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.escoses--samaa2a THE WORKS 0 E WILLIAM BRIDGE, Sometime Fellow of Emanuel Col- ledge in Cambridge; now Preacher ofthe Word ofG o D at Tarmouth. 5 The fir/i Volume. z. I. The great Go.fel-myfierie ofthe Saints comfort and holinefP, openedandapplyed from Chrifis Priejily office. H. Satan:power to tempt ; andChrifis love to, andcare ofhispeople ender temptation. III. Thankfnliteffl repoired in every con- dition. L 0 N D 0 N3 Printed for Pekr Cole I, and are fold at his (sop at the figne ofthe Printing-Preffe in C'ernhil neer the itoyAll Excktnie. i 64 9.

N.4,,,VNtes.ill' \et', NeNr`rti, 75 ya--) xitz. c313FacTiipscIA. T4:7 vv- ct,7 qic z. -M. To THE READS 0 good is the God ofJacob to his Ifrael on thisfide theprowl- fed Land, that no good thing will he with-hold from them that walk uprightly. Friend, If it may be verifiedof thee, what Ike rNathaniel behold our blared Saviourjfi °J an Ifraelite indeed in whom is no guile; thou ball at prefent , not only a title to E- NOVGH, but the tenure ofJacobs-ALL: according to that ancienLCharter ofall Saints recordedby that greatApoffle ofthe Gentiles, For All things are yours ; whether Paul, or Apollo , or Cephas &'c. All are yours, andyou are Chrills, and Cbrill is Gods. A 2 The iCor.3 21,

To -thei Realet The very Perfons andMiniftery, and Gifts, Studies andWritings Prayersand Sermons of the faithful! Miniiters of the 1.uxdv Gofpel, All arefor the de !service, and com- 1141 r Po. r L fort kdhrifiS TTLL-LITTLE FLOCK. . es This Evangelical truth is notably proved by the fame ilpoilkto the Epbefians. NiV hen our only High-Prieft oftended up on high (into the office of Intercegion at the right hand of Godi, Holy of Holies, there to tranfai his Prieftly the Father) He gave fornc (tobe) Apoffles, k e r 4. aredfotne Prophets, and" Come Evangeli a1,12. and' Come Paftors and' Teachers , for the. perfeEting ofthe Saints, for the work of the Miniftery, for the edifying of the body cf Chrift.. Thus thif Servant of the Lord is thine 61.1 much thine, as Paul was the Corinthi- ans. Tea, tbefe his Spiritfull peeces ofEvanr gelical inyfteries are thine : Thine, to build' thee p in thelaving knowledg e ofthat doCiri- nal truth, the Prieftly office ofChrift, as it ;$ the Magazine andflorehoisfe of 'all that grace. andcomfert whichwe are crowned with under heaven : Thine , to give' thee a:piercing inh - figt

fight into tbyintricate'tiiethodsoleic Old Ser- pent ) anditaiiily to ilifoveitpollwhat rocks and finds thefaithof in4ny , fuffer fbipwrack: Thine, toawe thee witblirituaCirmour of 1 Ther.., pioof , called a Bic, tAst-PLATE, beraufe it 5,.;;;8:,. Ephef. 6.16, 0tigeGt- ofh. 77,arnmrz7 guards the heart or (as the word elfiwhere iholds it out ) A LONG-°1 A R.GE.-SHIELD _Which is very dexterous to defend the whole ofa ChriffianSouldier from all the fiery darts 6fTfiEWItKED-ONE, Reader, Let be thine, to befieckthee by the mereierofGod; (as thou tenderefi the ace andwelfare ofallwithin thy own taber- hack) immediately toput in praFfifi the holy Conteizts of this Experimental) Book. For if thou, art one of the LORDS-Simons , Behold ! Satanhash defired tohave thee,that he may fift thee as wheat. Oh therefore make pros flonfor thyflutewith allifieed,befire the bo*e temptationdraweth an. It is not truevalour, but defecate fool-madnere , to adjourne this "Every -dayes bufineffe ofeverialiing concern,- went : Becaufem tbis,as in overfightsofWar; there is no rodmiiir a ficond'retraelatiorki, Iii error. biingunrecosterabk:

To the R eade:r. This is all we have to advertift thee touch ing thefe cbolfe ufefullLegur es. For the Au- thor ofthem (whom we very much love and honour) we muff beare witneye, that when he frit preached them from the bofoine of 7efus Chrifi (his Matter) to many tempted bleeding hearts in and about this populous City , he had not then the leap thought tofufer them in Print toTerve the Publique. But afterwards , eye ing the voice of God in the multiplied de- fires and greedy expegations both offriends and firangers. , his conflant Auditors (though ofdifferent judgements) in their private Jbee ches and Letters ; and to prevent a further inconvenience, [ fc. the publifbing them by forte who had impefeg Notes in their hands] M.w.m. was neceffitated to depute u/s [in his abfence at Yarmouth) to hand out into the world this -,-Ap staViv ap, Copy, which was exactly penned from his c4,e6t tongue, by that his beloved AmanueMis and riM° fince kept charily by him as a precious thing 1,14. conmutted to his trait. The ME=

To the Reader. The Father ofour Lord jefit4 Chrifi grant 'thee according, to the riches ofhis glery, to be firengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man, fo that thou mayeft be more then conquerour through Him that loved thee, andprayed for'thee, that thy faithfaile not. So be it. Thine in the Lord jecas , Wigiant OrePnbill. john rates: William9dderley..

IUMW*MAUAi TheTides ofthe fecondVolume, 1. Grace for grace ; or, The overflowing, ofChripfidnefe received by 41 IL The jiirituall allings ofFaith through Naturall III. Evangelical Repentance. - - - w ais a.1 magi d= 011111111111MIIMIIMMI-

+A*LtA AAA*M4Ka ViLz° V-%A.,0195-2-%NraiWv+ A,4444*W+ .4,10,21 ( rFIE CONTENTS Of the Firft HE B R.E W E S, 2.I7, IS. SERMON I. Page Of4 HEwords opened i Doec. The Priefily office of pts/ra Chrift is the great 114agazine and Store-hotefe Qfall 'bat greice tief. '62Inf9n toehave; on &tide hearen Proved ibid I Iris a reliefandfuccour to a Cbriflian againfi all tempta- tions 6 Cleered by particulars When the Lord Jefus Cbrifi died, he offeredup bintfelf a facrifice to God ett Page the Father Proved 8 2 When be was upon the Al- t ar,the fins of all beleevers paft,prefent, and to come, were laid upon Chrifi 9 Cleered ibid 3 'When the fins ofbekevers were laid upon him, be didmakefull fiatisfat7ion to God the Father and Di- vine Mice for them all ibid Objefl. Why Beleevers have their fins frill charged upon their Confciences Anfwered 13 4 Mit he bath done in a more B eminent OIMMOOPINIMIMMIN..MOPIONIMMY 0111Me.....~06

THE CONTENTS Page eminent way than ever a- ny high prieft did before 14 5 Howall this conducetb to our comfort or holinef; 15 It conduceth to our comfort E There is a flare houfe of mer- cy and weer companion ereti- edfor poorfinners 15 2 All our Afflil.lions come not upon us aspunifloments 16 3 ire frail never be damned ibid 4 We may come with boldnefi to the throneofgrace ibid Objea. HowPall Iknow that Jefiss Cbrift bath fatisfiedfor me ? Ant'. 1. Wby notfor thee? 17 2 .Applying the promife makes it thine ibid 3 Chrift is willing you fbould think be fatisfiedforyou ibid 4 Fife we are in a worfe condi- tion than the Jews. It conduceth to our holinefs The new covenant is founded upon it 19 2 Strengthen faith and fi'reng- then all graces ibid 3 The mere a man fees a bog neceffity upon Chrifl to Pew mercy, the more his faith ri- 4 The more a man is engaged to es 20 Chrift, the rixore holy be is, Page the more a manfees his fins pardoned the more is he enga- ged to Cbrift ibid The more a man denies his own reghteoufnef?, the more holy is he with Gdel-bolinefi 21 SERMON II. Heb. 2. 17,18 Thefecond work] f a highpriefi, is, to pray and intercede for thepeople 25 Proved 26 Cleered by opening I Wherein it confifieth In owning our caufe and, fouls to Godhisfather 27 2 Carrier the merit of his blood into the refence of God the Father 28 3 Atifivers the accufations that are brought in again us ibid 4 Calffor pardon ofour fins at the bards of God 30 2 Howpowerfnl it is with God thefather, hegreat inierefi be bath with hisfather 31 2 The inclination God the Father bath to the things, Chrifi intercedeth for 321 3 upon What terms Chrifi was taken and admitted; into, *.'

THE CONTENTS .1.., Pagc into heaven 34 3 He now intercedeth for us hi heaven as our High-prieft Hebathgone through more temptations than any High-priefl ever did 35 2 lie is filledwith mare coin- pagiont 36 3 He ismore faithful inns office 7 4 He livethforever to inter cede 38 5 lie intcrcedeth at all times ibid 6 For allfins, the fin againft the holy-Ghofi excepted 4 This conducech to our comfort andholinef? To our comfort, proved 3 9 Obje&. I am afraid the Lord Chrifi -cloth not intercede for I me Anfw. Y. it is no prefiimption to bear our felver upon the in- terceffion ofjefus Chrift 41 2 Who thofe are that Chrifi doth intercedefor 42 3 How infinitely willing he is to intercedefor us He bath received his a- nointingfor it 44 2 it is the workpfhis relati- on 45 3 It is the workof his office 46 To our holiners Page r The more we are engaged tocome to Chrift 48 2 Themore we are engaged to appear on earthfor him 49 3 2he more we are engaged to lay out our felver for him 50 SERMON III Help. 2. 17,18. The third work, of the High Priefl, to offer up thegifts of the people to God, to prefent their duties, to him 52 Proved 53 Cleered by particulars What Chrift doth when, heof- fers up our gifts to God the Father 54 Het akes our perEons and carries them to God the Father in an unperceiv a-, ble way to us ibid 2 He takes out the iniquity of our duties,before. bepre gents. our duties to NS fa- ther 55 3 He mingles his own inter- ceffion with what is good in our duties, and fo pre- fent: them as one workto hisfather 56 2 What acceptance this bath with God the Father 57 b 2 u It

THE CONTENTS Page r It was an agreement made 2 between them before the world was ibid 2 He was made the great Lord treafurer of all grace 58 3 The father promifeth him Page Can you pray and intercede for other godly men 68 3 If grace be larger under the Gold than under the Law ibid For our holineg To theungodly It keeps men from oppofition to the roaye s ofGeri 69 It is a mighty encouragement to ungody men to come to TCbortijihe godly 70 Here's an infinite reafon why we fhould be much in duty ibid 2 Infinite reafon why weflonld receive every truth that comes from Chrtft 71 3 It will makyou more obedi- ent in an evangelical way .72 4 The more a man rejoyceth in jPirituall obedience the more humblehe is 74 SERMON III1 Heb. 2.17, 18. he fourth work of the High priefi is, to blelie the peo ple 76 roved ibid. Opened Wherein theb 'cragof Chrift and ofthe Gotta confifrs 77 I In theflithttal enjoyment of his defire ibid 4 He bath put the keys of heaven and hell into his I 2, hands ibid ' 3 He doth Improve his accep- eancefor our acceptance 59 2 4 What abundance of accep- tancewehave in all our du- ties by him 60 Objections anfwered 62 5 How this makesfor ourcom- fit+ andholinefi 64 For our comfort Our duties are not loll, Chriji takesnotice of them 65 t We have liberty to go to the mercy feat and there meet with God ibid 3 We know how it Pall go with us at thegreat day () judgment ibid 7 4 Beingpoor begets we are relteved ofGod 66 Object, How(hall Iknow the P Lord accepts my duty ? Anfin . r ifthoufndthy heart warm in duty or after duty, thy duty is accepted 67

THE CONTENTS Page Page ofGod in cbrifi 79 in the workof God ibid In theholy Ghoji dwelling 3 Such as are willing to leave in eur hearts ibid i alI relations tofollow him 87 2 What Chriff loth when hei 4 He hieffeth when the world cloth bleIre cur ibid feth 1 He wifheth choyce bleffings 15 5 Such as gracioufly enjoy e- to them Sol vangelical ordinances 88 2 He doth authoritivelypro- 6 All this conducethto our corn- nounce bim bleifed Si fort and holinefl 3 He abfolves them from all To our comfort 88 their fins ibid Objea, IfI were eared' God 4 He confers andbellows the had bleffed me I could have biding upon them ibid comfort 5 He gives increafe 82 Anfw. 1 It is a fign a man is 3 That this belongs decially to blefied, when others are blef- Chrifi, proved 83 fed by him 90 4 That jefus Chrift is willing 2 When he is drawn the neerer to bleffepoorfinners 85 to Godby outward things 91 5 He cloth this fully ibid 3 When be encreafetb and mul- Objeac. We do not fee it ibid I tiplieth Maw. .1 . 'Tis a bard thing to To our holineffe difcern the bidingof Chriji i it encouragetb to come to . . fometimes 1 1 . 2 Hecloth not bleffe as the world bleffeth 84 3 Not as profeffors bleffe 85 bleffe ibid 4 Not alwaies as godly men But'. He bleffeth fuch as are weakingifts and grace 86 z Suchat be bath made ssfe of the truth 92 2 To go on in it againfi all oppofition 94- 3 To go on though we have but weakparts ibid 4 To be contented with our condition 95 5 Continually to Neff the Lord ibid SEB.,

THE CONTENTS 4.444,04,44,4444+4, Hebrews, 2. IS. SERMON I Text opened Do&. Godfullers his deerefi children tofuller by the handof temp- tation lot Opened There is an afflnve diflofi- tion in every temptation IOI 2 Godfilferr his own children thus to Puffer The befi many timesfeller waft 103 2 At that very time when, they have moll of God ibid 3 Satan many,timesfeems to have the better e them 104t 4 This continues a longtime! ibid Why God doth Thari.they may be the more enlightened ) Ic4 a hartheywitistbeeleanfed ibid 3 That they may be kept ibid 4 That their graces may en- creafe 105 5 That it may be difccvered to themfeltes and others, Page 99 Page what their fins andgraces are ibid 6 That they may be the more fit to receive Chrift as a Saviour ibid 7 That they may be made life to Chrifl d 8 "Upon thefame reafonsitbhi at God littered the children ofIfracl to Mir under the Egyptians That his power might appear lc6 2 That they might not learn their manners ibid 3 That they might bepro- voked againfl them to cut themoff 106 4 That they might long for the Land of Refi 107 5 That they might not re- turn back to Egypt. ibid Ob;caion. 44nfroered ao8 Application ,Dernot quefizon the love of God becaufeoftemptations I.09 Qbje&. How Pall I order my heart in temptations ? Anfw. heedyou do notyeeld to anypart ofa temptation that you may be delivered from. 113

Page 213 2 Do not carry theguilt ofyour old condition into a new con- dition ibid 3 Note whatfutablenef3 there is inyour condition to the temp tation, and tape that I 4 7urnyour thoughts to another objett 215 5 Take the Shield of Faith. ibid 6 Doe not feare too much, Do not fear too little 116 7 Ifyou overcome, be thank- ful ; ifyou be overcome, bold upfiill 117 S Make, good improvement ofit ibid Sermon 2. lieb. 2. 18. Don't. The LordYefus Cbrifi is afile coming Chrifi to temptedfouls 220 Proved 221 Opened a Chrifi is able to di it 222 2 He,is willing to do it It is Gods will, and he delights todo'the will of God 224 2 He was willingtofuffer it, Page therefore to do ibid 3 He is much troubled ifit be not done 225 3 He is faithful/ in doing it. 226 4 Howaria I.:loco:0.r in temp- tation. Before temptation By manifefi ation ofhim felf 227 2 By laying in Goel- principles ibid 3 By filling the heart with, the Holy- Gholi 228 2 Vac( Temptation. By opening their yet to fee it is but a temptati- on 228 2 By letting fall fame glimps ofhis love ibid 3 He doth fuccour from temptation, by tempta- tion 229 fame By calling in pro- ibid 5 By keeping the heart and the temptation af- fitnder ibid 3 After temptation, by fil- ling the heart with unftea- &able joy ibid Application a A gracious invitation to poore temptedfoul; to come to Chrift 229 Objet.

THE CONTENTS Page Why then are mendamned ? Anfwered 230 Other objections anftrered ibid Obje&. My temptation is mixed with corruption Anfwered I He fuccours finners moft when they are molt temp- ted 231 2 When they cannot fuccou, themfelves 232 3 AI nwitbfl=ding all their failings ibid Application 2 Here if firong confalation to all Saints 233 Application 3 ;Letts! be *cowing Chriflians 235 Application 4 Whyfhoald creyeeld to tempta- lionsIhough neverfo violent 236 Application 5 Let us labour to anfwer Chrift in this work 1 Obferve his fuccours and Jay them up againfl a rai- ny day ibid 2 Labour to keep the.fence of his love upon your hearts 2,37 3 Lookup to C brift ibid 4 Give :bloat up into his hands 5 Reft on him 6 Donot reft upon means be- caufe great, nor deffrife them becaufefmal ibid 7 Donot live upon the letter ofa promifi 239 8 Ifyou have the wadi, be humbled, If the better, improveyour vilYory ibid SERMON III Luke 22.31,32. Text opened 241 Do&. Chrift gives leave to Satan fometimes to tempt his own andbelt Difciples 242 °I2ened What great power Satan loath to tempt and moleft the children ofmen i He is an Angel 242 2 He is a Spirit 243 3 He is able to fuggeft what heplcafith ibid 4, He knows what bait will fooneft take ibid 5 He is able tofollowhis fug- gellions ibid 6 He is able to bemire the fancy ibid 7 To hold down a mans mind to that particular The thing 244 Page 238 ibid

THE CONTENTS Page S The fame words which are given to Godfor good, are given to the Devil fur evil ibid Wherein the Devil fals Ihort of God ibid 2 Heputsforth thispower de- cially upon the lc) of Saints Objeft Why doth Satan liefo heavy up. on the Saintsfceing he kzOPPJ theypall befaved I Anfw . 1 His envy 246 2 That they may be flum- blingblocks to others ibid 3 He loves to moleft them I 247 3 How he comes by this power 248 4 Why GodgivesSatan leave to tempt his own children To wean them from that fin tbeyfall into 249 2 The manifeflation of his own power, wijdom, faithfulnef?, and free grace 250 Application Why could any man doubt of bis fonfhip 251 ObjeEk. Mine isno temptation of Satan but the corruption ofmy own heart Anfwered I It is ufual for Saints to chargeall Satans tempta- ti4is upon their own hearts Page 254 2 7.he Saints neverfall in- to anygreat fin, but Satan bads a fPecial hand in it. 255 3 It is the clig'ofition of the Saints to begrievedfor theirfins, as if all were from Memfelves and no- thing fromSatan ibid 4 'Ihe differencebetween Sa- tans temptations and our corruptions 256 Objea. What comfire can we have this condition ? i Nothing befall you but what may befal a child of God 257 2 Whilfi thou art tempted Chriji ispraying for thee ibid 3 The enemy is overcome be- forehepike! ibid 4 He bath no more power than Godgives him 258 5 Thou haft fomething can- not be takn from thee ibid Objeti. 2 What Pall I do that I may no notyeeld to temptation ? c Anfwered

THE CONTENTS Page AnfWered 258 ObjeEt. What(hall I do that I may a- void temptation I Do not (landplaying upon the borders of anyfin 260 2 Get your hearts mortified to the 'objellsof love and fear ibid 3 Take your temptation and dip it in the blood ofChrifi 261 3 SERMON 1 1 1 1 Luke 22. 31, 32. Do&. Thegreat defign of Satan is up- on the faith of the Saints 263 Opened What it is to fail in faith 264 2 Waihthat evil is in failing in 266 He lofth An opportunity ofglorify- ing God ibid 2 Hisjoy andpeace ibid 3 Hisprefent prize 267 4 The frveetnef3 of his mer-i cy ibid I 3 That Satans great dcfign in I Temptation isupon our faith I 2 Page 268 Why it is fo 269 4 How Satan weake,ns our faith 270 I Ourfaith ofReliance /bid i ty hiding our former experi- ences ibid How to bear ofthat blow I Take heed you never refl upon a promife barely ve caufi of experience 271 2 Take heedye never mourn fo for fin at to be unthank, fullfor mercies 272 I_ 2 By fevering our fouls from the promife How than we bear of that blow ? i God commands me to beleeve therefore the promife belongs unto me 273 2 If the Lord gives out a threatning that it may not be fulfilled, then he gives out a promife that it may befulfilled ibid 3 If I am moregodly then I was when Satan told me that the promifedid belong to me, then is the temptation caufilef? ibid 4 God bath commanded me to beleeve 274 How Satan weakens our faith

NT TS Page faith of Affurance By telling us we have no faith ibid 2 By telling us we have no obedience 275 How to ward off this blow ? 279 That we have no faith How to ward off this blow ? the Lord cloth give out particular promifesfor men to tneafure their condition by 276 2 God cloth not alwaies give out a particular promife. ibid 3 Particular promifes have a particular faith 278 3 How Satan weakens our faith Page 2 Do not meafure yourfelves by the Enlargement or Veadnef; of your ozone hearts ibid 3 Look much unto the infir- mities of jefus Chrifl. 2811 4 Do not conclude it is no temptation ibid 5 Remember thy ownfoul of the wales ofGodwith thee ibid 6 Apply the Attributes of Giorifi fat able to the temp- tation 282 7 Take the Shield of faith. ibid ,M.....1 of Acknowledgement SERMON V. By keeping us from owning Chrifi 278 How to bear off this blow? Forel; your foulswith the Docl. priviledge of fujfering foe I Gods love and mercy is never Chrill 279 more at wort for bispeople, z Be fure you look on both than when they are molt temp fides of your fUjferings. ted by Satan 2 2 79 Cleared Que ft. Fiat Wherin the care of Chrifl is expreffed to hispeople in temptation. In ordering their temp- tations ibid 2 He treakns them. 287 3 He Luke, 22. 2i,22. 6 What general Rules may he gt- ven to flay ourfaith that fail not in temptation Anfw. Study the Scripture much 280 C 2

THE CONTENTS Page 3 He caufetb them to be laid down fo as that they may be difierned. ibid orders the time. 288 fantlifies them. ibid How is Chrifis love drawn out to his people under temptation In teaching them in andby their temptations 289 2 He upholds them with newfispplies 290 3 He gives them a breathing time under temptations 291 4 He praies for them, then effiecaally ibid 2 His care is moll exprefiqd when they are mofi tempted What there is in Chrifi that inclines him to this 293 The quintelcenceofall love he bath to them 294 t The great interefi he bath in them ibid Application Abundance of comfort to all Chrifis Difiiples 295 Ifear I am none ofChrifts Dif- ObjeEt. eip/e ? Anrw. All chrifis Difciples deny tbernJelves 296 4 He 5 He 3 Pa g 2 They take up their Croft 3 They follow ibid 2 Cbriftdothnet only pray for hisprefent Difczples, but for all fnch as beleeve through their word Cbje&. My heart fails me in time of temptation AnCw. a There is diference between failing of onesfaith and failingofonesheart 298 2 Betweenfailing infaith in our own opinion and in Chrillsopinion ibid 3Between failings of fait h, andfailings that acompa. nyfaith ibid 4 Confider whether your faith failed like. Peters 299, Other objeCtions anfwered 300 44+4,44444,N44,4440 Theffalonians, 5. IS. 297 DoCt. It is the will of God that we fhould be tbankfstl to ht,t.,for every thing 3c6 Reaf. a. There is excellcnciei enough' in God

THE CONTENTS Page 2 No condition is fo fad but there is fame good mingled with it ibid 3 Chriflians muff be like Je- fus Chrifi 307 Obje Suppofe a mans .ffiritztal condi-I tion be overclouded ? Anfw. I Though God do not fbine upon a Chriflian yet it may be light to him 3 2 Though Chrili withdraw his comfortingprefence yet /mkt') not his fupporting prefence ibid 3 Though Chrifi withdraw yt be draws by his Spirit 312 4 What a man would not loofe for all the world, is worthyofpraife ibid Objeet. Suppofe Goddo not only with- draw but Satan draws neer Page 4 Chrift fitccoursyou inyour temptations ' ibid What particular things we fhould be thankful for We are redeemed of the Lord. 317 2 That we have fo many dayes ofT ankrgiving ibid Encouragments to thankefulnef? I Ifyou can be thankeull whenyou are low, you en- gage God to raife you up 320 2 Hereby your afflibtions will bee made bleffings. ibid 3 The more thankefuli you are, the more your fouler will be filled with peace. 321 4 TherebyyeJball Jbame the Devil How this mull be done t Obferveyour owne tempers and put your Delves u on Anfw. that duty your own ilPo 13e tbanliful,Becaufe fition lies next to 314 it Chrifi bath overcome him 2 Maintain your affesrance 3t2 _Nibandgreen ibid 2 He can do no more than 3 Letyour eye be as well upon Godgives him leave. to-dc 1 what you' have as upon 3 '3 what you wane 315 3. Nothing befall you but 4 BePure maintain afince of what befalls thebell ofthe your own unworthinef? Saints ibid ibld- FINIS. a.

AMOP.........N.PRPMPrim10111111744.., AMAADAAWAAAWAAAAAAAMAAA SCRIPTURES Opened, And occationally Cleared in the Firft VOLVMNE. Chap. Vert". Pag. . Numbers 6 24325 79 16 41 43 20 12 267 I Samuel 25 32 33 2 Samuel 4 10 254 Chap. Val. Pag. Chap. Vert'. Pag. Zachary 8 33 28 8 39.307 8 35 234 3 1 28 Malady 3 2.34 56 Matthew 3 17 72 5 10 87 24 266 24 296 7 16 I Corinthians 10 13 291 2 Corinthinarts 11: 7 314 13 .14 79 Ephefians 3 77 3 12 55 5. 72 5 2 8.12 job 17 11 321 Luke i 6 12 245 Pflmy1 8)9)10 53 Irlebreros a 40 ,. 8 /. ii ,4 18 290, 417 12 316 13 30 31° 9 64 1! 47 Canticles 16 26 61 II 12 3 Y 34 14 42 -.6, 4,00 20 42 70bn 14 62 Alfa I A so 18 107.265 IP:lab ' Revelation 24 15 307 Ramon., 8 3 56 3 . 9 II 3 25 121 20 1,24 288 T1I ,N ;I S. 31 101 14,15 230 2 7obn 37 4 116. 11.12 .271. 10 17 j3 8 3 ;tic

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tt*APItAtt*AMMAMA Ve.e. 4.44.0401440:014W4WIV The 06# S PE ft 4.1 y y of the: SAINTS comfort and holineffe. IIEBREWES. 2,17, 18. - ifhereforein all things it behoved him,to be-made rreacigea at Step- unto his brethren, that he might be a mereifid, and a faithful High Prie ;in things pertaining to God, Apri/,25 to make_ reconciliation (or atoitvent)for tfiefiw.of 1647. thepeople. For in that he himfilf:hatklefered,being tempted, he is able tofixeour them that are tempted. 44 H E ApolileP (whom I take tobe the Penman ofthis Epiiile) having inihe ---'5:7111,1 former part ofthis Chapter, ihewed. the T Reafons, why it behoved Chrift for to ;Sp e-.44# fuffer death : He comes now, in the lat- 44bitt444, ter end thereof, to give you an account, by laying down fome Reafons, Ingi, it d behoved'

2 The great Gorpel-Myfiely (Talc Sala iCfri-2o rt andbolinefh MOS, behoved CJrifrr to be in all things made likeunto us, whom the Apoitle here cals theBrethren of Jefus Chrifi. In other Scriptures we find, that our Lord and Saviour Chrift, is called our Father, The everlafting Father, the Princeof peace. Ruche is called our Brother,wehis Brethren. Now the fame Perfon, to be both a Father, and a Brother unto the fameman, in nature it cannot he But becaufe all there Relations, are to fcant,and narrow Veifels to hold forth the love of Jefus Chrift towards us : Therefore Inconfifient Relations are given unto him. A Father Provides for his child, whichthebrother clothnot. A Brother_ can mop, and condefend, unto his brother, which the fuperiorityof the-Father will not bear. So that here is held, forth unto us, the ilooping, Condefendirtg love ofJefus Chrifi: and therforehe istalledour Brother, and wehis Brethren. But nly, and what Realm it there, That the Lord Jefus Cbrifl frould in all things be nude nto.ut bit Bre- thren ? The Apoillein there wordsgives the Reafon, That he might be amerciful, and a faithful highPrieft, in thingspertaining to God,to make reconciliationfor thefins of thepeople,&c. The Lord God our Father, fwear unto- JefusChrift, ThowartaPrieii for ever, after the order of Melchizedek. He was to be the great highPriefl. .Amongthe Jews, in thetimes ofthe old Teftament, they had an high. Prielt,- that was in all things to stand between God and them, and -in cafe any finned, to make an atonementfor them. As theJewes had'their High Prieft : So theLordJefus Chrifi, hewas to be, and he is, The Apofile, and the High Priefi ofour Chriftian protein. on, as Aaron was oftheJewes profeffion. And therefore fades sheApoille, It behovedhim, in all things to be made like ant() us. But couldnot jefusChrill be merciful unto poor tempted fouls, unlefs he were in all things ma de like to them : like hrtheirNoures, like in their Affellions, like in matter e cbrifl Temptations.

opened, 41/Llitn RIM . rr ictu-y-umce. 3 Cbrift at God, couldhave been merciful unto us, although ,Inf, he had not been made like unto us but not at our Elie There is4tnability of Sufficiency, and ofPower : and foChritt asGod, was able to tuccour thole that are temp- ted, although himfelf had never been tempted. But there is an abilityof idoneity, or Fluids, or Aptnefs and DiC. polition : and to the Apotile faies here, For in that Himfelf hath fufferedbeing tempted, he is able to fuccour them that are tempted. It's plain then, what that is, that isthe.great fupport of a Chrittian against all Temptations : wherein lies our fur- touragainst all Temptation, -namely, in thePriettly-Office ofJelinChrift. The Priefily -Office of Chrift, it it the great Magazine, and Storehoufe, of all that Grace, and Comfort which we have on this fide .Heaven It it that, whereby we are reconciled to God the Fo- ther, and relieved againfiall temptation. 2hit it the great thing 4bat thefe words holdfortb. And therefore, upon this account, the Apoille Pant, finding the Hebrew-es labouring under great Temptations, Doubtings, Fears, and much Unbeleef ; hedoes not only here, but all along in this book of the Hebrews, t:?pcia.the Priettly Office ofChrift unto them. And indeed, 'what comfortcanwehaveinGod but through Chrift and what comfort can we have in Chrift Bin-it-elf, but as he is cloathed with his Prefily-Gar- ment, with his Cfficeofthe High Prieft ? Vvhatfoever com- fort we have in the other Offices ofChrift, namely hisKing- ly, and his Prophetical ,Cflice, it isall Originated, and Prin- cipiated in alit : The Prickly C ffice of jefusChrift, it does give a Life, and Feing,and Efficacy toboth theother Cffi- ces. And therefore, the High Priett, in the times of theold Teftament, (whowas a Type ofChrift) hewore a Crown upon his head, and the breaft-plate ofVrint,ancl 7 l'itnknati upon his brealt thowing, that both the other Offices, the Kingly, and the Prophetical Office, wereplantedupon the Priettl Office of efus ,Chrift. d 2 Yeas

The great Gofpel-Myftery oftbe andbalittefl : Yea., If you look into the, Firft; Second, and Third. Chapters of the Revelation, you will find, that whatfoever: fireames, of comfort did run down upon the Churches through the other Titles, and'Attributes of God, they are all fountain'd here. In the Second Chapter ' and the fiat' verfe. The Lord Chaff hath this Title, That he holdeth the feven ftars in his right hand ! Thefe things faith be that boldeth the feven liars inhis right band.` In-the Eight verfe writing unto the Church of Stnyena, he takes up another Title, or Attribute : Thefe thing, faith the fill and the le, whichwas dead and is alive. At the Ttvelf verfe, writing un- to the Church of Pergamus . he takes up another Title : Theft things faith he, who bath tht fharPfiord' with two edges. Now look into the, first Chapter, and you fha.11 fee, that thofe feveral Titles, wherewith he cloaths Hinefelfwhen he speaks unto the Churches feverally, are all furnmed uRto- gether at the I 6. verfe. And he bad in his right hand(even Afars; There's his Tide unto theChurch of Ephefus : And out ofhis mouth went a (harp two-edgedfword : There's his Ti- tieunto the Church of ferganes. And at the: 18. verfe. I am he that liveth and was dead, andbehold I 4M alivefor ever more; There's another Title, that he ufeth when he fpeak- eth unto the Church' of Smyrna. But in the 13. verf, is o- pened the fountain ofall there firearns : In the mie4 of the feven candlejiickr, Ifaw one like unto the Son of man, cloathed with a garment down to thefoot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. This was then the robe and attyre of the High Prieft : Vv hole garment came down unto his feet, and he was girt about with a golden, girdle. So, that 411 " thofeother Attributes, andTitles ofChrift, theyhave their rife here, here is the f ring-head of all thofe confolations, even the Friefill Office ofleft*, Chrift, Lifually; Thofe Excellencies, anctAttributes of Chrift ,are mofi beneficial unto-'the Saints, that are mbik oppoftel by the- world: What Title, Attribute, or Excellency of atilt is there,that ismoreinvaded by thetwoeldythan the Priddy

Ppened, an a s s Prieftly-Office. Prieftly office ofJefus ChM? What is the whole body of And-chriftianifme, but an invafion upon this Prieftly Of- fice ofChrift? What is the Popijh Nage, (that anbloody _Th e) ilIce,) but a derogation from the Sacrifice of Jens Chrift once upon-the Croife, and fo a derogation from his Prieft- ly Office? What are all thole Popifh Penances, and fatis- fa&ions injoyn'cl, but a derogation unto the facisfaaion of lefat3 Chrift, and fo unto the Priettly Office of Chilli ? 'What is all their praying toSaints, and Angels, but a de- rogation unto the Interceffion of Jefus Chrift, and fo unto the Prieftly Office of Chrift ? What does the Pope call hirnfelf? He cats himfelf, the High Priefi, the very Title 'Apecesp's that our Lord, andSaviour takes unto himielf. So that the whole body of Anti-cbriflianifine, is a great invalion upon the Priefily Office of JeJis Cloriji. Now that which is ufually oppofed moll by the men of the world, that Excellency, and that Attribute ofChrift, is of all other the moil conr- fortable, and beneficial unto Gods people. The truth is, This Prieftly Office of Jefus Chrift, is an Officeofnicer love, and tender conwaffion ; created, and fet up on purpofe, for the reliefe of poor diftreffed litmus ; there is no mix- tnrceofterrour with it : there is a miXture of terrour with the other Offices of Chrift. The LordChrift, he is King, and he bath a Kingly Office, and byhis Kingly Office he rulesover the Churches, and-rules over all the world : But all donot obtain mercy that he rules over. As for theft mine Enemies, that will not fubmit , will not have mee to Reign over them, bring them, and flay them before, mee. TheeProphetical office of Jefus Chrift, it extendeth unto many that fhall never be laved.: Light Pines in darknef?, and darlmejle tornprebendeth it net. He came amto his -own, and his own received him not. Brut now, where e- ver the Prieftly Office of Jeihs Chrift islet forth. upon foul, that foul fhall certainly be faved for ever. What was the great reliefamongft the .lewes againft their fills? The Jewes., you chaff obferve they had many reliefs: when they werein the wildernefs, and.were Rungwith the fiery

6, The great Gorpel-Myiteryo t anti holinefl fiery ferpents, then they hada brafen-ferpent for tolookup- on, as a reliefe again ft that diftrefle. When-they wanted water, they had the water out of theRock, as a reliefe a- gainft that diftrefre. When they wanted Bread, they had Manna from Heaven, as a reliefe againti that diftrefs. But I when they finned, whither did they go ? Then they took a 1 facrifice, and went unto the Prieft, and he was to offer for them. So that the Prieftly Office then, was the only relief they had againft fin. And-f now , thePriefily Office ofthe Lord jefasChrift, it is that great fuccour, and reliefwhich Chrifilanshave a gaindall Temptations underHeaven. You will fay unto me, But general! things affe& not let us Ice it in fameParticulars, wherein this Prieftly Office of Chrift, is thegreat Magazin, and Storehoufe of all our :grace and comfort. AV: For Anfwer, hereunto, I will begin this exercife with one Particular of the Prieftly Office of Chrift, in fhewing what a ,relief, and fuccour it is unto a Chriftian againfi all Temptations, and what a bottome olcomfort,and fpecial means ofGrace and Holinefs. The text faies, That the work of the High Prieft is, To make reconciliation for thelinsof thepeople. in the times of theold Teftament, ,the High Pried made an Atonement for the people:' in cafe any man had finned, he brought a facrifice, and his fins were laid upon theheadof the facri- fce. ence everyyecr, the High Priell did enter into the holy of holieft, and with the blood of the Sacrifice, did fprinkle the Mercy-Feat, and laid the fins of the people upon thehead ofthe fcape-goat and fomadean atonement for thepeople. All which will elect?appear, in that, i 6. of Livitieto ' at the 14. verfe. He fhall takeof theblood of ,thebullock, and fprinkle it with his finger upon the Mer- cy ,.:eat eaft-ward : and 'before the Mercy-Seat 'Mall he fprinkle of the bloodwith his, finger feven4mes. And at the 2 1 . verie, 4nd elaronfhall lay bothhis hankwpm the head of the livegoat, and confeSeover him all the iniquities ofthe ehil- I *en( - ..............,...a......................................, AIIII

Opened, an MSTS PriCitirOSCC. children of Ifrael, and all their tranfgreffions, in all their fins, putting them upon the bed ofthe goat, and fallfend him away by the handofafit man into the wilelernefi, andfobefball make an atonement, as in that Chapter. This was the work of the High Prieft, in cafe any had tinned, to make an atonement, and fatisfa&ion (by wayofType) for the fins of the peo- ple. Now for the better proof of this great Goffrel-Trutb that I have propounded, I 111411 infif on thefe. Five things. Firit, 7hat when the Lord jefiuChrifi died upon the CroSe, be didoffer up Ilinsfelf efacrifice unto God the Father. Secondly, That when tbis favifice was upon the Altar, then thefins ofall beleevers,pafi, prefent, and tocane, were all laidup- on jefus Chrifi. Thirdly, That when tbefefins were thus laidupon Cbriff,be didthereby givefull fatisf.glion unto God the Father, unto Divine Juflies. Fourthly, That all this he did as ourgreat High-Friefi, and in amore Tranfcentlent, and Eminint,manner, then ever any.,High Friefi did before him. Fifthly, How all this cloth conduce to our Comfort, and to our Holinefl. Firft, When our Lord iefus Cbrifi died upon the Crog, He did offer up himfel f afacrificeunto God theFather. He did not (as the Socinians fay ) die only as an example for to teach us how to die ; buthe offereduphimfelf a facrifice unto God the Father then. Yea, as ifall facrifices were met in him ; all thofe titles that aregivenunto other Sacrifices, they are given, unto him. There were Three forts of Sacrifices : fome were living; others were not living, and thole were either folid, as bread and the like; or elfe,theyware liquid, as wine and oyle. There was alwaies,Deflruffio rei obkatje, A defiroyingofthe thing offered. Ifit were a living-thing that wasfacrificed, then itwas raid tobe flai : In anfwer to that, Jefus Chrifi isfaid to be a Lamb flainrfrotn the be ginning ofthe world. lilt werea dead thing that was of- feredup, as bread, or corn, a folid thing, /hen the facri- fice,

8 The great Gotpei-Myffery o t andbonne; : ICI face, or offeringwas raid to be bruited. In antwer to that, our Lord and Saviour Chrift is Paid to be bruifed for our iniquities. If it were a liquid thing that wasoffered up to God, as wine, or oyle, then it was laid to be powredout. In antwer to this, it is Paid ofour Lord and Saviour, That his foul was powred out unto death. Thus all Sacrifices meeting in him. Behold the Lamb of Ged ( faies John the Bap tilt when he lawChrift.) He does not fay, Behold the Bull ofGod, or the Goat of God andyet Buis, and Goats were facrificed. Why does he rather fay,behold theLamb of God, than the Bullock, or the Goat ? For when the. High Erica went into the Holyof Hone, and fprinkled the Mercy-Seat, he did not fprinkle the Mercy-Seat with theblood of the Larub, but with the blood ofa Goat; and yet notwithitanding, it is not laid, Behold the Goat of God, but, Behold the Lambof God : Why fo ? Not on- ly becaufe that Chrift was ofa lamblike, andmeek difpo- Ilion (as force would have it:) Nor onlybecaufe, that the great Type of Chaff, was the Patcal.Larnb, (though thete tae reafons.) But there wasa dayly facrifice in theTemple; whether men brought any offeringor no, there was a Ran- ding facrifce in the Temple, moining,and evening, and that facrifice was a Lamb. Now therefore, to thew, that lefus Chrift is thedayly facrifice, therefore he cries out, and faies, Behold the Iamb ofGod, and not the Goat of God ; for the Goat was not facrificed every day as the I arnb was. For proof ofthis, take the Apoilles Exhortation, Fphe. 5. 2. /lid/kit/WA', Chrzff bath lz ved tu, andLathgiven him- .1.1' 7 1.4 r far lif an aherirg and a facrifice to God. Here are Three t flings courcicrable. Firfl, He does not fay,'Whohath redee- med us : but, to ihow his great love unto us, Who hath given birnfelffir : He doth not fay, Who bath given him- felfftr our fins : Yet he faies fo, in Gat. 1. 4:Who gave him- f elf for our fins; But, Who gave himpffor us. Why? To thew, who they were that he gave hinifelf for: He gave hielfeiffcr us, as /inners. Again, He faies here, He gave himfelf

41; £pened,.and aPPIYed fromCHRIST s Prieftly-Office. hirnfelf for us, an offering, and a facrifice, not only an offe- ring,but a facrificetoo. So that this firft Propofition istleer- 4y proved, Thatour Lord Jefus, when be' ied upon the Croje, he did offer up himfelfas afacrifice unto GodtbeFather. Secondly, ,As hedid offer up hindelfa facrifice untoGod the Father : So when he war upon this Altar, this facrifice ; the fins ofall beleeversweretben laid upon jefits Chrifr : thofe that donow beleeve, or fhall hereafter beleeve, they were all then laidupon jefus Chrift. Look into the 53. of Ifaiah ver, 6. All we like fbeephavegone affray, andbane turned every one to his own way, and the Lordbath laid on hint the iniquities ofusall. That which Godhies on 11141 never be taken off, no man fludl take it off The Lordhath laid on him the 1-` niquitiesofus all. Yea, Our iniquitiesare not only faid tobe laid on him, but (to ufe the lameword that is ufedfor the facrifice) it is faid, he bare our fins upon the Croffe ; as the Goat bare the fins ofthe people So faies theApoftle, He himfelf bare our finsupon the Croft'. Moreover, Hedid not onlybareour fins upon the Crofs: but (faies the Apolile) be was madefin for us. 'Tis not laid, He was made a finner,oraccounted a finneronly for us, but hewas made fin for us. All our iniquities were laid on him ; he bareour fins ; and hewas made fin for us upon the Grofl'e. Thus briefly the Second Propofition is cleared, That when he didthus offer up bimfelfupon the Croljeaf a facrifice, thefins ofall beleever s were then laidon/aim. Thirdly, When thefins ofheleevers were laidon him, then he, didmakefullfatisfatlion unto God the Father, andDivine Jet- jlice for all our fins. This is a bottom of much comfort. For iftheLord JefusChrift our furety had not fatisfied to the utmoft farthing, our great Creditor, God the Father, for all our debts, God the Father might comeupon us the Debters. But our Surety, the Lord Chrift, hath given full fatisfa&ion unto God the Father, that no more de- mands canbe made upon us : And indeed elle, how could our Surety ever have come out of prifon : He was under ar- e reit 2.

Ai- 10 Thegreat Gofpel-Myfieryof the Saintscomfort and holineJ': reft, he was in the jayle, in the grave: The Father, the great Creditor lets him out; and did not only let himout, but the Lord jefus Chrift, he goes into Heaven, and fits down there at the right hand of the Father; Surely, if the Creditor had not been fatisfied, the Surety fhould never have bin releafed out ofprifon . He was fo fuliy fatisfied, That he /corefor iniquity, and he foundnone, (faies the text.) He look't over all his books, to fee ifhe could find any thing upon the (core, but he found none : all our debtswere paid. Beholdthe Lamb of God, that tales away the fin ofthe world. He does not fay, That takes away;the fin of the Jewes wily; but takes away thefin of the whole world. He does not fay, That takes away the fins, (in the plural Number) but takes away the fin (in the fingular Number :) Sins go fo together, as if theywere but one : but let the fin be never fo twitted toge- ther, as ifit were but one fin, this lamb of God, he takes away the fin of the world. And he does not fay, That hash pardoned the fin of the world : for then a poor foul might fay, I but, though he bathpardon'd my fin, yet my fin is not mortified. Neither does he fay, Behold the lamb of God that Mortifies, or Defh oyes the fin of the world : But he gives you a word, that takes in, both pardon, and Mortification too. Behold the lamb of God that takes them away : both in regard of Pardon, and in regard of Mortification : Behold the Lamb of God that tales away the fin of the world. There is nothing that does fo fatisfie God the Father, as Obedience, and the more full the Obedience is the more God the Father is fatisfied thereby : Now it is faid of our Lord and faviour Chrift, Thu. in this great facrifice upon the Croffe, he was Obedient. He was Obedient even to the deathofthe Croft. That he that did make the Law, fhould come down from Heaven, and be fubjea to theLaw, what Obedience was here ! Obedient to the Death. Yea, unto the Deaths (in theplural Number) And he nlade his grave with the fattens:: and his Deaths was with .h.-e. rich. He made bit

Opened, andapplied,fromCHB.' srs Prieftly-Office. his grave with the wicked, and with the rich had his Deaths, I. faitah, 53. ver. 9. It is in the Plural Number in the Hebrew, though in your Englifh tranflation it is in the Singular. As ifthe holy Ghoti had called death, the Second death that our LordChriii had in fome meafure fuffered. For, if you confider things truly, and rightly, I beleeve you will find, that our Lord and Saviour Christ when he died, and was in his agony, he did not only indure the first, but the torments ofthe fecond death. He overcame nomore than he lubrnitted to : he overcame death by fubmitting to death. Now he overcame the feconddeath alfo, and there- fore in fome meafure fabmitted to the torments of it, fo far as he was capable. Lookwhat the fled Adam fhould have indured for his fin in thefall, that the fecond Adam now did induce in fome meafure for to take it off: The day that thou eateft thou .,1,7,alt die the death. It was not barely the cor- poral, and outward death, but it was the fecond death. Ifour Lord and Saviour Chrift did not indure the torments of the fecond death, the wrath ofGod upon his foul ; why didhe fweat drops of blood, and tremble, and shake fo, when he came todie ) There is many Saints, and Martyrs, when they come to die, they goskipping, and leaping, and rejoycing : and our Lord and Saviour, when he came to die, he fweats drops ofblood ; Cutely there was more than anoutward death : Oh ! the wrath of God, and the tor- ments ofthe fecond deathwas upon hisfoul. Thus obedi- ent he was,and this obedience of his, it wasvolontary, for he needed not to have died ; but he faw that God the father was difbononred bymans fin, and that poor man would be loft, and rather than that fhould be, he doesvolontarily offer himfelf unto this Obedience. Loe, I come (tales he) in the volum ofthebookit is writtenofme, I delight to do thy will, and thy Law is within my heart, Pfal. 40. 7, 8. Mark what an expreflion there is in that Pfalm, 'tis fpoken concerning Chrilt, as is plainly interpreted by the Apoille in the x o. oftheHebrews, at the 6. verfe. Sacrifice andoffering thou didft not defire, minecares bail thouopened (or bored.) The Apoftle C 2 when

12 The greatGofPel-Myftery of he Saintscomfort and boliner: when he tranflates thefe words, he tranflates them thus: My body haft tholeprepared. But readethem as they arehere in the Pfahn : Sacrifice and ofringthoudidji notelefireimine care haft thou bored. That as whena fervant was willing,to fig withhis Mailer, and to do him. yet more fervice the fer- van ts care was tobe. bored : So faies the Lord Chrill, I am as willing todo this work, to be thus obedient, as a fervent whole care is bored, is willing to flay withhis mailer : And mine care hail thou bored, (faies he) ah, here's obedience, here's obedience : this now did infinitly fatisfie God the Father ; Infomuch,,thatye may, fee what is faid, in that fame 5. of theEphefiany, andthe 2. verfe. Who bath loved Us, andgiven himfelffor us, anoffering, anda facrifice to God for a fweet fmellingfavour. The whol world it was ful of a clench before,. and the. LorcLwas difpleafed with man before:: bat nowwhen Chrift conies , andoffersup this facrifice, he did thereby give fnll fatisf&ion unto. God the father, for itwas a tweet fwelling-favour untoGod the Father. ,co; that thus the Father he wasfully fatisfied. To this I shall ad one word; When the Lord Jefus Chrift offered up himfelfa facrifice unto God the Father, and badour fins taidupon,him, be didgivemorepedalfatisfaelion unto Di- vine juftice for our fins than ifyou, and I, and all of us bad beendamned inHell unto all eternity. For a Creditor is more fatisfied, if hisdebt be paid him all down at once, than if it be paid by the week : Apoor niamthat cannot pay all down will pay a groat a week, or finpence a,week but 'tis more fatisfatlion to the Creditor to have all paid at once. Should we have been all damned, we fliould have been but paying the debt a little, and a little, and a little : but whenChrift paid it, he paid it all down toGod the Father. Hadwe gone to Hell, and been damned for ever, we had alwaies been fatisfyingof God, I but Godhad ne- ver been fatisfied : but nowwhen Chrift makes fatisfaai- on,Godwas fatisfiecl. The Creditor if he be,a merciful and agood man, is more truly fatisfied where the Debter is fparecl 5 hedoesnotdefirethatthe.Debterfhould.becaib into

Opened, andappljedfrons CHI STs Prieftly-Office. into prifon,and there lieand rot ; but heis better fatisfied with the fparingof the Debter ; let me havebut my Money, and fo the Debter be (pared I anrwilling, nay I defire it faies the good Creditor. Now if all we had bin raft into everlafting burnings, indeed the debt fhould have been°a paying,but there theDebter had been loft : But now when Chrift comes, andmakes fatisfa(tionunto Divine )(Ace, Ah 1. poor man is redeemed ; here is the Debter, fpared, And therfore, the Lord he is infinitly more fatisfied,bythe fatisfa&ion that Chrift madeupon theCrofs for our fins, than ifall we had gone to Hell, and beendamned tdall e- ternity'. Oh.! what a glorious, and bleffed fatisfaEtion did this our High-Psieil make unto God the Father ! But youwill fay then, if the Lord Chrifi made this full Quell. fatisfaElion unto God the Fober ; bow is it that Beleeverss many of them have their fins, and debts fianding upon the pore fiil , in their Confriencess foperplexed in regardof fins at, if there wereno fatkfallion at all made? Luther cals this afpeet offin, A- faciategious afpea, and Anfa,, beholdingof fin. As now, (faieshe) Ifa man take out of an holy place Tome goods, and bring them into his owne houfe; This is facraledge. So, for me to goand take my fins fromChrift, and lay them in mine own bofome, this is facraledge, faies Luther. But the reafon of it is this , Fecaufe that men do not study this Truth, but are ignorant of it As, fuppole that a man do owe,three. or four hundred pound to fhop- keeper, for wares, and commodities that he hathtaken up there: a friend comes, and he payethe debt, crofres the book: but the Debter, whenhe comes and looks upon the book, he is able to reade all the particulars; hem, for fuch a thing, and Item for fuch a thing, and Item,for fuch a thing ; but theman being not aquaintedwith the nature, ofcroffing the book, he is able to readeall the particulars, and he charges it ftill uponhimfelfe; becaufe he does not underhand themature of thiscroffing the book, and he is as much troubled how he fhall pay the debt, as if it were not-