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· .A ~Uttfittibt TO HEAVEN: - 0 R AnEarnefi: Invitation to Sinners to turn to God, in order .to their Eternal Salvation. i I I , Shewing the thoughtful Sinner wlila t I l J · he ·mufi: do to be fJ.ved. . t f . By ?.OSEPH ALLEINE,. \I . Late Mtntfter of the Gofpel ~t T_aunto1J 1n l { . Somet-fitfhtre. -ll Joh. 3·. .:; • E:Jtce-1t aman be born again, he cJnnot - ~- , fee the. I(ingd?m of God. ' l i LONDON I ' f Printed for Tbo. Park.hur;1, at the ~~ible and. ! f . . roree Cro1fru, at the lower end of Cbe .tp- ! 1 fi'de, neaf Mr:rceri Chapel> 16;n . . 1 \ .. ! I ---------------------.. -~-~--·- --..! ' ---·--···-== b 2. :;; ;!I ==r;~,..~~~~~·"".':'-: ·-,:~--~,---.- ...., .• -;.t-t--··~"l""\"~:.>~...,...:·

TO THE READ -ER Th~twonld be fafe and·happy. I . F it were only pof!ible thou ma_yefi live h~re .tft~r and bt called to 4ccount in another world for wha t tbcu doft in·tbk, it would be tby wifdom to take the [itftft courfe, and not t'!) run the conjtant hazard cf h~ing dragged by det tb to judgment, bef~~ tl"u wert_ P'~epared to meet thy ~udge. But another Ltfe, and a Juogment to come, ire more th~n poffible: There -is •n.high probability, Jea M gre4t ~ certaintyas c11n wic}; ret~.fon te expeeled, that dtatb ~ill· not put an en.i to thy beint tbat tbcu ./halt live after the return of tby bo.ty to the eartb, and rb,'ftt tben thGu jh4lt be tried, ~nd f en• tencei to fuch an bappinefs or mifery, M will be btcom... pJrably g'feater than any thin,5, r.ay tban all thfm didjl ever feel or fee, hear of or ima,tine. T!Je[P weightj trtttbs · are taygbt and eftabtifhed in fome me.t[ttre by the light of . nature' but much more cleady ana jitmly by the oracle~ of Gad in t~e hcly Scriptures- Befides wbtt they fay ()f · the' diff~rent fl.ttes offeparatcd fouls, the)' plainly teach, an·J ftrongly aJTert, That God hath appointed a time i~ which he will judge the whole world, by the ~1e- -dtator Jefus Chrifi1- ' that that great Iv1ediator, who is God, as well as Man, \\'ill defcend from heaven, ~ttended by its glorious Inhabitants, with trium– -hant acclarnations to his .ro?al throne ; that a_ mightyvoice will cite all that ever dwelt on earth, to make their perfonal appearanee ; that that a-. wakening and commanding fummons fhall be pre– heard and obeyed by the .dead, and they, " · A 2. _. ~i~li .

To the Reader. whh thequick then remainingalive, £hall ~1 !htntt before the Judgment-feat ; that after a- through!, 1earching and impartial trial, which will t:each rnen~s feveral talents, trufts, and -opportunities of getting and doi9g good, agd their moft fecret aa:i:. 'ons, words and thoughts, every one fuall receive an unalterable fentence of abfolution or condetn– nation ; and tha~ then, fuch as are approved and · abfolved, fhall inherit an heavenly kingdom prepared for them from the founda~ion of the world, be like the Angels, . their delightful companio11s, converfe with their moft amiable and loving Sa– viour, b~holding and partaking of his glory; yea; n;femble,fee and enjoy God himfelf,in compleatect holir1efs; and everlafting blifs : And thofe on tne other hand; that are reprobated a~d damned, iliall never bead1nitted into the regions of light, nor yet be favoured with aglimpfe thereof, but fwffe~ wit\1 Devil~ io the blacknefs of darK:nefs for e~~r, the r;enpe~ual gnawings of the worm that dieth not, , gnd the extrean1 torments of unquenchable. fire. ;S't'eing tben thefe tbings cannot l}e deniea; thau m.ufi he· g~dlty 'of fuc.h woful abufes of reafon, M far exce~d all– I be extra:va.g:ancies t)f them tbat want it: Thou muft be 1:_1oji grofly foolfjh, moft unnaturally cruel to tbine own jr-nil ) tn thy whole {etf, if thou doft not earneftly defire to .{)e one of tbo{e,unto whom tbe Lo~d jball fay, Come ye ~le!fed, and r.ot, Depart ye curfed ; if tbou doft not t~ttdily welcom.e, and diligently ufe any jtoper helpJ for the avoiding of the heavieft, endle[s miJ~· ry, and fc r the attaining; of thepure(t,vafteft , ~"'.Jerlafting happinefs. A td J1:1cb helps are now offered thee irt this little hoc~, which hatb ataking tinfl~re of the excellent Author's fi ,tmi · love to God, and ufeful charity tothe fouls of men ; now it is in thine hand, let me tell thee, it cannot be re• fit{td tbe re~tding, or read witbouc doing what it fo plain– .IJ, . t~if ~betf?~ a!!4 aft:ceii~na~ely urg.eth, but dt tby greatep. 1 .), · ' pert ., ,

To the Reade-r. - .Peril~- If th9uwilt not be at a [mall expence of time and. pains to read it over, if after the negleit of fo many means of inftru6lion, this al[o be rejeCfed, how juft!y mayeft thou be defiroyed fQr lack of knowledge ? How form may the things which belong unto thy peace be hid from. thine eyes ? .A continued wilful -· want of underfranding is large ground for fear, lejt-:·, he that made thee iliould not have mercy on thee, and he that formed and redeemed thee fhould fhew thee no favour. If tboN. readeft, but doft not praSi{e– wbat {cripture and reafon fo pathetic_ally p.Z,ead for, the - increafe of thy knowiedgewillincreafe·thy-forrow, liecaufe it "PP ill aggravate thy fin; for to ·him that · knows his Lord's will, how-andwhy _to do good, . and dots it not, but the forbidden evil, to him 'tis heinous, inextufable fin, for which he is liable to be · beaten with many ftripes, in ccnftant dreadful ·dan- -ger ·of feverer I hope -tberefore tbou '»'ilt _peru{e [o {hQrt adifcourfe, and art not un"A'illing to do it in {~cb a manner, M t9 grow acquainte4. ~itl}, and b~ perfuaded to thy great duty, Jtnd, which i.r infeparable from it, thy ·.greateft ·advantage; ·and that thou may•ft· '1/0t fait~ thereof, is·:·tbe defign ~t the following dire– Clions. · r. Pray £nthe nam_eof 6brifi,.... M thou·art-and .fottlt 'De· enabled, for the more eff~Ciual affiftances of ibe Holy Spi- -~ rit. Such is the corruption of our nature, that it utterly – difables to mttk_e·a _faving ufe of outR'ard means with– o:•t inr>~ard aids•.unlefs the.spirit, by bis powerful opera· t10ns, work #;ee tnto a feriera teachable temper, {et home -. the attempts of Go£s meJTe-ngers, and give them an effii. cttc<fa~ beyond their own, the moft -concerning truths, and -– %Vergbtufl arguments can never -be[d reprefented and in- _ [ f1rced, Mto overcome thy fen[ual, ·wbr/dly inclinations, ~e{cue thee from the d?mini.on offiYJ- and Satan, and /;ring . t!;e~ -h~c~ tt. -G;o.d. . T/;ou tm~ft f-berefore pr(tJ; _and t-h a_t · A : -3 - witb_-

To the Reader. with btcoming apprehenfionJ ofthe.grettt God, die regard to the graciou-s Medi:~tor, deep /ha. me and forrow for the fins thou confef{eft, tJ,rdent defires of all the grace thou beggefi, and faithful improvements ~f fuch meafures ·M thou b~(t alre1-dy received. And if th8u tbtu,tUkefi, with .fervent importunity, and p~rfevering con~ancy, thou w:lt undoubtedly find tbat ·God bade thee not to feek his face in vain: Af our L~;rd W.lrrstnts ~ tJ argue; Luk. 1 r. If a manwill pot deny a friend what he is im– portun:tte for, and ifa father· will ·grant his fon . \vhat he asks and wants, much more will thy hea- · venly Father give thee theHolySpirit: for all needful purpofes, to produce all thofe eff~tts in thee, that are truly neceffary for thine eternal falvation. 2.. ConfideT>{eriouflJ tt?hat thou readeft, ani work it Dn thy foitl a1 f..z .. ··M · thou ttrt concerned tbereirt. /t-!edi– cineJ' for the b'odj will operate, theugb they are not tfnugbt of; hNt [piritual remed."es for the mind require its co– o-peration with t&e:-n: Tbe clParefl e:xplic:ttions, fullejt proofs; an l ft~'ong'!ft motiveJ· about matterJ of ne:treft .and -greatejt concernment, will not do the foul any good, un– lefs by thinking it apply them, and extrafi their vertue; nor will the Spirit heal its lamentable di{e.zfes, if his influences be not anfwered with fuit~ble endea7Jours. Work then M he wor~s _in andwith thee; ta~e into 1?loft ferioU-1 confideration whatever is apt to prom,te thy reco– 'lJery; lay thofe things clofeft to he.trt, JrJbicb are likelieft to cure the hardile[s thereof; inculcate anl urge them, . and withal, cry mightily-unto him, who is able, an&· no lefs wiJing to help thee, till thou feelejt biJgentle force.- and comejt to a C{)nquering re{olution, that tbou muft ·and wilt do M fhou art advifed, till tbou doft nat 'cnlJ aJTent tf1 the coitr[e -propofed, M fit ta be t ,tken, but art fteadily.determined, tbat it is beftfor tbee,; tiJ1t . it i.r abfolutely neceJJ.:ry., a~d mufl ejfr:Clually _be.profecuted ; that by tbe grace of God thou witt throuJhlJ .change thy pe;rf

·To the Reader.· heart and li{e 1 and fo efcape from t'be'greateP evil) anct . trul~t Jure of tbe chiefeft good. · · 3· fVhen thou haft {eriouJ!y confidered and re{olved,-· proceed pre[ent!y io praefi[e, with all thy might? ttnd . out tbe leaft dtlay. 'Tis commonly a wor~ of fome trme to alter tbe temper Gftbe foul, \tnd change the cour[e_of ·· tbe life; and according to God'~r ufual methods, the lon– ger thouh.tft beenaccu(iomed to d<J evil, the more time and painJ will be requifite, ~o.break th_e force offtub~orn tufts, ._ to"ttJ;aken and fubdue vrcto:u b.tbtts, and to_gazn tho[e of grace andgoodnefs; to travel bacJr tbe way tbou haft gone ll.'rong, and to get out ofit, into the path of life. 'Tis ~ell. tben if there be days enouj,h before the': to do the one th1ng needful; to be Jure thou art not certainof altbour to [pare, the lo[J of fo {mall ap.trt mav prove the lofs of all. Be– . fides, if thou puueft off t~y rtformation, tbougb but for a little while, 'tis a fign tbQu dojt not really btten1it at all; for tbou purpofeft againft convi{1ion) to add fin to fin at. prefent: Arzd 'how can tbat oon-fift witb an.lear.ty deftgn of growing good afterw.trd? Delude not ther2[ore thy felf with fuc.b ade[~erate che1-t, but imitate the royal Pfal-:t mift 5 \Vhen thou hafi thought on thy \Va}'S, turn -. thy feet unto God's teitimonies: Make hafie, and ~ delay not to ke~p. his commandments. 4 · Remember tbat COJ'27)erfitJn -unto God is z,ut.the be---,~ ginning' of tbfduty, tbat thou muft'afterw.f,rds obey hirn ; all the daysof thy li{r!, anl that tbere j:; no other wa)' to p·efervean intereft ill his favour, ar.d a right to the expreffhns tl;ereof: They a}·e the la1-gejt, and the Iaft djf_ cover!es ~~f d;vine gr.u:c., thtt teach thee to deny u~gudltne ~ s, and worldly1ufis; tolivefoberly,righte– oufly and go:lly in this prefent world; and fo do.. , ing; to look for the bleffed objeCl: of thy hcpe: Tbey pl.l at~r . enougb wan: tbee ag.tinft drawing back unto perd1t1on ; tbey tbre,t:en afi :1al rejettioi1, if thou de~ ' ci~ :

To· tHe Reader:· nieffthy Saviour inwords or works ,; and they (Jft di.. reaand command thee to feek for glory, and honour, and immortality, : by patient continuance in well– doing; to be faithful unt~ death, whatever it cofi: thee, that thy Lord may gtve thee a crown ef life. Tbefe may feem bard {aying~, but they contain nothing, like a reafonable difcouragement: There is mi{erymore tban enoug" in b.ell, to '!feceffitate apreventionby any tem.. porary labours, wants and fufferings; and an abu"4dant– lj fufficient happirie{s in hea7.len) to encourage a ftedfafl: j~rfeverarrce in the 11or,Jt~;of the Lord, .though it were more . 6arjh ani gri~vozu than {inners imagine. · And even at · prefent, R:eligion isnot without. areward; yea, thou wilt :Jnd it,if tbou trie/t M tbou jbouldft,tt re~ard to it {elf; ~ ~hen..the maindifficulties at jirft are over;; -thy duty will · grow daily -eafier, if 'PI ill bave ·maJJy plea(ures mixed .. w~th it, and. become at l~ngtb it felf t~e greateJi:: It · "f!Jl.lnot ~ abrtdge thy.appetttei of any defirable gratifica- .. t.ions-, but give them ane~ deliciozu_relijh of the foun– tain from 'tPhicb theJ fto~~: Infiead' of the t;irds and · ipinges of a bad CIJJt[.cience, and. ·dread of an after.rec– k~1Ung, 'twill'{~ttle peacewitbin, andfill thee withcom– #JJrtable refieClipns, and joyful hopes ; .and a lcving, tf?(uzkfut, p_raifing o.bedience will by degrees bec?me tb} jweetejl employment.. . mayeftrlraw fhll nea- · rer ,to God, delicht thy felf in, and receiye from · birn thedefires·ot thine heart: Thou mayeft o ~all{. al- · J.~llys in ·the light of his countenance, and feed on l1is · loving ki~dnefs, which is bette.r·.than life. Jn (h(Jrt·, Before thou. afcemleft to heaven, thou mayeft · lie in an be:t·ve14 on earth, an,t ji11d by happy exptrience, zt;.u tbe way '(Q bave all tbou ca11jt "fi}h berestf ter, i.r ttJ . ~e anddo what i rbelt for rhy [elf here, ... · }._ ..

Ufeful Queftions; wher~by ~ Chrifiiaa . . may c;Y~ry day exartune h1mfelf.. " . Pfal. 4· 4· Commune with your hearts upon your beds. EVery evening before you fle~p (anlefs you find fome other time of the daymore for your ad– vantage jn this wor:k) fequefter your felf from the: world; and having fet your heart in the p~efenceof the Lord, charge it before God to anfwer to thefe Interrogatories. . Fer your 'DN.ties. ~· r. Did not God-find me on my bed, ~hen he loc-ked formeonmy~nees? · Job 1. 5· Pfal. 5·3· ~ 2.• Hav.e not 1prayei. f6 no purpo[e, or fuffered~antiring tboughfs tq eat out my duties? Mat: I r.8,9.}er.. I 2..2.. ~ 3· Have not I neglel1ed, or been very o'lJerly tn ~be. reading God's holy word? Deu.t. 1i·. 18. Jofh. I.-7:, ~... · ~ 4~ Have I digefted the Sermon I heard laft? Htrue. I repeated it o.ver, and prayed it over ? Luk. 2, 19, r r. Pfal. r. 2.. and 119. 5, rr~ 97·. · ~ r. WM there not more of cuftom and fafhi.9n bz mJ family-duties~ tbanof C(Yn_{cience? Pfal. I o I.t.Jer. 3,0.:. r. Q; 6. Wherein bave I denied·my [elf tb~ day for God? Luke 9· :z.3. , · . ~1·Have I redeemedmy time [rem too long sr needlefs vr{lts, idle imaginations, fru.itle{s di[courfe, unnec~f!ary fleep, more tban needs of the world?. Eph.r .1 6. Col.4·S:· Q: 8. Have I done any thing m8re than ordinary for the Churchof God, in tkis time extraordinary? 2. Cor. 1 r. z.8. Ifa. 61. 6. ~ 9· Have I too~ care of my-company? Prov. I 3.1o. Pfal . r 1 9· 63. . · ~I?· Have .not ~n~glef!ed 6r done [ometbj11g againfl:, the_ dutzes of'my relatzo1Js, Mamafter, fervant, h~ba:nd;.: wife, parent, child, &c. Ephef. r.::.:..tochap~ 6,.v~ 1o6 . Col. 3. I 8. to chap. 4_• v•. 2.o . ..

. ' Ufeful .Qgeflions. . ·. ,; · . . For your Sins. _ Q. t .1Yothnot firi fit light? P[al. 38~ 4. Rom. 7· 14: ~ l. A;n I a mourner for the fins of the land? Ezek. 9 4· Jer. 9. r, 1, 3• · · ~ 3. Do I live in nothing that I knorP or fear to be a fi ; r>,. 1 · · · n. la . ! I 9. I 0 I, I 0 4· . For your Hettrt. . _ Q-! I. Have I been much in. holy ejttculatirms? Neh. . ! 2. ·h 5'. . . . .. ' . . Q. 2. Hatb not God been out of mind: Heaven out of fight? Pfal, r6. 8·. Jer. l.. 31. Col. 3· r, '-· · Q~ 3. H.tve 1 been often loo.~ing into mine o~n bedrt, ' and made confcience even Qf vain..thoughts? P~ov.3. 2. 3. PfaL I r 9 . 11 3. · ~ ·-+· Have not I given R'tty to the workingr ofpride, er paffion? 2 Cbron. 32. 26. James 4.· 1, 6, 7. ForJour Tongue. . . ·. · <t r ~ Hl/r,;e I bridled my tongue, and forced it irJ? Jam.. I. :6. and 3· 2,3, 4· Pfal. 39· I. · <t 2. Have IJpo~en .evit of no man? Tit. 3· =· Jam. 4· 1 r. ct 3, Hrttb the l4w of tbe lArd b~en ;., my mouth M 1: · fate i1J my houfe, 'rt'ent by tbe W4y, ~...,.lying d~wn, and. :c ' ~ rr 1 rngup. Deut. 6.6,7. . · Q. f· Is there no compt.ny r CrJme intfJ, hut 1bttve ' d~opped {om~thing !if God, and lef~ fome goo4favour be• ._ h111d? Col. 4· ~. Ephef. 4· 29. . · For your Table~ Q. r. Did not I fit do._n wirh no bigber end than tt heaft, meerly to pleafe my app~· tite? Did I eat ani drinl( to thegt()ry of Go.i? 1 C9r. I o. 3 I. ~ · <{: 2. WM not my appetite too hard.for me? Jude 12.- 2 Pet. I. 6. Q._ ;. Did not l ari{e from t.~e table without dropping. lrtytbingof God there? Luk, 7· 36, &c. 'and I 4· I, &c. ]oh. 6. · · · Q.. i· Didnot I moc~ G~d, ·r~Jben I pretended to crave _· - ableffing,

1- ble.ffing, and return_ than~s.f i}~· 27. 3 >, 36'. Matth .. 1 >. 36. Col. 3. 1 7, 2;. "'-. - · . FQr' your CaUzng. · ~ 1 • Have _ I been diligent in the d~ies __ of mJ Calling? Ecclef. 9· I Cor. 7. 17, _2.o, 24. . - .., ·,.Q. 2. Have I _defrauded no 1fllln ? I Thef. 4··"· I Cor. 6. 8• .<t 3. Httve I droppe.d mv,er a lye in my fhop, or trade_? Prov. 2S. 6. Ephef. 4, 25; · ,.· _ i Q: 4· Did not I rafhly m~l(e, not- fal{ely breftk fome pro· mife~. Pfal. 1o6. 33· Jo~. 9. -v._Lh~~-, Pfa~. ,'I 5. 4~ · . - An~·Addition of fome brief ·DireCtion~ for the MorniJ?g· · .... ... . D. r. If through neceffity or _carelefnefs you have emitted"the ·re1.ding and 'I'Peigking~ of thefe queftions in the Everting; be Jure to do _i1 now. . ___.. ~ :· ~· . ·· _ . D. z: .A11{ your {elf, What fin_ba'Ve I committed_? What duty have I omitted? .Agai'nft which :of thefe rules " have I offended inth~. d~ty foregoing ? .And renewyour re– pentance,.. and double your watch. D . 3. Examine 'll'btther God were laft in your thought.t when yeu went to fleep, 4nd firft when you awoke· :p. 4· Enquire whether your care of your he~trt 4nd ways dotb increaje, upon your conjtant uftng of this courf~ for.filf-exttmination; . or w.hether it d~tb ab~tte, and JOU gr6w more remijj·. · · · . · D. r. Impo[e a tMk of {ome .gooa;.meditation upon your {elves while you are making ready, either to go over thefe R1tles in your thDughts, or the heads cf the Sermon you heard ~aft, fJr !he holy meditati~ns fO! the purpofe in the Prathce of Ptety, or Scudder s .Datly Walk. _ D. 6. Set your ends right for aU. that day. D. 7· Set your watch, efPecially againft thofe fins and temp,~t.tions that JOU ue li~e t~ be moft infident to that da]a THE

.. . THE v ., t- • C-ONTENTS· I. What ·Converlion is not., and correCting fome Mifiakes about it. · II. What .Converfion is, and wherein it confifis. . . _ . Ill. The Neceffity of Converlion. IV. The Marks .of the Unconverted. V. The Miferies of the Unconverted. ··vi. Dire6tiens for-Converlion. VII. .Motives to··Con,verfion. :VJII. .conclpfion. :. _ IX. Counfel f~ .Perfona1 ·· and - Family~ ~ GQdlinefs·. .·· ·-. · . ~ · .. . This fame Book. ·.uprint'ed in L~~ge_ 0~1avo, I of a bigger Print, for ·eafe of , Ancient · Perfons. - · · . · • w 'hereunto are annexed divers Pra~ Ctical Cafes of Confcience, judicioufly 'Refolved. · · \ . Printed for TI.M.}J·flrk.,hur/f, &e-o •' - I - "''

An Earneil: Invitation to Sinners to T'urn to God, inorder to their Eter: nal Salvation. Early beloved, and longed for, I gladly · acknowledge my felf a debtor to you all, and am concerned;, as I would be found a good Steward 'to the Houibold ofGod, .to give to every one his portion. But the Pfnfician is moft folicitous for thofe Patients, whofe cafe is moft doubtful and hazardeus ; and the Fa.. ther's bowelsareefpecially turned towardshis dying Child. The numbers of the unconverted fouls among you, call for my moft earneft: compaffions; and haR:y diligence, to pluck them out of the burn– ing. Y.ude 2 3· and therefore to thefe firft I ihall a~ ply my felf in the!e lines. But whence fball I fetch my ~rguments, or hew fhall I chufe my words? lord, wherewith fl1aU I woo them? wherewith fhall I win them? Oh, that I ·could but tell! I would write unto them in tears, I would weep out every Argutnent, I would empty my veins ·for Ink, l would petition them on my knees; verily, (were I able) I would. Oh, how th_ankful I would be, if they would be prevailed_ With to repent and turn ! . · Ho·w long have I .travailed in birth with you ? How frequently have I made fuit to you ? How oftenwould I have gathered you? How inftant have I be~n withyou? This is that I have prayed for, and fiudted for, for manyyears, that _I mig~t bring you , !OGod: Oh, that I mtght but do-tt! W111 youyet be ~~treat<(4 ~ 9h, ~hat~happyman might youmake B me,

·2 Miftake.t about Con·verfion: me, ifyou would but hearken to me, and fuffer m~\ to carry you over to Jefus Chrift! . ~J But, Lord'j ho't'/7 infuffici~nt am I for thk work! I bav( been many ayear wooing for thee, but the Dam(et l'r1ould not go with me. [6rd, wha~a·tMk hart thou {et :ne to do ? AlM, wherewith fhall I P,i~rce the ]C'alu of Levi.t.tban, or ma~e the heart to feel tbat ubard M a ftone ; hard M a piece of the netber .Milgoife! ·ShaU I go and lay my mouth · to the~;rtt11e, and loo~ .,vhen th~ dead will o~ty me, and come forth? SbaU -I anOration to the Rocl{s, or de- . cJ4jm tQ-the Monnta,ins_, -a-nd thil!k to move·tkemwith ar– gztmenti ? Shtz.lll gi;I)e tL~e ·klirtd ,to fee? From the begin– ning ~{the JfOr.Ld WM it rwt heard that a-man ~perud the IJef,/1!he blirtd; But tbou, 9 Lord, canft pierc_e .tbe fcales anaprzck the be~rt of the Stnner. I can but jhoot at ro– 'IJers, and.draw the b()w at a, and 4o thou direOl the ~rrow between the joints of the harnefs,_ and ~ill th~ fin, a1f,j. faile tb~ (out of a fi-nner, t.b.aJ CJtjts his ey~s into tbefe labours. · J3ut I mufi: apply my felf to fOU, towhon1 I am fent: yet I am at a great lofs. \Vould to God I knew hpw togo to work with you ! would I ftick at the pains ? God knoweth you your [elves are my wit– neJfes, how I h~ve fo~lowed you in private, as well as in public~, and have brol:lght the Gofpel tQ your dQors, tefiifying to yop tbe pec~ffity of the new birth, and perfu'lding you _to look in time after a found and thorough chang~. B~loved, I have not aCted a p~rt among you, to ferve my own adv~ntage: your Gofpel isnot yea,andnay. Have younot heard the fame truths, from the Pulpit, bypublick labours, by private letters, and by perfonal inftru– tlions ? Brethren, I am of the fame mind as ever, that holinefs is the beft choice, that there is no en– tring into·Heaven; but by th(: ftreight palfages of the fecond birth, that without holinefs you fhall never fee God, He b. x:.. 14. Ab, mybeloved! refre!hmy - bowels

; Miftak£s about ·Converfion~ 3 bowels~n the Lord.Iftbere be. any confola.ti.on inChrifl, \my comfort of love,any£eUowfhtp ofthe s_pzrtt,any . bowel~ ifnd mercies, fulfil Jou~y joy. Now gtve your felves unto the Lord, ~ - y~r.~., ; '\ Now fet Y:Otlr felves ·to .feek him. Now fet up.the ~.Qfd Jefus 10 your ~ear~~ and fet him up in your houf~!K! l'{p\f"'come 10 · and kifs the Son, Pfal.,t2. 11. ande91brace theten~ers of mercy. Touch his Scepter and live; why wtll you die? I beg not for my ielf; brit fain I would .have you happy: This is the prize r ·runfor~and t~e white I I aimat. My foul's def1re and prayerfor you is,that }'Ou may be faved, ro. 1. , · The famous ~ycurgzu,haying inftitute§ moft fki~, and ·wholefom Laws for hts people, tola them · J~te was neceffitated togoaJourney from them,andgot them to bind themfelves inanOath; that his Laws . fhould I be obferved till his return. This done, he went into a voluntary banHhment, C1nd never re– turned more, that theymight, by vertue of their Oath, beengaged to the·perpetual obferving of his laws. Methinks I fhould be glad of the hard con– ditions which he endured(though I love you tender... · ly) fo I might but hereby engage you throughly t.o the Lord Jefus Chrift. Dearly beloved, would you rejoyce·the heart of your Minifter ? Why then, embrace theCounfelsof the Lord by me: forgoyour fins: fet to prayer: up with the WorlhipofGod in .your families : keep at aoifi:ance from thecorruptionsof the times. What greater joy to aMinifter., than to hear offouls born unto Chrift by him, and that his Children walk in the Truth ? 2 'fobn 4· Brethren, ~ befe~c~ you fuffer f~iendly .plainnefs & freed~mw1th you tnyour deep:!ft concernments. I am not playing the Orator, to make a learned fpeech t<? you, nor dreffing mydifh~itheloquence, ·wherew1th topleafe you. Thefe hnes are upon a B z. ... ~:~eigh~.

4 Mifialles About,Converfion: weighty errand indeed, vit. to convince, Qnd con~ "' vert, and to fave you, I am not baiting my hook with Rhetorick, .nor fifhing for your applaufe, but for your fouls. · My work is not to pleafe you, but to fave you ; nor is my bufinefs with your fan... cies, but your hearts; Ifl.havenot your .hearts, I have nothing. Ifi were topleafe your ears, I could fing another fong. IfI were to preach my felf, I would fieer anothercourfe.; I could then tell you a fmoother tale : I would make you pillows, and fpeak yQu peace;for how canAbab love this Micaiah that always prophefies evil concerning him ? r !{in. 2..2.. 8. But how -much better are the wounds of a Frienq, tran the fair fpeeches of the Harlot, who flattereth .with her lips, tlll the Dart !hike throu~h the liver, and hunteth for the precious life ? Prov. 7o 2 r, 22,2 3·. and Prov. 6. '-6. If I were to quiet a crying infant, I might fing him toa pleafant mood, and r9ck him a'fleep. But when the Child is fallen into .the Fire, the parent takes another courfe; he will not_ go to fiill him with a fung or trifle..I know ifwe fpeed not with you, you are loft. Ifwe can– not get your confent to arife, and CGme away, you periih for ever. No Converfion,and no Salvation: l _muft get your good will, or leave you miferable. But here the difficulty ofmy work again recurs npon1ne. Lord choofe my ftones out of the Roe~, I Sam. ·17. 40, 4). I come in the name of the Lord of Hojl.!, ~ the God of the Armies of Ifrael. I come forth like the firipling Goliah, to -wreftle, not -with fiejb and btood,but "'l'ith Principalities and Powers, and 'he Rulers of the dar~nefs· ofthis world, Eph. 6. 1.2. This day let the Lord {mit~ the P.hiliftine,artd [poil the ftrong man ofhis Armour tt:nd give me to fetch off t.he captives out of his bllnd. Lord &hoofe my words, cboo(e my weapon.sfcr me,and wben I put my hand into the bag, and ta~e thence ll ftone,andjliYJ.git, .~'. th~u .~41rJ # t~ . ~k~ mar~ a.nd m~l,e it. P1zt, . not . int" ':lN,

- Miftak§sabout Converfion: '$ · the·forehead, r Sam. 17. 49· hut the heart oftheuncon;. verted firmer, and [mite him to theground, witbSaul in his fo happy fall, ACts 9· 4· Thort haft font me, as Abra~ ham did Eliezer, to take awifeuntomy mafter thy S~rr_;· Gen. 24. 4· But my difcouragei foul u re~dy to fear the woman wil/, not be willing to follow me. 0 Lord God of my Mdfter, I pray thee fend meg6od [peed thiJ· day~ and Jhew kJndnefs tomy Mafter, and fend thine Angel before · me, and profPer my way, ~hat I may take a wife unto thy [on., Gen. 24. r 2. That M the{ervant refted not tilt he ·.· had brought Ifaac and Rebekah together, fo I may be fuccefiful to bring Chrift and the fouls ofmy people toge~ tber, btfore we part. , But I turnme untoyouo Son1eof you do not·'~ know what I mean by converfion, and in vain fball I perfuadeyou to that whh:hy.'iu do not U'1derfiand, and therefore for your fakes, _.. -lliall fhe\\: what !this Converfion is. Others do chertfh fecre,· hopes of mercy, though they continue as they be ,; and ·fOI' them I mull: ibew:~~ neceffity ofCo~tverfion. Others are like to harden tb;mfelves with a vain conceit, that they are converted already, unto them I muff. fl1ew the marks of the unconverted. Others becau1e ~ they feel no harin, fear none, and fo fleepupon the top of the maft; to thetn I fnall fl1ew the m.ifory of the unconvirted. Others fit ftill, becaufethey fee not ~ their way out; to them I fball fhew themeans ofcon– verfion. And nnally for the quickening of all) I iball clofe with tbe motives ofConverjion. Chap. I. Sherving the Negative, what Con:.a, verfion u not, andcorreCfingfome #Jiftak.gs_ about it. · · LET the blind samaritans worfhip they know· not what, 'f}ob.4.22. Let the Heathen Atheni– ans 1uperfcribe their Altar untctthe unknownGod, Afl. r7. 2 3. Let the guileful Papifts , comn1end the B 3 · mothe~

Mijtakgs about Converfion. mother ofdeftruttion, Ho{. 4· 6. for the mother of ~ devotion : they that know mans conJl:itution, and the nature ofth~.reafonable fouls operation~cannot but know,thattlle underfian<;ling having the Empire in the foul, he that will go rationa+ly t9 work,muft labour to let in the light here. Ignorantis non eft con– f~nfut. And therefore that you may not miftake me, I £hall fhew you what I meanby the converfi .. 011 Iperfwadeyou to endeavour after. It is fioried, that when Jupiter let down thego!.. it en Chaplets fromHeaven,all of them but one were fto1en : Whereupon (left they fbould lofe a re– Iique of fo great efteem) they made five other:; kJ like. it, that ifany were fo wickedly minded, as to fteal that alfo, they .ibould not be able to difcern whichwas it. And truely my beloved the Devil hath made many counterfeits of this Converfion ; &Qd cheat3 one with this,and another with th:;tt; and ft~ch acraft andartifice he hath, in this myfi:ery of deceits 3 (that poffible) hewo~uld . deceive the very EleCt. Now that I may cure the damnable mittakes of fome, who think they are converted when t hey are not, as well as remove the troubles, and fears of others, that think they are not con· verted when they are ; I £hall iliew ·you the nature Qfconverfion, both t)egatively, or wha~ it is not; -and pofiti~ely what it is. . We will beginwith the N~gative. I I. It u not the t aki ng_ fiJn tt-s theProfeffion of,Cbrijliani· ty. Doubtlefs Ch:riftianity is more than aname. If we w'ill hear P-nut, it lie-s-notihword, but in power'., I .Cor. 4· 2.0! . iftoceafe to be ]ltws and Pagans, and to· put on the Chrifiian Proteffion had bijen true Converfion, (as this is all, that fame \Vould have to be underftood by it}\vho better Chriftians than they of Sardi' and Lttodicea ? Thefewere all Chrifii– ans byprofeffion, andhadanatne to live, but be- - caufc

Miftakes about Converfion~ rcaufe they had but a name' are condemned' by Chrift; and threatned to·be fpewed out, Rev.~. r ,1 6. Are there not many·that nan1e the name of. the Lord JefusJ that yet·depart not from i~iquity? 2 Tim.2 •. 19. and profefs theyiknow God~but tn works denyhtm? Tit. I. 16. And will God rec~ive thefe for true Con- - verts, becaufe turned to the ·Chriftian Religion ? What ! converts.from fin, whenyet they·do live in fin ? 'Tis·a vifiblecontradiction. ·Surely, if the lamp ofprofdftonwould have ferved the rurn,the foolifh Virgins ha-d never been lliut out, Mattb. 2 5'. 3, ~-~· We find not only·profeffors, but preachers·ofChri~, and ·wonder-workers turneddff, ·becau1e evtl work– ers, lv!atth. 7. 22, 2 3. 1. It Ji n{)t-the being wa{hed in the laver of Re(enera~a tion,. or putting on the badgeof Chrift·iri BaptHin. Many take the prefs-money, and-wear theLiveryof .Chrifl:, that y-et neve-r fiand to theircolouts, nor fo}... low their leader. AnaniM and saphira, ancfMagtU; werebaptized, . as well as the rtft- How fondly do manymiftakehere, deceiving, and being deceived ! dreaming that eifeetual grace is ·neceffarily tied to ~h~external adminiftration.of Baptifm (which,~hat ' ts tt; but to revive the PoptfbTetlent, of theSacraments w·orkinggrace, tx opere operata?) and fg eve– ry- Infant £hall be regenerated, not lonly (Sacramento tenws)facramenta1ly, but really and properly. Hence mendofancy, that being regenerated already, when , baptized, tl)ey need no farther work. . , ~ut.if thiswere fo> thenall_that were baptized (in · theu:• tnfancy) mufl: nece!fanly be faved ; becaufe the promife of pardon and ialvation is madeto con.... . ~ verfion·and regeneration. . - · · A~s 3· !9• 1-Pet..3· 4· Mat~h. ~·9· 28. qur calling, fancbficatton (as to the begtnntngs of.1t) ·. or con– verfion (which are but the tame thing, umder dif· ferent conceptionsandexpreffions) .is but a middle ... lt 4 · link ..

Z ~iftakii ltbout Converfion: l~k in the golden chain, fafi:ned to election at the - ~ .cr1e end, and glorification at the other, Rom. 8. 30. :2 The[. 2. 13. 1 Pet. r. 2 •. The filver cord may not be broken, nor the connexion between fanctification and falvation, between grace and glory, impioufly violated, Matth. s~ 8. If we were indeed begotten :again, it is toan inheritance incorruptible, reierved .. in heaven for us, and the divine power is en~aged for it, 1 Pet. 1. 5'. And if the very rege– nerate may perifh at laft in their fins, we will no .more fay, tliat he that is born of God, his feed re. maineth inhim, anQ that he cannot fin, 1 Job. 3· 9· i . e. unto death, nor that it is impoffible to deceive the very Elett, Matth. ~4· 24. 1 _ · And indeed, were this true, thenweneed lookno farther to fee our names written in heaven,than on– ly to fearch the Regifter, and fee whether we were. . tlaptized: Then I would keep the Certificate of my ~aptifm, as n1y faireft evidence .for heaven, and fl1ould comeby aifurance of mygraciousftate, with a wet finger: Then men fhoulddo well to carry but a Certificate of their Baptifm, under the Regifi:er~s .haQ;<l, when they died, (as the Philofopher would · .be buried with the·Biibop's Bond in his hand, which _he had given h4n, for receiving his alms in another world;) and upon fight of this, there we1;e no -doubt of their admiffion into heaven• . In fhort, if there be no more neceffary to conver,.. -fion or regeneration, than to be turned to the Chri– fiian Religion, orto be baptized in infancy, this will -flydireetlyin the face of that Scripture, Matt h. 7. 1 4· 2!1S well as multitudes of others. for firit, We will then no n1ore fay, {trait is the gate, and narrow is the ,W4J; for ifall that are baptized,and of ~rQ~ Religion, ·are faved, the door is become heavenly _wide, and wewill henceforth fay, Wide is the gate,and broad ~ tb~ way t~!;.~ l~g~th ynto life .; ~Q~ if this be thru 1 e, · woe . ~ ' - .

MifiJJkes ~thout Converjion~ - who!e Paritbes, yea whole Countries, and whole Kingfloms may go in a breaft, and we will no more teach, that the righteous is fcarcely faved, or that , there is need of fuch a ftir in taking the Kingdom of Heavenby violence, and!hiving to enter in. Sure... ly if the way be fo eafie as many make it, that there - is little n1ore nece1fary, than to be regenerated in our baptifin, and cry God mercy, and be a~folved by the Minifter at our end; 'tis more ado than needs· _ to put our felves to fuch running, and feeking; and knocking, ~nd fighting, and wreftling, as the word · requires as nece1fary to Salvation. Secondly, if ·· this be true, we will no more fay, Few there be that find it ; yea we will rather fay, Few there be rhat mi f; · it: we will no n1ore fay, that ofthemany that are · called, but few are cbo{en, Mat. 2. 2.. r4· and that even of the profeffing Ifrael, but aremnantjhaU be {~t- . - , ved, Rom.- 1 r. >. Ifthis DoCtrine be true, we will not fay any more with the Difciples, TYbo then {hall, be [aved? but rather who then fhall not be faved? Then ifa man be called.a brother, (that is a Chri..,.: -· _ -, Rian) and be baptized, -- though he be a fornicator,'. -. or a railer, or covetous, or a drunkard, yet he– fball inherit the Kingdom of God, 1 Cor. $. 1 x. : I Cor. 6. 9, ro. ·. But theArminianwill reply; fuch as thefe;thougfi ;~· they did receive regenerating grace in Baptifm, are- · ... · fince fallen away, and tnuft be renewed again, or elfethey cannot be faved. ~ · · I anfwer, I. That there is an infallibleconnexion , between regenerationand falvation, as we have a!- . ready fh~~ed, ~nd I itch to be f~.rther evidencing, ·· .. ·. but that tts .agatnfl: defigned brevity. 2.. Then men ·- ·. n1u~ b~ b~rnagain,which carries a great deal ofab· :··. . fur~11ty tn tt~ very face. . And why may not men he .· ; twtce borntn nat~1re, as wel~ as in grace? Why not ~~s gr~at in~Rfurd1ty tobe twiceregenerated as to b.@ . · · - Bs tW~ - . I - ·· • .<:' ·-•

lO ~liftakf!J about Conver{ion~ ' twic~gerterated? But 3· and above all, This grants however the thing I contend for, that what ever men do, or pretendto receive in baptifm, if they be found .afterwards to be grofly ignorant, or pro· faQe, or formal, without the power of godlinefs, they.· muft be bornagain; orelfe be ihut out of tbe Kingdom .of God. . Sothen theym\1ft have more.· to pl~d for themfelves., than their baptifmal rege... neratton. vVell, in this you feeall are agreed, that be it more · or lefs that is received in baptifm, if (when n1en come toyear~ they~reevidently unfanctifie.d,. . they muft be rene .edagatnbya through and pow· erful change, .or el e they cannot efcape the damna– tion ofHell. FriendsandBrethren, benot·deceived, God·is not mocked ; Gal. 6. 7. Whether it be your, li.aptifm, or whatever elfe that you pretend, I tell youfrom·the-living God, that ·if any of you be a· prayerlefs perfonl 'fobJ r 5'. 14 ;pr unclean, or ma· licious, or covetous, orriotous, or afcotfer, or a lover of evil company, Prov. 1 3· 2o~ in a word, if' youare not holy, ftritl: and felf-denying Chriilians, 8kb:12.. 1.4~ Mttt. 16. 24~. youcannot be faved, ex– <te~·-_ you: be transformed -bya further,work upon you, and renewed agai,nby repentance. · Thus Ihave fhewed, that it is not enough to evi-– denc.e-aman to .be.regenerate,that hehath beenbap· . tized, efectual grace not neceffarily accomJYc!nying baptifm, as fome have vainly a1ferted. But I muft : one ObjeCtionbefore I pafs. Obje51~ The Sacraments do .certainly attain their·· :e~5; where man doth not ppntreobicem;orlay fome . ,r)i)ftruttioo, which infants do,not. SoL.~ lanfwer)it is ~notthe , end of Baptifm to rege.. t:terate:... ~~ ~Becaufe,then there .would be no reafon, . wh:v.1it mould. ,be confinedonly to the feed ofBelie– :'felSJ . for_b:Gth.the La~J. , ofG,od the·_ nature. of' . - · Charity, .

Miftakgs about ·'·Converfion~ ~X. Charity, requires us to ufe the means of_converfi~n for all, as tar as wecan have opporturuq~. · Were this true, no fuch-charity as to catch the .chtldren of TurksandHeathens, andbaptize them, and difpatch them toheav~nout ofhand;like thebloody wretches- , that _made the peor Pro~eftants (to fave their lives) to iwear they weuld com.e to !v1afs, and that they. would never depart from it, and then put them forthwith ,to death, faying, They -would bang them wh#e in a.good mind,. 2. Becaufe it prefuppofeth re– generation; and therefore cannot be. intendedto con-, fer it. Inall th~ exprefs infi:ances~n Script1:1re, we· fin4 that bap_tifmdoth fuppo(e th(!tr r~~ttng, be– lieving, receiving the Holy Ghofr,AC1Jt3r..A-01.2.38• and 1 o. 47· Mark 16.. 16. And to imagine, that ba– ptifm '"'·as inftituted,for an end of whichnot oneof the firfl: fubjetls was capable (fot· they1were all adul~. · · p~rfons, and fuppofed to and rep~nt.ance: ~ accort~ing as they profeffed, and their children were . not baptized till after them, in their right) wereno> little abfurdity. Were. this doCtrine true, baptifm . would ·make difdples; but-we fin(! it doth befpeak · them fuch before-hand, Ma t th.. 2~.19. 3· Becaufe· · Baptifm, being but a feal of the Coven~nt, cannot -– convey the benefits, but accordingto the tenour of :– the Covenant? towhich it is fet. Now the Covenant is conditional, therefore the , S~al conveys conditionally. The Covenant requires ~. fatth and repentance, as the conditionof the-grand . benefits~ pardon, and life, Acts I 6. 3r. and 3. 1 9o .. Andwhat~~eCovenant dothnotconvey, but :upon - there condtttons, t~eSeal cannot. S~ that Baptifm ::: d<?th pt:efuppofe.fatt~· and repentance tn the fubject; Wl~hout wh1ch, lt netther cloth, nor can convey the · favtng benefits .; otherwife the Seal rnould. convey ,– C6ntrary,to thetenour-of the Covenant ,to which it- c' · i~affixede:. - · - ; -, .

Miftak§1 about Converfion; ·3· lt lies 1UJt in amoral righteou{nef's. Thisexceeds not the righteoufnefs of the Scribes and Pharifees, , and therefore cannot bring us to the Kingdom of God, Matth. ) . 2o. Paut, while unconverted, touch– ing the righteoufnefs which is in the Law. blamelefs, Philip. 3· 6. None could fay:, Black is thine eye. The Self·ju.tticiary could fay, I am no Extortioner, Adul– terer, Unjuft ~ &c. Luke r 8. I I. Thoumuft have Come– thing more than all this to fhew, or elfe (however thou mayeft jufiifie thy felf) God will condemn· t-hee.. I condemn not morality, but warn you not toreft here: Piety includesmorality, as Chriftiat.'li– ty Clotn humanity, andgrace reafon ; but we muft .npt divide the tables. co~fifts not in ttn external conformity to the ruler of piety. 'Tis too manifeft, menmay have a form of ~ , godlinefs, without the power, 2 Tim. 3. r. Men may pray long, Mattb. 23. 14. and faR: often:; Lttke18. 1.2. and hear gladly, Mark 6. 2o. and be very forward inthe fervice of God, though coftly and expenfive, I fa. ·I .11. andyet be ffrangers to converfion. They muft have more toplead for themfelves, than that they keep their Church, and give alms, and make ufe ofprayer toprove themfelves found Converts. No . outward fervice, but an hypocrite may do it ; even . ~o the giving all his goods to the poor, and his mem-. 6ers to the fire, 1 Cor.13. 3· · . r. Jt liesnot in the chaining up of corruptior~:, by edu~ ·cation, humane laws, or the force of incumbent affliction. 'Tis too.commonand eafie, to miftake educationfor grace; but if this were enough, who a better man than'fehoajb? While:fehojadahhis uncle lived,he was very forward inGod's fervice,and calls upon him to' repair the houfe,of the Lord, 2 I(ings 12. ~, 7· :aut laerewasnothingmore than good educationall this while; for when his good tutor was taken out of theway, he appears to havebeenbut awolf chained ~!UP~ ~ f~l~ P,~ ~0 !~9.l~try~ -· - - -·- - ~~ ~

,Mifta~J about Converfion: I j ·6. In foort, it eonfifls not in iUumination, or convi- _ ffion ; in a [ttperficial cbange, or partial reformation. AnApoftate may be a man ~i~ghtned, Heb. 6. 4· and aFelix tremble under convtchons, AHs 24· 2). and a Herod amend many things> Mar. 6. 2o. 'Tis one thing to ha\"e fin ·alarm'd only by conviCtions, and another to have it captivated and crucified by con– verting grace. Many ,becaufe they have been troubled in confcience for their ·fins, think \~veil of their cafe ;. miferably miftaking convit.tion for converfion. With thefe Cain might have paffed for a Convert, who ran up and down the world, like a man diftra- · eted under the rage of a guiltyconfcience, till with building and bufinefs he had ·wore it away, Gen. 4· · l3, r4· · Othersthink, that becaufe they have given off their riotous courfes, and are brokeq off from· evil company, or iome parcicular luft, and reduced to fobriety and civility , they are now no other than real Converts; forgetting th~t there is a vaft: difference between beil)g fancrified, and civilized ; and that many feek to·enter int~ the Kingdom of Heaven, Lu~e 13. 24. and are not far from it, Mar~ I z.. 34· and arrive to thealmo.ff of Chriftianity, :A.Cfs·. 2.6. 28. and yet fall ibort at laft. While Confcience holds the whip over. them, many ·will pray, hear, read, and forbear their delightful fins; but no foon– er is this Lion afleep, bat they are at their vomit again. Who more religious than the Jews, when God's hand was upon them? Pfal. 78. 34, 3). But no fooner was the affiiction over, but they forgot God, and fhewed their Re1igion to be a fitt ITer~ j6, 37· T~ou may~ft have difgorged a troublefome 1-in, that wtll not fit 1nthy ftomach, and have efcaped thofe grofs pollutio~s. of the ~orl~, and yet .not · have changed thy fwtndhnature all the while, 2 Pet. · 2.• ~0,22. . X.~u,may ea~ ~h~ l~a~ ~~9f!~e rud~ ~ars, into.::· -.-,.. tr~·

f4. , .: Miftakes about Con·verjion~ the mot-e';~mely proportion of a plant, and then into the tba~~of a beafl:, and thence into the form .Qnd£eatures of a man ;but all the while it is but lead ftiJ[!- .So aman may pafs through divers tranfinu– tatiop~~ . from ignorance to knowledge, from prQ– fan~neis~~to .dv1lity, thence to a form of Religion ; and all this while he is but carnal and unregenerate, while his nature remains unchanged. Application. H~:ar then, 0 finner s, hear M you would live; fo come and bear; Ifa.;;. 3· ·Why would .you fo · wilfully deceive your felves .. or build your hopes upon the fand? I knowhe iball find hard work of it, that goes to pluck away yo1::1r hopes. It cannot but be ungrateful to you) and truly it: is not pleafing to me. .I fet about it as a \,~urgeon, when tocut offa putrified member from his well beloved friend ; · which of force hemufl:do, but with an aking heart, a pitiful .eye, a trembling .hand. But underHand me, Brethren, I am only taking ·down the ruinous · houfe, (which will otherwife fpeedily tall of it felf, and.huryyou in the rubbiib,) that I rnay build fair, · 1 and Hrong, and firm, for ever. The hope of the wicked £hall perifh, if God be true of his word, ·1 Prov. I I. 7. and wert not thou better, 0 . finner, , to letthewordconvince thee now in time, and let go thy faife and felf-deluding hopes, tha~have death too late to open thine·eyes, and :fir(d thy felf– in·hell, before thou art aw~re? I fhould be a falfe and faithlefs Shepherd, if libouldnot tell you, that you who have built your hopes upon no better: grounds·, than thefe fore-mentioned, are yet in :· your fins. Let your confcience fpeak,; What is it·. that you have to plead for your felves? Is it that you wear.€hrifrs livery? . that you be~r-his Name? : that you are of the vi6ble -Church? that·you have _ knowledge in thepoints of Religion? are civilized, ·B:rform religious duties, are hd1: inyour dealings, · , · ~ave..,.

. about.Converfton: have been troubled in confcience for y~ur fins ? I tell youfrom_t~e Lord, thefe.pleas wtll neve~ .~ accepted ~t God_sBar_. -All thts., though goo? tn ·u; felf, wifl not prove you-converted, and fo wtll not~ fufficeto your falvation. <?h look~bout you, and bethink your felves of turnt!1gfpeedtly and.foundly. Set to praying, and to readtng, and ftudy1ng your own hearts ; reft not, tilfGod bathmade thorough work with ycm ; for you muft be other men, or elfe you are loft men. . But if thefe be ihort of Converfion, \V hat ffiall I fayof the profanefinner ? 'lt n1aybe, hewill fcarce caft his Eyes, or lend ti:! Ears to this difcourfe. But· if there beany [uch readtng: or within hearing, he muftknow1·rom the Lord that made him, that he is. far from theKtngdom ot God. May a man be civi– lized, & not converted? wherethen fhall the Drun– kard, and Glutton appear? May a man keep compa– ny. with the wife Virgins., and yet be fhut out? ShaH: not a CQmpanion ofFools much ~ore be deftroyed? Prov. 1 3·· 1o. May be true and juft in his deal- · ing, and·yet not be-juftified .of.God? What then will become of thee,O wretched·man, whofe confcience tells thee thou art falfe in thy trade,and falfe of thy 'word, and makeft thy advantage by a lying tongue? Ifmen tnay beenl~ghtned,& brought to the perfor– manceof holy duttes,and yet go down to perdition . for reftingin them;.and fitting-down on this fide of. converfion; what .will beco1ne ofyou, 0 miferable families, that live as without God in the world? and of you, 0 wretched finners, with whom God is fcarce in , all y0ur thoughts : that are fQ _ignorant, .. that you cannot, or fo carelef~, that you will not pray ? q repent and be converted; . break off your. fins-by rrgl?teoufnefs .; .~way to Chnft for pardoning and renewtng grace : gtve up your felves to him to ~~ruk withhim inholinefs, '· or elie yc~u fhall . ne~er fee .

16 Mijlakesabout Converfion: fee God. Oh that you \vould take the warnings of God! In his name I once more adrnoni!h you. Turn you at rny reproof., Prov. I. 13. Forfake the {ooliib,and live, Prov. 9.6. Be fober, righteous, god– ly, Tit. 2.. I z.. Wafh your hands, you finners, purifie your hearts, ye double minded, ;Jam. 4· 8. Ceafe to do evil, learn to do well, Ifa. I. I 6, I 7. But if you · will on, youmuft die, Eze~. 33· I I. Chap.II. Shewingpojitively whtttConver{io~ is~ I May not leave you withyour eyes ,-half open, as he that faw menas trees walking, Mark. 8. 2.4. Tlie word is profitable for Doctrine, as well as reproof ; ·2. Tim. 3. r 6. And therefore having thus far condutled you by the fbelves and rocks of fo many dangerous miftakes, I would guide you at length into the Harbour oftruth. ·Converfion then (in fbort) lies, in the tborow change both of the heart, and life. I fhall briefly defcribe it in its nature and caufes. I. Tbe Author, it is the fPirit ofGod; and therefore it is called the fantl:ification of the fpirit; 2. The[. 2.. I3· and the renewingoftheholy Ghoft,Tit. 3· ~ .. . Yet not excluding the other Perfons in the Tri– nity: For the Apoftle teacheth us, to blefs the fa– ther of our Lord Jefus Chrift, for that he hath be– gotten us again; 1 Pet. r. 3· and ChriH: is faid to give repentance to I fr ael ,; Act. ) • 3 I. and is called tae everlafting Father, I fa. 9· 6. and we his feed, and the Children which God hath given him, Heb. 2.. 13. I[a. 5'3· Io. 0 bleffed Birth! Seven Cities contended for the Birth of Homer : but the whole Trinitv fathers the new creature. Yet is this work princi,pally afcribed to the Holy Ghoft, and fo we are faid to be born ofthe Spirit, 'fob. 3· 8. _ So then it is a. workabove man's power. We are - ·· - ----- ·-.. -·- --- - - ·· - --- - ~or~

The Nature of Con1/er(ion~ ·17 born, not of thewill of the flefb, nor of the will of . man ; but of God, ffob. r. •3. Never think thou canft convert thy felf: Ifever thou wouldfl: be fave... ingly converted, thou rnuft defpair of doing it in thine own ftrength, 'ffer. 13 18. It is a refurrection · from the dead; Rev. 2o. 5'. Eph. 2. I. a new creation, Gal. 6. I). Eph. 2. l o. ·a work of abfolute omnipo– tency, Eph. I. 19~ Are thefe out of the reach of hu,. mane power ? If thou haft no more than thou hadft by thy firfi: birth, a good nature, a meek and chafte temper, &c. thou art avery ftranger to true Con~ verfion. This is a fupernatural work. 2. The moving Caufe u Internal, or External• The Internal mover k only free grace. Not ~y works of righteoufnefs which we have done; but of his own mercy he faved us -- £ by the renewing of the Holy Ghoft, Tit. 3. 5'. Of his own will begat he us, ~am. 1. We are .chofen and called unto fan... chficati(>n, not for it, Eph. I. 4· God finds nothing in a man to turn his heart, but to turn his ftomach ; enough to provoke his loath– ing, nothing to provoke his love. Look back upon thy felf, Q,Chrifiian: .Take up thy verminous rags: ' Look upon thy felfin thy blood, Ezek· 16. 6 Oh,re– flett upon thy fwinifh nature, thy filthy fwill, thy once beloved mire, 2 Pet.~. Canfl: thou think, with– out loathing, of thy trough and draugh ? Open thy Sepulchre, Mattb. 2 3· 27. Art thou ftruck almofl: dead with the helliil1 damp? Yehold thy putrid foul, thy loathfome members. 0 ftench unfuffer– able, if thou dofi but fenfe thy own putrifacrion ! Pfal. 14- 3· Behold thy ghafilyvifage, thy crawling lufi:s , thy flime and corruption, . Do not thine own cloaths abhor thee? y;ob 9· 3 r. How then fhould holinefs and purity love thee ? Be afioniih– ed, 0 heavens, at this; be moved, 0 earth, :fer.. 2~ 12. Who but muft needs cry, Grace ! Grace ! Zec}l.