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A SA I .N T .:· - - OR A B· RUT E· · Th·e C ~~tatn- 2Xe~e(sity . and Excellency ofHolinefs,&c•.So plainly-proved)andurg~ntly applyed, as by the blefsing of God mayconvtnce and fave.the mifcrable, impenitent, ungodly Senfua– lifi:s; if they will not let the Devil hinder them from a fober and ferious reading and confidering. To be Communicatedby the Charitable, that de fire the Convcrfion and-Salvation of fouls, while the Pa~ien'eof · God~and the day of Grace and Hope continue. ~y R.icbard ·13axter. The Fir!f Part: She\ving~he 'Necefsity of Holinefs. LONI) .ON, Pri.ntedbyR. W. for Fr4ncil 1'yton, at the thr~e daggers 1n Fleet-flreet, and Nevil Simm1ns :Bookfeller at . · KeJer•injler, Annl Dom. I 6 6 ~. ------

'Tomy dearly beloved f'rimds, the lTihabi~ ·. tants ofKederminfter-in Worce{ter"". . , iliire ; andnrylate .Auditors in the City ·· of London :. [onfirming qrace, "'l1ith Patience~ Lo~Ve and,Peace he multiplyed, .'Dear Friends., Nee more, through -the great mercy · of God, l have liberty to fend yot~ . a Preacher for your private fami. ----........-~. lie$, wh.ich may fpeak to yo.q (truly. . and pla1nly, though not elegantly) . when·l cannot, and when I lie filent in the duO:. l takeit for no fmall me-rcy that I ha_ve been fo .much employedabout the Great and . A 2, Ne.ceft

Necelfary things, in defpight of all the malice ,., of Sa:tan, \vho would have entangled me, and taken up my time, in perfonal vindications and · barren controveriies. As I· never knew that I had one enemy in·the world that ever was aQ– quainted witb me ; fo thofe that kno1V me, dif.. fwading me from Apologies againfi the accufa– tions of thofe that know me not , have fpared my time for better work• .Though there is about · · fifty writings (in whole or part) againA: me publiilied, (by Infidels, Seekers, Familijls, Entbu.. ftafls , fl.!!.akers , Papijls , .Antinomians, Lel1tllers, (o"Veizant-break.ers ,' State-(ub)Jerters , [burcb-ditLJi.- · ders, befides impatient dij]enting '13retbren, and De~ penda~zts that too~ it for the riling way) , I yet r find no caufe ( as CO the p.-e{ent .agt) and tbofe tbat know me ) to be at any great C'\re or pains for a· defence ; while malicious lyes do but make men wonder, that wrinkled Envy fhould be fo mad as to come fo naked on the Stage,and fbew h~r ugly deformities to the world , and could not flay at leaft till Wit had helpt her to a Cloak. · I was alfo when I fidl: intended ~riting un– der another temptation ; heing of their mind that thought that nothing iliould be made· publike, but what a man had fidl: laid out his · choicdl:

. I ·- cboicdl: art upon ; I though-no 1-.~-:.-· _ ~f:quaint, ed the \V9rld with nothing bu what was-t~e work of Time and 1)iligence : But my .confct– ence foon told tne, that there ~as too much of· Pride and Selfifhners in this . and that Humility . . ' and Selfdenyal required me to lay by the affeCtation of that ll:ile, and fpare that indufl:rie, which tended but to advance my name with m1 en , when it hind red the main work, _and crofl my end _:. .-And Providence drawing forth fome popular ._unpolifhed Difcourfes ·' and. givin9. them fuccefs beyond my expetl:anon, d1d there~ .by rebuke my felfifh thoughts; and fatisfie me that the Truths of God do perform their work more by their Virt,ine Jutbority, and proper Brvi– dence, andmaterial Exce~lency , thanby any .orna– ments of fiefhly w_ifdom : .. and (as Seneca faith ) though I will not defpife an elegant Pbyficion , yet will I not think my felf mpch t~e happyer, · for his adding eloquence to . his healing art. Being enc9_ur~ged · c~en by rt\r~(o1~ and E~perience, I ~enture. thefe pQpular S~rt~ons into the world ; and efpecially for the ufe of you ' my late Auditors , that heard them. I blefs God - \ .. that, when rpore :wo11hy lLabo~re~s are fain to weep oy~r their ~obA:inate, unprofitable , un– thankful people, ~d fome ~r,e dri_v.en ayv.ay by A ~ · their , .

. . ----~ . · their~atrp.u.t to fuake off the du1t of -d1e1i feet againlt: then1 ; l a1n rather forced eo· weep over my o\Vn unthankful heart,_that did · not fufficiently value the mercy of a faithful flock~. whoparted with me rathei· as the Ephe~ {tans with ' Pdul; 'llEls"lO• and who have lived· according to this Plain and NeceOCiry doCt:rine vvhich they hav~ received : Among whomPa– pifls~ that perfwade.inen tha~ our ~octrine tend~ eth todivifioris, can firid'nodivifions or feels:: Who have conll:antly ·difo\vned both the Ambi~ tiou:s uforpatio?is whi~h haye (haken the l(ingdom; and the FaBi&n-s , Cinforloufnefs , ~nd cruel. rvio~ .. lence in the·[l>urch , which Pride bathgenerated.- . and nourijhed in this tryingAge. Amongwhom., . I have enjoyed fO ~ very large a proportion of me~cy , in the liberty. o~ .fo long a:n e·xerfife of my Mihiflry ·, w~ith· :fo u-nu.fual atlva~t2ge 2nd ~ fuccefs, that I mufl: ·be diftngenHoufiy unthank~ full if I fhould mur.mure .and repine at the .. prefent ~e(haining ha.hd'of God :But· I mufl: fat with Da"ViJ·' l Sam·. I.S· if. {If r fhall find farvotir in the.~yes of the~ . Lord, he will bring me again ~d foeiP me:the- .Ark and habitation· (.There or elfwher~e his fervice) .= !But· if he, jay, , · 1.:·baro.e no tltligbt in theeJ beholll here 1'4m.· ;)et him ~o , tpJn~. fU. ~t ftt~~~h ~o~unta him. . ~ And ·

~ And nGW with this _Treatife,Iet me 'leave yoa tbefe few feafonable rcqueil:s~ . · a. Be faithful to your faithful Pa!lors:.Think not that you can live in order and fafety without their Minifl:ry. When you can, attend their pubfifte·Miniflry ! Refufe not their mere .prirvate help : Read well my two fbeets for the Min-i– fhy : Where the lawful Pajlor is , there th~ ChHrcb u: Be not eithe;r impioujl,rindiffirent in your worlliipping of God , or peerbifhly qutlr"" reljom with what is commanded or praCl:ifedby others, nor difobedient to Authority in lawful things. . _ 1~ Maim.tain :fhll your antient Loveand Uni:.. . ty and Peace among your felves , and improve your company and converfe to the advantage of your fouls. ,Be daily interlocutory preachers · ·to oneanother : Speak as the Oracles qf God ; and Preachbya holy, patient) ~annlefs, chari... table and heavenly life. Thi~ kind of Preach... ing .none .can filence but your own cerrupti- , . ons · · . ~ . . 3· Improve the profitable books which are a.mongyou. t. Re~d them frequently, and re- . / verently, and feriouily to your families ; when 'you have called-them together, and prayed for Gods bleffing; ,1· Carry them abroad \Vith -. --· . ' I • you,

.. ou ~- )ind when you fall intocompanywhere y~u cannot better fpend your time,read to them fon1e feafonable paffages of fuch ·_ writings. J· Qi'Ve or Lend them to thofe that ~zeed, an.d . ~ want either Purfes or fiearts to provide them ; and get them to promife you to read them , and enquire after the fuccefs. By fuch·_ impr.ove– _ment Books n1aybecoine fuch Seconds or Subfli– tutes to publike preaching, as that they m-ay not be the leafl fupport of ·Religion and mea11s to mens edifica-tion and falvation. 4· "Make fpecial and diligent provHion to fatisfie your felves and others againfi Popery, which is like to be none of the leall: of your tetnptations. To _this end , I pray you read ·well the fin~le .foeet againft 'Popery which . I publillied, and give of them abroad to other; where there is need : Read alfo my other books againA: it : ( My Saft Keltgion , and I\!J for [atbolicks, and ViJPute with Mr. Johnfon ) and Dr. (h4/loners (redo SanRam Eccltjiam (a.. · tholicam : And when their fophi£1:ry puzzleth · yo·u, I. Call your able Pafl:ors to debate it. 2. And rem.ember that they have the Scripture~ -and the far greater part of the t!nirtJtrfol Church , and the ftnfes of all the world to confute, before theycan makegood the caqfe their o£ambitious .. . _Clergy~

'Clergy. If you are but fure you know ~read and rPine ~7 hen you fee, and feel, andjmell ,_ and tafle them , then you are at the end or controverfi~ with the Papifl:s. Above all , fee that you maintain the Love of God , and la heavenly mind, and mortified affe~ions, and grow not opinionative, fupedicial or loofe in your Religion : For he that is heartily of no~.. ligien, is prepared to be,of any Religion : And it is becaufe men are falfe to .the ackno\JVledged · Truth, that they are given up to make a Reli– gion of deceit and falfbood: Your fidelity to your King ·and Countrey , obligeth you to do your part to preferve the fu~jeets from a difeafe .fo injurious to thetn. Saith Dr. Sherman in his ' · late [ Account of Faitb J ag1infl: the PapiA: 7 Pref. P·· 4, 5. [If f\ings would think upon it, there might .be no Popes; ' Jince if Popes could :well Jhelp .it, there jhould be no f\.ings. ] , 5· Take heed of all temptations to turbule11~ cy, ·refifl:ingof Authority , or other unlaw fuH means in the obeying of your pafsions or diG contents. As God chofe moll: eminently to · Glorifie his Power under the Law of JPorks and .the /pirit of bondage to fear didmuih prevail'; but under the Gojpel he hath chofen ·mofl: eminently ~<>. l_?lagnifie h!! Goodnefs, LoqJ~ and ~ercy; fo ~c.. (a) cor~ingly_ · r

cordingly is the impreft made upon his fervants – hearts: 'lhey are animatedby Lo)Je, for the propa ... gating of Lorve ; and therefore mufl: work with : ·Infl ruments of Lo'!'Ve• Andjf we had \V ell learnt the VoElrine and Example o.f our Lord, and made · it our work to Lorve all, and to do good to all , and : hurt te none, and with meek.nefs and patience to let : a.ny hurt us, rather then do any thing 'for our , own defence, which is againft the Law of Lorve , . we ibould fee that Chrifl:ianity \Vould better · tbri·"Ve, when it would be better underflood by the · pra8ice of the.profdfors . . Often have I noted . - that a whole flock of fheep will run away f~om . the fmallefl: dog, and ·yet there ,is fe·Wof them ~killed by dogs, becaufe they are .under their ·· Mafl:ers cate ; vvhen aWoolf or F_ox is purfued -~ by all, and few of them fuffered to live. And , oft have I obferved , that ~ that fhift : for themfelves can .fcarce pafs the . flreets, yet: t:hildren play in the way-ofCarts and Coaches without hurt, while every one-takes it for ·his care to preferve them, that cannot take .care of . and preferve themfelves· . And tboughthe ·Deer · that is within the Park is kiUed when the Ownet t pleafe,yet he is·preferved therefrom.others, when the wild and fl:ragling·Deer that are abroad, are : a.prey to a1~y man tha~ ~. can . catch or kill them. , . . ..___ .... - .... .. . --· ---.. .. . H~;, ..- -·~ ··

Rich. Baxter. (a~) The

The Contents. Part r. P Reface : The contempt of God!inefs relu~ed, pag. I ; Godlinefs ~efcri6ed: what i: co7Jtain.eth; and what I me.:m by qodlmefs throughout thts Treatije, . p• .s_ Sz~f.?fJ ef true Godlinefs; p. 14 Direffions for f uch tU will te/oundly and jincerelygodly, p. 18 L Ukeio . 41,42. ThedejignoftheTreati[~, P· I The Text expl.zined, p. 3, &c. 1. Obf. Nearefl naturd rtlationsare mtalwayes of one mindin ' the matters of f.dvatirm, . · p. 8 z. Ob f. When Chrifl cometh into the ·houfe, he is prefentlj at "iP(.)rl( . far the hearers fouls, p. 8 3. Ob(, When the word u preached we mufl hear, p. 9 4· Obf. The humility of Difciples in tho[e timu. ib. The fcnfe of the Text in [even Dr;Clrines, p. I o , Doct. I. One thing u Needful : It uOne thing that i1 ah{o!utely Necej[ary; but ih~') bujie themfelves a6out many, that negle[f thu one, p. I r In wh.u rtJPfCl it is One, andbut One, ibid. Bow the tro1Jb/ing mfltffrs of the World .zre many, p. I 3 How far the One thing iJ Ne(tjfary, p. I 5 . Qy,. .Are not ether things Needful in their places? p. 18 , The Applicdtion 1. by way vf inquiry, hr;wyouhave fonght the One tht"ng Necef[ary, p. 20... HfJw tl ~rue Chriflim:_ differeth fr~'!'_ ~~~ hypocrhu, .· p. 22 _· I. What •

Tbe Contents: '1:. Whatever you hflve betn doing in the Worl~, you hM.:o but !off your Time, if you not done the One th1ng Needful, p. 25 z. .Andyou have lofi sll your: labour, p. 26 3. You have been bujily undoint yeur felv~s, P· 29 · 4· ToH hPLve Nnmar/ d. your [elves, and lived belowyour Rea/on , and tUbejideyourwit.r, . . . . 'p.32 The madnefs of them that ·are a{rrfl1d of betng Godly , left tt mal?$ themmad, P·34 5. To lit have but :dJt~fed and loft Allyour mercies, P. 37, 38 6 . Tou have negieCled Chrijl, hu Grace andSpirit, p. 40· 7· T()urhopeumdpracearebutdelufivns~tndirrational, p. 41 U(e 2. To lament the diflraCleJcourfe of worldlings, p. 43· Ufe 3•.Exhortatirm : Wh.1t courfe will you ta~e for time t9 come ? · p.4S Confider r. It u Nece:ffity that u pleadedwithyou~ p. 5 I 2. It u but One thing th11t God bath made NeceJfary, p. 56 3. This One thing is that Good part, p. 59' 4. Thu Good pttrt tJ offeredyou, andyou·haveyour choice, Whether · · God or the world, bc-.1 vtn or earth foa!l 6eyour portion, p. 6 r Qu. How u it in our choice ? ht~vt wefree-will? p. 6 3 5·. If yau choo{e it., it ./ballnever be takfn {remyau. p. 65 Afullcrmfutationof th~{eungodlyonesthatdenythe Neceffity of a· holy life, p. 69. in 3o~tries. . Gbj. It u n{}t qodlinefs, butyour precife Way that we call medlefJ:.: The particulars o[, d hfJl] life ex.zmined,p. 83• . r. Much preachiug and hettring, p. 85 2. Rea-ding Scriptures, ·3. ana fervent Prayer, p. 86 3; Diliy,crn in./fru[ling families, . p. 88 4• The holy ·obftrvation of the Lords Day juflifit'd, . p. 89 , 7. StriCfncfsof life in avoiding fin, p. '92 ~L '!he rigour of Church- Difcipline, p. 94 Ob]. It r-s but few that_ are fo ftriEl. p~ 97 The fecond Pan. . CHap. I. ~Rolimfs a:nditJ fr:titi are the Befl p.1.rt: Wherein the . Happmef~ of ~a.nts cvnjiftah, p. IO I. why mofl mln choofe , ~tnot. WhtfltufettntheB,t/!anceagainftit, p.llO 'Xhe excufes of refuferJ rmfwcruJ., p.1 1 2 C~ 3 ) , Chap~ :

r Chnp. 2. What he muft do in rcAjon, that will he refoJved whiCh is . the 6eft part ~mdway : eAnd who fball 6e the judge, p. I 14 .· Chap. 3. Twenty ~cries for the full conviction of all RP~tional men,thAt are Willing to underftand the truth, that There is .z Life tuomeof Happinefsto the God!], and Mifery to the Vngod!y: ·With fifteen fl.ytries for the conviilion pf infidels, that the Go– fpeJ i-s the infalli6te Word of God, p. ·1 3,0 [ Thofc: that have not read the fecond Part ofmyS .flints Reft, ; and Treatifeagainfl: Infidelity , and douh!i- of rhe Truch of the Scripture or the life to. corn~, may read this third ~ Chaptcr firft, and fo proceed to the reit of the Book. J Clcm. Wrirer's OheEliom anfwered, . p. 157 · Chap. .f. -H(J/ine(s is 1left for all Societies; . .p. I 5.9 I. ItunitethaltinOneheadandCenter, - p. I6o .3. It hath thnno/f uniti111g, excellentt powerful end of duty, p. I 61 3. It tak.§s away the !Jalt of the .worldscrmtention that break,tth s~ - cieties, , ihid,' 4· It deftroyeth felfifhnefs,which is the deftroying principle, p. 162 5. lt ht!tth' the mo{f righteom Laws, ibid. 6. It is contrary to alL dijfurbing evil, ibid. 7. It ejfeEtua/Ly difpofeth themind to duty, .p. I 63 8. lt cletln(eth the very hMrt, andk.;'lleth fecret fin. 9, It cementeth · Societies with unfeignedL~ve, ibid. .Io. It mnkfth Princes and Rulers a dou/?le M~.ffing .: Manifefted in five particulars, . p. 164 • ,1 I. It maketh themoft Loyal andohedientfubjells. For I. it mak..,es .them know themfllves, p. r66. 2. And to fee God in their Rulers. 3· And to obey andfuGmit for .confcience fak!, p. 167, 4· And deftro;eth (elf.fcekJng. 5. Andconjifteth in Cha.rity. 6. Procureth Divine ble.ffings. 7. And mt~l<fs men meek...,, and patient, and for– bearing. 8. Difpofeth to CrJ?~cerd. 9. Ajfuruh of the grtate.ft re– wards of obedience. I.o. Ana conftrmeth all temptAtionJ tedifob{)dience, · p. 168 .Objett. H11ve not the greatefl rekelliom been caufed by your g,od!J men!..u the Walden1es,Bohemians,french and othen nearer us? :An/wered, p. I 69, 170. fpa:i ally to Papifts, p. 1.73, I 74 I 1. Goalinefs makJs men true to their Covmants; ibid. 13. }tteacheththetruemethodof obeying, p.175 _14 It mak.,eth men of publik...e Jftirits. I 5· It malzfth it thtir buji- !lefs £~ ~o go~d. .!~~ !~ '!! ft k.!s "!_Cl!_ '-~'!-'.~ ~'!.~"!_~(_I, and forgive • !!.~~ngs~

The Contents: wrong!: 17· It interef{tth Societies in the favour ~nd proteClioli . of God, . . P· 176 18:. It is-the fureft way to all {uppltn. 19. It u the Honour of Societies. 20. It muji be beft th,;rt is fo hMve,J/y, P· 177 Cf1ap. 5· Times of Helimfs are the BtftTimes, p, 178. Thofe that · fay, It neverwasagoodworldjince there-wasfo much Godline[s, tmd fo ml(ch preaching-, are fully confuted by ·twenty Arg#~- ments • And their cavilsan[wered. · p. 1 8 I, &c. · 'Chap. 6. Holinefsisthe~nlywllJOf fafety;' P· 196 · ChRp. 7· Hvlinefs is the only HoneH w'a}. The difoonrfly of the ungodl} proved, . p. 20) Chap. 8. Holinefs inhemoft Gamful way: proved, . p. 2 r9 . Ch21p.9. ' HolinefsisthemeftHonourablewPZ], p.232. A reproof ef the reprMch of Holinefs in -England: And full proof r;f the Honour of a Godly life. ibid. · Obj. It tends to mak! the godly proud to tell them of their Honour. Anfw. Many Reafons for f uii confut.t.tion of this Objcf1isn,p.2 S~ '· The bafenefs of the ungodly,· p. 26) · C~ap. ro, Holinefs is the mofl Pleafant life, p. 269 · Proved : I. From theNatttrcof the thing, and I. From the RevelationJvjGod,andthcKno'Wledgeof Believers, p.270 ' 2. Frem the Will11nd Aff(Cljom, the nttture and {)per.ztions ef Grace therein, . P· 277 · 3i Fr9m the quality of External holy dH-ties,- p. 282 · 4· From the Objects of holy Acts, p. 302, 303 objections an{wered, . p. 307, 3o8 I I. From the Help's and ConcomitantJ; . p. 3 I o ' From the Ejftfls, · . p. 3 I 2 · The Aggravr.timsof tbe'DdightJ of Holineft &ompared with the I?elights of fin, P• 314 '- Obj. Of thefadlivcs of BelitverJ, Anf'wered, p. 32:J Obj. Deth not God ' men to faft and mourn? · p. 339 ·' U1fe: .Reproof to th~fe that can find nr; matter of pleafure in· ~ holJ 1 life, ' · ·p. 34 r T?c g'l!~atnefs of Jheirjin ana miferJ; p. 342 Dm~cbons, Shewing (ttchgracelefs perfonJ what to · do , that they ' .may come to Delight in God andCodlint[J, p. 348 Ufe 2. Riproof to tbfJfe /elf- troubling Chrifti~tns, who li-ve M f adly 1 M-if therewerelittle ~pleafuretobefeundinGod, p.353 ' Ctnfitkrationsfi~ trvcure thiJftt_d dife_afeJJ , p.J 54 - ~'-·

r.~. Whether it he not Hypocritical affeElation, to feem conformabh · for fear of difcoaraging men from Religion : Fully anfwered, p.359 Obj. ]could rejoyce if I ~(new my title tOtthe promi{es, p. 36z Obj. 1have caufe of forrow, · p. 36 3 The.confiderations profecuted, p. 364 Twelve Di r~ttions to fadfelf-trou~ling ChrijJianJ, how they may Jive a Jeyfullife, andjind Delight in GodandGod!inefs, P·374· Errata.. PA~. 177, lin.ulc.for Law read Leve; p. 5) r. 1. s. for that oncex. bttt once·; 1. 7. r. fermentatif!nr ; I. uk r. [wee~er ; p. 3 58. 1. 3o. fo~ unailjwe,·abler. anfwerable; p. 367 .1. 23. r. Pbyftet on ; 1. 3 8 . afrer of r .z~ ; p. 374• l.x 7. for is r. are ; ·p. 375.1. 3·7 . blot out when; p. 38x.l. 37. r. tmours.· .Smaller literal! <;rr0urs and mifpoimtings being not many 1.omit. .

·THE I N T R 0- .D U C T I 0 N. ·To all fuchas neglect.> ddlike, or quar..; · reil at a life .oftrue and.ferious God– linefs. ~i55~~:mT httth ~een the matter of my freqsent ' ttdmira.tiOJI , How it c,m be con(zflcnt with theN ;1 rural [elf. love, andReafonable-, nefs 0f man ~ kind, and the fpecial in ... 11~~~~~~ genuity of fome above -others, for men · to believe [ that they muft die, and after live inendlefs Joy or mifery, ac– cording to their pr~parations in this life,] andyet to make no greater If matter of it, nsr Jet themfelfles with all their might. to enquire what they muft be and 'do if they wi/J be J~tved; but ta make tU great" buftncfs and bufsle to have their Wills Anet Pleafure for 4/ittle while , in the fma!l im– pertsntnt matters of this world, tt4 if they had neither hopes · or fears of A'!JJ greAter things hereafter. ·rhat M__ (ome me-;. ' lAmholy perfom are erecera fani, M rtttional M Dther men in a!J' matters faving,fome one, inwhi,b7e1 their de!itation · (h) . maketh -. -.--· /

{'l ) ' mak'eth them the pitt1 or dtri(ron of o!Jferver!; fomJny thAt ' h·dve 1Vit eno11gh to avoidfire ttnd water, Artd__togo out of the , wayfrom 1t witd beaj1 or a mad_ man, yet have not. the w;t to 1 ll.votd damnat ion , nor to preferre eternal life before" mer– ry p:iffage rmto.hell : Tea that f'mu that account themfdvu iJ'igenuotU, and men of a. duper reach then the unlearned,' can (et fJo furthtr thr~~~~'?,h thepromifes er threatni11gs ofGod, . then through aProfpc{/ive or a t ube; and h.-we no wtt thAt · looketh beyondagrave; yea art reJdy to [mile at· the jimpli– city of tho(e thM orewha.her they live in He4vcn or HeO, and tt(e but tU muchdi!igence for t heir falvation, tU they ufe tbemfetves for that which Paul 4Ccoumed dung• . U'vtany a time 1ha·ve wondered how the Devil can thtlf llbufe a mart of reafon, and {Itch M think them/elves no fools ! ana how Juch unexpre{sible dotttge can Jiand with either learni?:Jg, ingennity , or common underfl andm"~ ; And · what pJ:ft the Devil t~nd tbe;'emert m~tlee to keep them from feting t hat have eyes, or frornfeeing the Heavens, t/;at can fee the fmalle(l dujl ~r atome. Bt~t my Mimiratitm u tZbated w.hw I confider, 1hat the wit th..:t (er'lHth tu move a .poppet~ is not enough to Rule aKingdom; andthat fleeping Reafon I$ . as none ; and that it is the very art andbnfimfs of the De,.. .vi/ t() ch.:trm {inners to Jleep and t:V.tke at MCC • . Donnire Deo, at mundo vigilare: tD be afleep to God, .tnd aw.tke to the world: t..Andrb:ttprefent things engag-e the fen!es, . a11d call off Reafon from it.s·work: And that the (eeming difhmce oft be lifeJu c~me, occafioneth the mgltt1 of {ltlpid · hal{beJ,eving fouls, tilt they.ftndit iJ indeedat hand :even tu Death though certain, alfic7eth few in youthand health~ ,u it doth 't-rhen tbcy perceive tba? they n-Jtjft prefomly be gone ,. Andwithal!, that 11 man knot a man in Ac~ till be be - confl derate: 6!nd tiMt it i5 M goodbe w.:t hout eyet, tU.fldl to "'' nk. 1-Ve kmrv what det;dned our felves fo long in lleep · tmdfoilY.:> _and we ktlOW what. m11kes 111 yet fo llow : AMd -' · ·· · · theref~re , •

'( 3) therefore we w~tty kmJv whttt it is that thFu unmttnneth 'the·n. J?.eader, if thou be o1u of tbe(e unhappy fouls; Whethfr .thy brain be fo fick tU rettsfly t~ thhrk that there u no lrfe to ,come fer man , or that 1here needs nofu~h Cltre and dtltg(nee to preparefcr it~ or whether thy heart oe (o corrupt andbad 41 to vc again{I the thir'c'Ss whtch th()te confr!Jefl to be Good .And Neceffary ; or whether thy Reafon be ,·.eft fo fafi afleep, .as never foberly to conficer of the otJly thing of t'verfdjl– ingcrm(equence 1.nd concernment. to thy feif ~ or wh-ether thy , Heart begrown fo dead and f.tup1_9, as to be pafl feeling, and never movedand a.ffeeled w1th the things ~hich thou /;eareft, ·. Arid kno~efl, and co,.'fidereft to be fo great and nece({ary ; which ever {)f theie be thy [4dcendition, I have mm~ thu one 1 · requeft to thee, ,u af riend that t1uly dt{iretb thy jAlvation; ttnd1 tender it to thee ' ,1S earmfl a deflre ~ M t( th1u faweft me t~po ;~ my-knas /ntreating theef~r the Lords fake • .and for th1 feuls f~ke,and tJSCvtr thou ht-p·fl for the com– fort of A dyingman, .1.11d as evtr thuucare fl roh,H hec@mes of ·thyfoH.ffore'l:ler, and~tsevcr th~m w;/t anfwer it to chrifl and thy own confciena rdth peaa at lafl,that tbo~ ndther de- ·ny me, nor fNt meoff Jvith a cardefs reading, nor with co;~te "ft or difregttrd: My reqpv fl to thee is bnt thu reafonAb/e ·thing; [ Tha theu wilt {o long m.ake a ftand i~ thy way, and gr3nt me fo much of thy wne, as once to read throl'!ghout this Treati(e, and SE RI 0 US L T to ·C o N s ID E .R. of what thou Reade£1:, and heartily eo beg of God tlpon thy knees, (o teach thee and lead thee · in~o the truth,- an~ then ,to be true to God and to thy Confcience,.and Refolvedly to do that which thou art convinced is Righr, and Bell:, and Neceffary.] This u 4/t my req~efl to thee at- the prefent : Put me not off with a de.. ny~llor 1~egldt, 4J thou wtlt anfwer it tO- Gr;d , ttnd as thotl ~Y~ '!_()~~C. a wilful felf-_conaemner : Rafl thot~Jient fo many . -( ~ ~ ) ~ h.~~~~~ . '

( 4') 'l.iourf ttr.Jd dayes in vain, and cannot 1 heg a few hours 8{ thee, to Read and Think of thy Evtrlajling flate 1 lf thou da refi n&t Read and Think of what ci!l~ be ja1d abot~tt fuch things as thefe, it is a_(lgn thy cafe ts zn,deeafohttdJ t hat t.hou hAjl mcreneed then others to Read andThink tJf,tbem. 1 krJ(}Jv the Devil dare not give thee leavetod(J it, if he cAlf hinder thee; fer f ear leflthy eyes'fhould be opemdto Jtt, ~tnd thy heart Awakened to feel. , the thtngs which he fo l11boureth to ketp AWtlJ from.thy fight and fee ling, till tt be to~ late : .And wilrthougrAnt him hiJ defire to thy dttmnation, or chrift 1111d his {ervtmts their dcjire 1() thy J alvation ! Think of it ' 'WeD before thou anfwer, it by word er'deed. Being in hope th~tt thouhaft grantedmy reqtJejl(-toRead, Confider, Pray for help, and faithfully do what God iball teach thee) I Jhalinow be~r,in to opm thee tbe w.1-y t~ the nMtter of thi5 Treati{e : 7he [Hmme ()/my buji»efs u to teach thee, r Tim. 4. 8. that [bodily exercife (in Rdi~ g.Jen) profi teth little, but Godlinefs is profitable to all · things, having the promife of the life that now is, and of that which is to corne. J I think it meet th!refore to tell thee here in the beginning [ W.hat Godlinefs- is ] which the LA,poflle dtjfinguifheth frem [bodily exercife] in matters of Religion, andwhich I hAve proved {.4 N<i:ce:ffa– ry ana Excellent in thiJ 'TreAtifr. And thu I muft ·do, J • ./efl thou deceive thy foul by taking fomething d{e for God.:. linc]s ~ 7.. and left tkou le(e thy l.1b~Nr in the Rtttdingof thii Book, and hearing wbdt Scrip:ure and ireMhersfay .f~r God– UnefJ ; 11nd 3. .left thou wron.g me anti' thy felf (according to the cuflom of thiJ maliciotM 11ge) bj imttginh~g that by G.odlinefs, I mean eitht?' Superflitim., or Hypocrijie, or S.chifm~ or thdt lam per{wading -thee to Jedition, bumor, er neediefs fin~· ularity, tmdcr the n.zme of Godlinefs And Re– ligion. I jhall therefore tet/1ou diflinllly here~ What God~ ~iuefs.isindeed ;_and JVp~~!t~sn~r.. · [FJ,,

(5 ·} . In Gener~l G 0 D L 1NESS is our DEV0 T,~ BD NESS T 0 G 0 D.· And all the(e things fol– lowirJg are E[ential to it, And of ind;ffenftble Necef•ty te folvatiun. · . I. That rna:erially it cgn~ain tbc(e three t-hings. 1. r:rhe true internal Principle, Snul And Life of God– linefs; which iJ the Spirit of God, Ron1 . 8~ 9. The Di· -vine Nature ·, 1 Pet . r. 4. The new, andfoft, and (tngle · he.1rt,"]er. 3~. 39· Ezek. 11· ,19. 1hejeedof God abiding_ in tu, 1 John."3. 9· . l. 'Ih·e Intention of the true ends of Godlinefs : ~-,hich is the Reward in Heaven, Matth. 5. 1 I, 12. Luke 18. 2.2. Matth. 6. 10, 21.. Rom. 8. 17, 18. TheP:eafing of God and the BeatificalVifionand fruition of himwith · / ,chrifl and his triumphant chnrch in the New Jerufalem for , t'fler. 3-, The Reception andObferva~ion of the true Rule of Godlinefs: .wMch iJ [ tfie Will oi God revealed partly in Nature, and fully in the Holy Scrip.tures : ] 7hiJ mufl beinorqveryhearts,Pfalm 37• 31. Jer. 31, 3,.andwith '. delight 'we muft medit~te itJ it day andnight , Pfalm 1 . 2. To caft away11nd def)ife the Lawof God, is the br,md of the · rebeHiem, Ifa. 5. 2 4· 1. It iJ Eifen GodUnefs that it formally contain thefe three R'ef,ttiom. . · 1. It iJ a Devotedne(s .of our {elves M H '.Y S .0 W N ' to G 0 -D tts our 0 W NE R, Gr Proprtetary, or Lord;·. q-uitting ttOpretence to any co-ordinate title to our[elves, ar;d ' rtfigning our fclves Ab{olutely (and all tbat we h~t-ve) to him · thM by the right of. CreationandRedemp~ion 15 rmr Lerd PfaJ, 10~. 3· & 119. 94· Job. 17.6. ' ~· Godtinefs contaimth a Devotednefs ·of 'o~tr [elves as . fubJeCh t£/God ta our Supream and Ab!olure Governor . to "B.rlt~ m h] .bis La~~s,bls Officers ar;dhis Spirit: Togiv; ; (b "· 3.. :) ) 1tfj

(6) . .up 011r {elves to he F.t~led by him tt1 our King: t& LettrntJf kim tU o11r Teacher; te wQrk for bim a1 our Mafter: to fi ght under himandfoOew himM (}tlr Captain and Commander, Ifa.63.19.&9.. 6.Luk. 1.9.17.&c. 3. Godlinds contttineth aDevotee' ne[s of our (elves tt4 Beneficiaries to God in Chrift tU our Great B ~" nefcdor,in Love and ·Gratitude. Or M Children to our Reconciled Father to Love him and thankfully obey him, and .depend on him,and be happy in his Love. , . 3. ·it u dfential to Godlinefs And nece(Jary to{al<VttlietJ · .that thu D c: Votedndfc to God, hi JVith atrue ·Renuncia– tion, Refifia:nce, And Forfa.kiog 'of the three great con .. .traries or Enemies to God and m : 1. of the Devil as the D t>ceiver and Principle of ''ickedne[i. 2. of the world (its P ro fi cs, Hon :mrs, ~end P Iea– fures) M the baite by which the Devil would deceive us, .4nd{feat a1vay our 'hearts from God,Jlnd ta~e up or~r tim~, and t urnour thoughts from. the one thing neceflary. 3. of the Fldh , tU the rt:be!ling factdty that would ex– alt it Jelf ahoveour Rea[on, and be pteti[ed before God, and fowoutd tttke its Plcafure M our felic ity and E nd, in{lettd .ef the true felicity and End. 4· It is Elfential to Godlinels fub jc~ ively, that God have the preheminence above 41-fJ Creatures, 1. In t.he 'Habitual Eltimadon of our Judgemcnts, preferring him as the moll: Grear, and Wife , andGood, before d!l others. ~. In the Wills hab imal C a nfent .md C ho ice; ,refufing .all in cumparifon of him, and C hoofi ng him tU ,our Lord, our Ruler, andour Bdl , and Confcnung tm!y tg the Relations 11i which he iJ offered to us. ; • In the wills Refolu ~ ion to feek him and obey him, And en– ,deavour toexpref5thefe mwardprinciples,fo as to prefer no !efor ~ ~~1!!.~ · 1 r.. - . 5~ _'!_~

(7) 5~ Th; Soul br Internal part of. G~dlinefs. ctJnfifl'ng " EJJ'enttaliy tn the th'ngs alrt~dy memtrmea; the BJdy tJf tr, er GoJl nels exprdlive and vdible CQnflj1eth -m the(e three t_hmgs. - 1 • In our with God the FJrher, Son, and Holy Ghofl: ;. our C£eutor., Redeemer ttnd Sa~Ctifi e r ~ our 0 wner, Guvernour, dnd Fa.her (or Bcnd ..; thr.) Jt i.s'eficnrial to vi!ibl~ cxprdfive Godlinefs , that there be fuchaCov enan tmade: ttnd regularly it is to -be [o- . [r;mmzed by B:l ptifme _: And thofe that are B_aptt{!d in – Infttncte, mufl neCB(Jar~ly renew, ~tnd perform tt themfelves ' when they come to age, and that underfbnding1y , delibe-_ rate~y , fr eely, and feriodly. 2. Go dl~nds vifible and exprcffive confijleth in our Profeffionof that devotednefs to God, ana -that for· faking ofthe D evil,the world,.md the fl , il1}vhich we have · hefore de(crtbed Mthe Effcnc~ bf Internal Godlincfs, and to which in th~ holy Covenant we oblige -our [elves. chrif/1vill be con feffed b ~: fore men, and tYill be afhameJ ~~them before God and Angels) who are fo fttr ~~foamed of him before men, ttJ ordinarily to refufe to own him and crmjefs him. The ptJblike worfhiping P( God in· chrifl, in · Prayer, Thar;sgivmg, Praifes, Sacramu;t, is appointed M · the Profcffing.satts, b.y which we openJy own our Lord : .· Andtherefore ordinariiy the Affembling our felv es to– gether for this publike WO! fh :p is not to ht forfi1ken , through negligence or fear ; but w1th Daniel 1ve ·muft – p ray though we .:zre fure to 6e cttjl to the Lyon! den ; F{)r · though no dmy be at all times a duty, yet the difowntng of cur God, er denying him, or being afhamed of JJin:t, or inor– dinately afraid ofman,is -at all times afin :'and ()rdinaril'; and ;. Jea(onably ~o profefs trt:e Godli r.efs , our (ubje.Clirm and · devotednejs to Gud, iJ e[J~ntial to External Godli– ~efs.. ·

('8,) -3. Vifible Expreffive God!inefs dotb e[fentia!ly c~nfift i11 the PraCtice ef our fore-defcri6ed Cove_nant and Pro- , .fdlion: That our faces be truly He~ven-waris, and that our walk be in the Jvay of God, through we Jometimes flip and .ftumble and if wt Jltp afide, that we turn ~tot b.1ck again, but return·by Repentance in our wt~y : ·that the drift and aime, and bent of ottr li -ves, be for God .ti!Jd Ottr fat.. 'Vtttion: andthat there us nofin, which truly and habi- ' tually we h~td not rather leave then keep: At~d" tbAt Otlr grettt bu{inefs i1~ the worldbe the pt"'fing of God, ~tnd the faving of our fonts ,: 4nd thAt neither fJono11rs, nor Profits ,nor Plea- . fures of the jlefb)have the preheminence,and be preferred:that chrip be notp~tt under the Great ones of the world, nor put after your commodity, nor put off with the leavings of the . flefo, but th~tt all be made to (loop to him, and take his Jeavings: A0 this is of necefity t~ folvation, and e(fentiat to expreffive Godlinefs. · · . By thu time Reader thou mftyfl eafily fee, 1. that God~ , ·linefs u not an uneffe&.t1al opinion,or dead belief; IfthoN were the moft Orthodox profdfour, or Preacher in the world, thou art ungodly if thou have ne more. .All have not Faith that fay the Creed s The notional apprehenfion, , and the praelical jttt{~ement~ ar.e often contr4rJ; The opi-. nion that iJ infufficient to change che Hea rt~ to move the will, to renew the life, {baD prove infe~fftcient to fave the Soul • . 2. Totl mAy 'fee that Godlinefs unot the adhearing to aParty, though Juch aParty 114 pretendeth to (ome fPec.ial excellency, or calls it felf theonly Church, or the pt1reft Church. It iJ a fin to make and cherilh parties, clivi-A fions, and ,fa ctions in the Univerfal Church, and it is · ~ot .Godlinefs to fin. A Godly man through weaknefs may be of a finful party, hut that u contrt~ry to his Godli– nefs. He wilt worjbip God with hiS befl, and be, where he may

(.9) mAy have hefl aa'vttntAge to ,hu soul_, dn~ therefore if he can, will hold perfo!'al local commruuorJ '!':th the beP And pure{I congregations ; but not· ttJ feparatt~g from the rejl, tmd betA-king himfeif to aParty fe:t agamfi t_he c_nurch univerfal, or aParty finfully dtfltt.nt from ot il ers m. t~e Church univer fal. 'The gnmd dejigr.J of the Devtl u, when men will needs loo-k Af ter Religion, to make them htluve that ·to b.~? of fuch aC hurch, or Party~ iJ to be Re– l igious, andto trttft to that inflead of G1 ~ d lme fs for the faving of their Souls. · LAnd carr~ttl fel{(eekmg Tet~the~J Are the principal injlrt~ments of thu ·dece1t ; who for the1r /;on~ur or commodtty would dranr away.Dt{ctplcs After t-hem, andmake poor Souls believe that theymujt be their folitJwers, . or of their ftde 1 or opinion, or church, if therwill be faved: The Papifl faith, You muft follow the Pope, and be of our church, or you are no trt:Je Catholicks, nor in 'the true church, and cannot be (aved : .And fome other Sells fay the like of their churches. And horv many thou{and ungodly wretches do think to be faved, becau(e the1 ArC fttch ·a Ch11rch or party. But the Catholick or Univerfal church, is the whol,e compAn1 of Be!ieverr Headed only by Chrzfl : andGodlinefs mufi prove thee a Living member of thiJ foc iety,unle[s thott wilt be burnt with the wttheredbranches : And God wdl never condemn any one that u truly Godh be· ctJrtje be unot of thi,Jfe8 or party ,or of thAt: And the Papifls that are the mofi notoriom felt and grand divide's ef the , Church, a~;~ condemners of the juflifted,Jh-dl know one day, that A,nbtc!on wM not erne~ e lig i on; and that the name of .unicy, and unive rf:1li ty and Antiqn it y, Jvcre unmeet injlruments to be ufed to the de{lrt1Bion of Unity, and con· tradicfton of Uni verfal icy and Antiqui ty; and. that God hath fee apar t: himfelf the man that is Godly, though the Accufer of the Bret h-ren woul1 ~ t~jl fu~h out, Pfal. 4· 1. A nd who ih tll condemn when It 1s CtJn!t tha t jLlfi ifie th? Rom.8.33. (c )· 3. To11

('Io) . t'rJU "MY fee now, thAt Godlinefs is not 4»1 meer_cxttr·:· nal aCt: or wodhip : External wodhip there mu.ft he, and that .with all decencie and reverent beh,,:vio#r : hut it is hypocrifie if there he nothing hut the Corps without the I nternal Godlinefs which is the life and [out. Bodily exercife is .here hy the Apojfte diftinctfremGodlinefs. . 4· '1ou may now fee that Godlinefs is not the meer for– bearance of the outward aEis or praelice of any fin. For elfe "fleep, or ~ prifon might make a man Godly !Jy reJlraining him from the al1sof fin: . He i1 ungodly had rather live in the fin which thrsttgh fome rtflraint he doth forbear. If JOII would do ic, you have done ir, in Gods, arcor~>nt. 5.rou may fee aifo that what(oeverReligiou(nejs,oheditnce; Dr Endeavours fuhjeil Chrift to the flefb and world, andmake himgive place to themandcome 6ehind, do not de(ervethe n_ame of Godlinefs. Teu are not Godly, how f Ar foev er elfe you gpe, if God tmd your Salvation take nol plt~ce hf(ore all the honours, profits And ple~~:fures of the world• .As he is not God that hath any Greater, Wifer or .Bette r ·. then himfol/; (o that is not Godlinefs which giveth the prtcedency prttCiica!ly to tmy-thil;g hut God: !lut pretendeth" never fo highly to Honour him, a!fld1et more efteemeth their own Honot~r ·With the world: or thttt. profeffeth Love And o-bedience to him, ttndyet Loveth and obeyeth a Lufl before him, ttnd {ets more hy Love and obedience to themfelves, thenhy their own or other mens Love or obedience to God. · 4H t.befe are thecheating counterfeits of Godlinefs. 6. Andif none of thefe he Godlincfs) much. lefs dotb · it confift in any fin : in fuperjlition, I dolatr1, or in CYNi tlty, blood and-perfecutiQn through acarnal zeal: in ahring– ing tt!l others hy violence to our proud impiotu wills : in mur..:. ·muring'~ (edition, reheJJion, or refifiing lawful Powers, tmder prtte!lce. of propagating .. religien : .G1dlwe[s conftfteth not • - . . • . J . 1/J

('II) in fejiJitical contrivancts, .ttnd undermini~g otkers, and eqr1ivocatiorn andpious frauds : in djlarbtng .Kmgd~ms, killing Kings, Mowing up Parliaments: abfolvmg fub]efls from aUegiance, and givmgaway the Dom~niom of Temeo– ral Lords if they wilL not obey the Pope m exterrlJttMttng . their Heretrcks, ( 44 # Decreed to be done in the Approved General Council at the Lateraneunder Innocent 3• C1n.3.) , nor doth it confift in murdering thirty thoufand or fourty thoufand treacheroujly in afew weeks, tU inFranee, or mucb above twiceas many in Ireland; nor in butchering Chrifli– am by hundreds or thou{ands 44 they did long agoe by the Waldenfes and Albigen[es., and Bohemiam: Nor in racking a11d tormenting them by Inqteifttion, nor in frying them in the flames of fagots, tU in Jl..!!een Marics ·days, and fre– quently el{ewhere : This u the . Religion of the father of malice, th~t thirfts for Mood) andnot of the Merciful Prince ofPeace. Godlir;efs il not the running to arms, and pulling down Governments, to [et up the proud felj-cenceited aE!trs under pretence of Jetting t$p Chri.ft and preparing for his Kingdom:[natching in thdr dream ae Cr(jwm and Kingdoms, and finding when they awake that they httve catcht 4 g.-tllowt. When the Fryers had JP awned the turbulent people among m In England, that thought they muft do emy thing and overturn the Governments of the world to m.rke chr:fl tbe pfth Mon11rchJ andbring him from heaven to Reign vijib/1 on earth before he is willing to came, I muft cenfefs 1 oft thought that their cunning Wt« much mere wonder[Ptl to keep th~fe people from being undeceived, then at jirft to de– cetv.c: them. To keep them (in defl! ight f)f all our dt(co– vertes rmdwarnin1,s) i;i- (uch fttn o:u bl indne fs, a1 f(}. goe on and do their fa!hers wark , and rage againft thef'e that ·told them their_original, -and whither they were going. The p:;or {~dur;-ed people never read {tJch Books ,u Ft) M C am– panella's de Regno Dei, & facerdotio ChriH i, &c. ( c 2 ) ' Jl'herein

(lt) wherein he brings up lt!l the Prophetic~tltexts in lfaiah, Da~-· niel, &~.·. which thefe men ufe, tt?Jd l.tboureth t, jhew whA~ A. goldm Age is cGming, in which divifims jball ceafe, 11nd u»ity 6eoome the jlro;g-tb a.ndbeaut7 of the world, And this h) the Univerfa/ rtign~of chrift : AtJd 1vlmt a· happy pe{lp/e the SaiJ·JtJ will be, -and how they'fhalithen jNdge 'imd rule · the wor.fd (.and, 0 the eomfort ! the time is near; }And juft Juch wordJ he ubth'f()r his fifth moll: glorious univerfal Monarchy, tU 6thennDw. do-: B11t when ~tll comu tiJ·All, the myflerie unveiled is bttt thirs ; that Chrifi, mufl reign hy the Pope his Deputy; and that a!t Princes and No~tions muft {ubmit and fleop; and iheir I<ingdormmuft alt become the Kingdoms of the Lord tmdof his chr.jl, to hegovermd hy,, his Deputy the Pope : a-nd (the powerfidfl1 called fPiritMal;, .being ftrft wdlJettled) the other Key or sword a!fo (the .temporal ) mufl f()r unity fake he pu't into the fame hand : The Heaverts therefore fhou!drejoyce, andrhe earth be glt~d.., for th.eLord thui cometh to judge the world : Tbe jiftb Mo~ narchy isat hand : The Univerf.t! ho!J rtign of Chrift·, not by propbane Princes, hut by his Holinefs the Pop-t, andhy the Saints ( the Fryars, {efuitu, Monks, and'Cltrgy ) .that foal/ .. judge the wa-rld, t.·Qwho.m.ere hmg,alt knees [halt bow. · But yo~ will fay, We arc (o far from joyning with theft: Fryars , we ba.te the Pofe mr~ch more then you .do; I – ttn[wer, Tou· h4ve received their frame of' dotlrim of the tlniverfal fifth Monarchy tbat is at hand~ : there is-·hut cne t:hing to de, andysu are theirs ~ which -is to cMvince you thAt Chrift is not to come and'reign here · perfonally , but by hiJ Gr~at .Vicegerent. Andthey that couldbringyou to helieve . things more-improbable, ma1 more t~tft!r- ea.fily...brirJg you– t·othem from J'Ul'' unreafonable conc-eic-. Pardon this Digrefsion; I thought meet to tell yol$ that Godlinefs lyeth not in break~ng the Lawof' God, nor in obey· #fig Pr~dt, nor being.. th~, enemics of Government A·nd ord~r t 13.;.

( t 3) . in the world, nor in an lmptttie»t firiving by righur wroH.(~ u break aW•l1 from the yoAk of fufferiwgl that God for our fin , (_~rforhiscau{e) (hall/ay upon tu.. And. now I hJve f~l(y and dijimflly told youJ What Godlmefs 1s, _and. What· ~tlS not. . , . .And 110111 oo thy nu.y, mt:licious{cul, t~nd (.ty, if .thou dare, (as the Dev'"~ts informers freq~ently do) that it is [edition, or faC1ion, er fchifrn, or di(obedie.nce, that .rvc draw ~he pe~ple · to uiu1er the Mttrm t>f Godl:~efs : Holdon tf thou wrlt a ltttlc longer in fuch imptldmt c.~lumniMiom againft m~ and ~ther t.Jrtinifters of Chr1/l : But know that th1 .day \S commg, tind th.d far all thefe things thou {halt come to judge– ment; andif thoujt~Jliftethe ungodl], y(trtmember, that [le is not g,ood to have refpett· of perfons in judge– ment;-and he that.fait:h to,the wicked~Thou art Righte– ous ; the people iball curfe him, Nations ilnll ·abhorr him•. ] Pro·.v. 14. 23, 24· [He that jufiifietbthe Wicked, and he . that condemneth the juft, even they both are abon1ination to the Lord.] Prsv. 17. 1 5. ·( Wo unto them that call Evil Good, and GoodEvil, thlt put dark– nefs for light, and light f0r darknefs; that put bitterfor fweet, and fweet for bitt~r _,_which }ufiifie:the wicked for reward , and take avily the righce.oufnefs of tbe righteous from him : therefore as the fire dttvoureth the frubble, and the flame confumeth the chaff., fo their root fhJll be rottennefs, and ·theit? bloffom Gull go \:lP as the dufu, becaufe they have caft·. away the Law of the .Lord of Hofls, and defpifed the word of the holy olle of lfr~tel.] I{a.5. 20}23, 2·4~ L'etthe malici6us– cufe Jobbefore God~ in the endit fhall tm:t3 to his orvn con· fufton. Andif any ofthe Princes of the earth, will by Doegs . .be prov~kcd to tlefiroy the Priefl!, .or by jealoufie kindlea by malicioru wbi(jerers,be incited to d~ by the fervants ofChrift, AS the1 dtd b]-t.h"Walden[es, Bobemians.,Prott~a»ts. inmany (c3) places~ ,

( I4) pldce~, &c. we will remem!Jer the memoraGle w~rds cf Dav1d, I Sam. 2-6.18; 19. andlttthe/u-ffirer·simitatehim in the f~bmiffive part, [Wherefore cloth my Lord purfue after hrs fervant ~ for what luve I done -: or whac evil is in my hand~ Now thete tore I pray thee let my Lord the Ktng hear the words of his fervanc: If the Lord have fiirr~d .thee op ag~i·nfi mer, let him accept an offering : but 1f It be che chddren of men, curfed be they before the Lord; for they have driven me out this day-from abiding in the inheritance of the Lord, faying,. Go fervc: other Gods j ( Bygoing where they Are fer'lled. ) H Avingful!y fluwedyou [ VVhat Godlinef~ is ] I now - lufcech thee, Re;zder, to enquire , Whether this defcribed cafe be thine -: Art thgu Devoted to GPd without reftrve, a1 being not thine ownbut hiJ l And b.Ijl thou de– voted all thou h4J to him'with thy {elf, to be ufed accordi>Jg to hu Will ? c..Art thou m~rc fubjelled to hu Autbortty, – ttnd obfervant of hu LAws and Government, then of mans ? ·a11d can his word do more with thee, t ;en the word of any mortal man, dr then the violence of thy lujls and pafiom ! Art thou heartily engaged to him 1t1 thy felicity, and doft thoagiveupthy[elf to him in fili.ti Leve,dependance and eb{ervance, M to thy deareftfriendandFathtr ? Doft than highlyej1'eft.eem him, andrefolvedly cboofe him, tmd fin– cerely [eek him, preferring nothing in thy Eftimation, Choice, Refolmion, or Endeavour before him ? Tr7 hy thefe and the other particulars in the Dejcriptim, whether you are Godly or fingodly; and do it faithful/~ ; for the day u at hand, when the un_godly fba[l not fland tt3 ]ttdgement-, nor jinnen in- the Affembly of thej11_fl~ PfaJ. _r. 5•. • : t..And b {ides the maris expreffed m the defcrtptzon, let me offer1ou'[ome from theplain w~rds ef .the Textt, that :jOtJ II'JAJ

( 1'5) may fee whal God accONYJteth Codlinefs , andc~nftquentlJ how tojud~e your[elves. - r. InJohn.?.3,5,6.itilwrit~e~, Verily.except a man be born again, he c;lnnot enter mto the Kmgdom of God-- That which is born of the fleih is fle{h, and .that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit. ] 2 Cor. 5. _r 7. If any man be in Chri!l,he is a new creature; old thmgs are paffed away, behold all things ·· an~ become new. ] Rom. 8. 9. If any man have not the fpirit of Chrift, the fame is none of his. ] . From tbe(e Texts you fee, thllt ahea!t And life nude' new by the spirit of :Jejus chrift;, is t~bfolutely necef!A.ry to true Godlinefs. · · z. 'Pfalm I 19, 5. 0 that my wayes were directed to keep thy Statutes.] Rom. 7. 18. Towill js:pre(entwith _ '- me. j P{A-lm 73. 15. WhQm hav€ I in ·h\~aven but thee, and there is noneonearth,&c.] I{t!· 26: 8. Thedefire of our foul is to thy name, and eo the remembrance of thee. ] From thefe and{r1ch like ttxts it iJ evident, that [ The pri11cip.<tl defires of agodlyman, and the choice of his wiU, is to be r:pbat God would have him be. J · 3· Pfdlm 1. 2. His delight is in the Law of the Lord, and therein doth he meditate day a'nd night:. 1 Pet. z. 2·~ ·– As new born b.1bes defire the fin cere milk of the Word, thatyemJygrowcher~byi] Luke re. 42. .· From thefe ami [Hch like Texts it is manif~ft., [ That all · the Gvdly d,1 Love thOVordofGod, -a1 tke[t;od of th:ir fouls, .. and tht direaor of their ltveJ, ] · . 4· t.Matth.6. 20,~1,33· Lay up for your felves a · treafure_ in heaven, &~.·i For. where your treafure is, _ there wtll your hearts be alfo: Seek firft the Kingdom of God _and his righteoufnefs. J Matt h. 7. 13. Luke 1.4•." [ Ent~x m_at the ftrait gace :--ftdve _to ente.r in- . ·· foJ: ·:

(16) for many !hall feek and lhall not be able.] 2 Pet. ·1 ~to~ . Give d1ligence tomake your callingand eledioq fure. ] Jlom. 12. ri. · From thefe Andfttch textsyou mAy difcert~, thAt [Godlinefs con(tfletb in fuch diltgence for f~lvation , tU to feek it before any earthly thing, andnot to thmk the laboNr ~t a hely ltfe too much for it. ] . 5· Rom.8. I,),6,7,8,t3• Gal.).I8,I9.RtAdthem 1md1tJ# will fee that [ Godline[s confiflcth in livl;1g after the fPirit, ani not after the fle{b, And in mortifyiJ.?g the duds D{ the body by the fpirit, /,ving 1Mt by fenju~llty, hut hy ,Faith. ] 6. :John 3· 19, 20. [And this is ,the condemnation, th2t light is come imo theworld , and men loved dark- ./ nefs rather then light, becaufe their deeds were evil: F0r every one tb ~rt; ~6th evil hateth the light, neither cometh to•the light, left his deeds ihou'ld be reproved : but h~ that doth truth cometh to thelight ; &c.] 1 King. 1 I .7,8: And the King of Ifrael faid to (ehv{h.:ph.zt ., there is yet one man ( Mic~iah ) by whom we may enquire of tbe .Lord : but I hate him ; f.or he doth not prophefie good conce_rning me, but evil .: And /ebofbaphat faid, Let not the King fay fo.] E'rom the(e t~nd(uch·likeTexts you fee, th11t [ The Godly love the di(cor.vering light , and the moflforching faithful pre.tcher; but the ungoJ!y cannot endure the ltght whiCh fhewcth them their fins, nor love the Prtacbcrs that tell them of their fin and mifery. ] 7. I Cor• .I 3. rshn i 3-4 3~· By this null all men know that ye are my Difciples, if yof!love one another. ] 1 'John Z. 14. We· know thH We have p1£fed from death to life~ bccaufe we love the Brethren. ] r[al. 15 ·4. [ In who(e eyes a vile perfon is contemned , .but he ho 4 noureth them that fear the Lo~d. . From

·./ ' . ( 1'1) <From the{e, and (ucb hke texts, it is t"ttide#t~th.f.t [ All · thttt ttre truly God/1, hAve a (peci~! Lavl t~ tbofe that are Godly: they love and honoro~r· Chrifl in his Image on his SAints.] · : 8. iJ.Cis 3. 43;&4• 3l. ·tou ma.1 fee, that r The God– ly love the CommuniQn of Saints, to jo1n :with tbtm in holy dolJri»t~fdlowfhip andprayers.] 9. 1 Thef. s. 17. Pray continually] Luke 18. 1~ .Chtift fpake a .Parable to them to this end, ..that men . ought aiwayes to pray, and not to wa~ faint.] ACls 9· r 1. Behold be prayeth•.]Ztch. I ~.xo. I will pour out- . the fpirit of prayer and fupplication--J Rom. 8. 16.' The Spi:rit .helpeth our infirmities; for we know not:. ·. wha; to pray for as we ought, &c. ] · · . Ftsm tt!i thefe, ttnd fuch like t'l is't'ttiJent, th.d [ Prayer is tl;e .breath of 4 Godly num : be is a m1.n cf Prayer: · whc11 he wantet/J word;, , he bath Jefircs ·with tears ir_ . gro~ns.] .- . to. c.M~ttth. 15. 8, .9. Thi~ people draweth near me with . their lips, but their hearts are far from me J ~ohn 4r 'l3, 2.4. God is Spirit, .and they ~hat worlhip .him, muft worfuip fpirit and truth.) , From.[uch te.xts it is evident that [ Every Godly man doth mAke tlie lmv4rdexercife of his foul .the principal part of his worfoip unioGod, And doth n(JI {li&k inbudi/1 exercife or lip-ftrvlce.] · , . , . I I. 1ofh. 2 4· 15. As for meandm·yhouihold, we wil ferve the Lord.] So Deut. 6. & 1 I. & 1 Pet. 3. 17, 18. & 3• 10, &Eph. 5• & 6. - From m~tny facb Texts it is evide»t, th.d G6dlymen de .. {ire t.J1e./~tntlipc4tion of etherr , And make cenfcience of the dutiu 1[ their rclAtiDns, A!Od wof!ld have their hol!-{· boldt .~r friends .to ferve the Lord as well as h J - - -- -··· - ! ey. ~d)