J ana~ muft die, or elfe they all die too ; '_ Jonah muft die, that from his Lord did Aie ; The Lot derermi11cs, Jon:Jb then muft die;· ~ Hisguilty word confirms th-:: r~crcd LGt ; Jot~ah muft die then, if they perifl1 not. . ' . ,. " . . ... ..... ;' If .Iuflice tben appoint ( fin~t be mu't" die ! : ~- ;, ·, 1" · 'S aed they j su A{iors iJf. hls Ttagedy, ' ;.. :'·';::' \ · · cc ( We beg n r1t ( Lorti) a warrOAt tti 'offelfJ ) . '{ ,1 , ,~ I t ~~ 0pard6l'J h!~al-Jhed, th~t ·-w.1 ~Jl. j ztt:l'ld;; · ' ·, · · , · C 3 !~ rhouglJ ' ...

( 1 1. · .A Fe~fl fot· WorJnJ. ~~ Tbougb ~ot our bands; yet'fltall·our ·ltearis ke tlcar,· ·" Then tu not (taintt[s'foJtfciencei.bear .~ .. _·- _, · " Tbe pond'rous hurden.of a S..1mder1 gttilt, • 1 .cc Or pay the price of blo~d tb;it. mt~ft be[pill ; c:c Fer l1t, (det~r LtJ.rd) it is thine own decree, ' ' .AiJd.wefadmi.hij~~rs of Jnjti·te.IJe. . ' - ' . Bllt fl:ay awhil~; t~i~ thing woula ~rft be known: , CaQ J onah gtve l:umfelf, and not h~s GWn ?· . ; That part to :God, and toli~s Country this } Pertains, fo t1'l1it ~ flcnder third is -his. . Why then ihould J onab do a doubte wrong, todeal himfeJf away, that did bek>ng · ) 'fhc le~!l: lln.tohimfel( ? · oi' how coul&I1e Teach this, [TfJdUJhalt nqt till} if; J,nab be His life,sownButcher ? Wh.ar, .was this adeed That with ·the <;aliirig.he profen agreed ? .~ · ; : The purblind age {whqfe works (alm·o~divine) Did meerly witl} the oy.l of ·Nature fhinc, : . : ;fha.tknew t)O wri~ten Law, nor Grace, nor God&l T0 ,wh~p their confcien,ce with. fi~ely rQd,) j • Ho"'( much d:~d~they abtLur fo foul a·fact ? . }J/he~ (ledby ~a tu res;glimpfe) th~y made anAft: · ~clr-murderers-fhould .be dr-ny'd to _have · . .i: ~ · l'hecharitable honour of :t Grave : ·. ' ' (;ap~~uch do fo, when Jo~ab : does .a111if~? - Wha,t Jo.ua.r,:I[r'e/sTeacher, an.d·do this ? -,., The Law_of ~hariFY dotli ,all forbid, . :. In~t:his thing_ to do rha,t which J onilh di::i ; :f'.iof.eo~r, in C~1ariry, 'Tis rhy bel)eft, : . · Of dying·m~n_to think :apd fpeak the .beil ; 'fhe mighry SiTII}[o~ di4 as :mu~h as this ;, Ar.~ who d~re ~y tha.t:S~p[dndid am:fs ~ ·-~ .: ~"f . .. .... ~ . .... • ... ' - - · , .. ; • 4; •. ; ·, '· ~

A· ·Feafi. ·for ·W1rml. If heavens high Spirit whifper'd m.his ear Exprefs command te do't ? no wav'ring fear . J ... Drew back the righteous Abram's armed hand from I[aac's·dea~h , fecui'dby heav·•ns ~onu}\ancl.. 1 ~ure is the knot that trueReligion ties,. · 1 • _ • ·:t' ~ · And Love thae$ rightly grounded never dies ; It feems aParadox, oeyona belief, · . . Thatmenintrou~lethould · prolongrellef: . •·. "'. · That Pagans ( to withftand aStrangers Fite ) . -; \ ·: !• Should be nef;leeciveOf theirown eftate.. _:.. . ' Where is this love become. in later age ~Alas ! 'tis gene in endlefs pilgrimage From hence, anq·ncyer tG r:eturn ('~ 4ou~) 1: Till revolution wheel thofe times about: ·Chill breafts hivefb.rv~a her here, and flle is drl.v'cn Away; and witli Aflr¥tti .fled tO heaven. · ' Poor Charity, talat itaked Babe is gont, . Her honefs fpent, 'ind all her ftore is aone; li~r winglefs Bees_ can61;1d out ne'r ablGlom, And crooked ..A.te doth ufurp her room : '2-{tpenthe's dry, and Love caD get no drink; Andcurs'd Ardenneflows above the brink. ~ ...... ! BraveMariners, thewgrld your nan1e 1hall hallow, J ~j • • ~ Admiring tha.t in you,,. that none dare follow: , · · .:.._ ;_ You friendlhip's rare, .and your convedioo fti·ange FromPagnifme .tozeale: Afuddcn dunge! Thofe men do naw the God.cif heaven im.plGrc, That bow'd to Puppets but ·an hour before; · Their zeal is fervent, ( 'though hilt new begun ) l'Jefore their Egg~thels were. done off, they J;Jn. ·.. r . .. ' As when bright PhcebJH in ·a. Summer ti~c, · ... ( New rifen from-the boiome -of his Bride:)' · ~ -· -: r Enveloped withmifty foggs; at lcn~th ·.. . ·. . · . · J J Breaks forth, difp~ays the mi{t, with Sourhcrn. flre~gth: liven fo thefe Mariners ( of;peerlefs mirror ) ' · · ·. : Their faith bci.nli v~l'dwithin che mifi of-error, .. . : ~~ , Ct , t. l At c : .....

. .... 24 .A Fu.S'f for W~rmJ. J.,t length their -z.eal chac'd i·g.ioranc~ away, · "!hey left their puppets .and began to pray. · Lord, how unlimited arc thy confines, That frill purfu'ft man:ia his gQod defigns ! Thy.merci<s l1k~ the dew of..Hcr~Bn hill,_· Or like the Oyntme-At, droppmg downwa.rd ft;ll From A1FOi~1 s head, te bear a; from beard te fooe i So do thy c.1crcies dreridYus round ab~t: ' Thy love is beundieCs f Thou art apt and free >• · · To turn to Man, when Maa returns to thee. THE .ARGUMENT. . . . 7hey cafl t~e P1·ophet over BoArd: The Jtorm .allay'd; they fear the Lord: A mighty Fijb him4JUict deviHrs, Where he n111ained many hou1s• .; . sea. d• .. /J • ~ rf:' Ven as a. member, whofe corrupted fore . . J:, lnfeO:s, aAd rankles, eating inore.and D:lore; Threaming the bodies lofs ( if not prevented ) Thewife Chyl'blr~ion ( all flit means"atteRlpted) Cuts oft~ and with advifcd skill doih chooie ~ TA lofe a part, than all the body lofe ; Even fo the feeble Saylors (that addrefs 1"heir idle arm~; where Heaven denies fucce1s ) Forbear their thrivelcfs labor~, and devife '1 To root that evH, from :whe11ce their harms arife : .'! Trcaf0n is in their thq~,~gnts, and in their ears '· Danger revives the oid, arid adds new fears :- .Their hearts gt\'lW nerce' and ~very foul applies l' ~bandon mercy froin his tender eyes ·: . •" ' They

.A FtAfl [1r W1rm1. They cea(c t' attempt whuHcav'n fo long wirhllood And bent to kill, their thoughts are all on Uood : They whifper ofc, each word is Death':s Alar~n; They hoyft him up, each lends a bufie ar51, . And with uJ1iced powers they entomb His our-caft body in Tbnis an~ry womb: Whereat grimNeptune wip'd his fon1y moNth, Held his triclerted Mace upon the South : . The winJs wher~ whift rhe billows danc'd no m0re,– The ftorm allay'd, rhe.Heavens left off to roar, – The waves ( obedient cg rheir pilgrimage) Gave ready paifagc, and furceaft their rage; The skie grew clear, apd now.the·welcome light Begins to ?l.!t the glQ®my Clouds to flight : Thus all on fudden w~s eke Sea tranquill, · The Heav'ns were quiet, and the waves were frill. As when a friendly Creditor ( to get ' · Alon~ forborn, and · m~·eh concerned debt J s,mplies his will:ng debtor with intrca.ts, 1mportuncs dayly; dayly, thumps, and beats The batter'd ponals of his tired ears, Bedcafing T1imwith what he knows, .and hears; Tfie weary debtor, to avoid the fight He leaths,,fllifcs here and there, and ev'ry ·night· Seeks out Protection !I{ another bed, Yet ne'rtheld's ( purfu'd and fvllowed:) His ears are frill laid at v;ith lowder volley · Of harder Djalccr ; He melancholy Sits ~own, and Gghs, and after lcng fore-flowing, ( T'avoid hi~ prefence ) pays ltimwhat is owing. The thankful.Creditor is n~w appea~'d, Takes leave, and goes aw~Y, .. comenr, and plcas'd, Even fu the[e angry waves, with rcftlefs ~:~ge A~cofied Jonas in hi5 pilgr:mage, And thundred Judgment in his fearful car, Prcfc:mlng 1:'11Jbbt1bs to his guilty fear ; . ' The

~6 .A l:tAFI [1Y PP',rml. Tht waves rcle di(~ontenr, the Surges bear, Anc1every mQmem, death'the billows threat: Theweather-beatenShipdid cv.ery minute Await ddl:rutl:iGn, iPl~e he was in it: ~ut when his (long expctl:ed) corps tl1ey threw . d Into the deep, a debt, ( through tre[pa.fs, due ) . The Sea grew kind, a,nd all her frowns abated, · Her face was fmooth to all that navigated. ' ~Twas ftnful Jtmah made her fiorm imd rage, ~ ~wasiinful Jonah die! her frorm afiwage. · ·, With tha·t the Mariners aftonifht were, And fear~d Jeb~vah with a mighty fear. ' pffiing ~p Sacrifice with one accord, . And vowing folemn vowe.s unto the L·ord1. 'But he whofe Word can ma.ke the earths foundation Tremble, and \v.it11 his word can 'nake ceffation, Whofe wrath doth mount the waves, and tofs the feas .And mak'e them calm and fmoorh, waen e'r he pleafe ·: 1'l1is God, ( whofe mercy runs on endlefs whede, J\nd pulls ( like J acob ) J ufiice by .the heel ) - Prepar'd aFi!h, prepar,d a mighty Whale, Wliofe belly .wasl;>Qth prifon-houfe and baile. F~r retchlefs J•nah~ A! the two leaf'd doore ' Opens, tO welcorue'hom~ the fruitfull ftorc, ¥(herewit~ the harveft ~uices thePlowma.Bs l1ope ~ Even fo the Leviathan fet ope His beam-like jaws, ( prepar'd for fuch aboon) " lmd at a morfel [wallowed Jrmah down, · ;,Till dewy cheekt Aurora,~ purple die Thrice dappled had the ruddy morning skie~ A,nq thrice had fprcad the Curtains ofthe morn~ J'o let, in::Titan ·when the day was born, - Jonah was tena'm to hii livin:g Grave, : .. ) ~mbOvlell~ d deep in·this ftupendi0us ~~V~-. j ·' Men~tat. . '