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ANNOTATIONS VPON THE FIVE BOOKES OF MOSES, THE BOOKE OF THE PSALMES, AND THE SONG OF SONGS, 0 CANTICLE S. l VVHEREIN THE HEBREW WORDS and Sentences, are compared with, and explained by the ancient Greeke and Chaldee Verfions, and other Records and Monuments of the Hebrews : But chiefly by conference with the holy Scriptures, M O S E S his words, lawes, and ordinances, the Sacrifices, and other legali Ceremonies heretofore commanded by God to the Church of ISRAEL, are explained. WITH An ADVERTISEMENT touching force Objehions made again(): the finceritie of the Hebrew Text., and allegation of the RABB INES in thefe ANNOTATIONS. AS ALSO, Tables direóing unto fuch principali things as are obferved in the ANNOTATIONS upon each feverall Booke. BY HE5\CZZ2' ,!,i1 1NS ORI-H. -r a c L v K E 24. 44. c.4ll things mall be fulfilled , which are written in the Lan ofMoss s , and in the Prophets , and in the Pfalmes. LONDON, Printed by ell. Part ns for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be fold at his Shop in Cornehil, at the Signe of the three Golden Lyons, neere the R.oYALL EXCHANGE. 1639.

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ANNOTATIONS VPON THE FIRST BOOK OF MOSES, GENESIS: WHEREIN, THE HEBREW VVORDS AND SENTENCES, are compared with, and explained by the G, eeke and Chaldee Verfions : but chiefly by conferring with the holy SCxiPrvans, BY HE5\Ck2' II ACS W0 RT H. D H v T. 33. 4 vvofes commanded as a Law; the inheritance of the Charci' of Jacob. MA L AC H. 4. 4. Remember the Law, of lofes my ferrosnt: which I commanded him in Hcreb, fir all cfrael; with the Statutes and lodgements. .LONDON, Printed by,1J12. Parfum for 19hn Bellamie, and are to be fold at his Shop neere the ROYALL EXCHANGE. i639. A3

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M03$610 621, # 624V/ 41 A PREFACE CONCERNING ,í4OSES WRITINGS, AND THESE ANN oTATIÒ is VP ON THEM. ' O S E S the man of GOD, and firft writer of holy Scripture; was an Hebrew borne in Egypt, about 2432. yeeres after the creation of the World : and before our Sa- viour Chrifis comming into the flefh, 1496. yeeres. He was the a foe of Amram, the fon of Kohath, the fon of Levi, the fon of acob, the fon of Ifaac,the fon of Abraham our father,in the feventh generation; as noch was the b feventh from Adam. When he was borne, he had a e divine beauty upon him : he was marvelloufly Caved from c lftr,a1, death,being drawne out of the water,and thereof had his name; hewas nourifhed by al, Exed.z. K,Pharaohs daughter,for her owne fon; learned in all the wifdome of the Egyptians,and was mighty in words and in deeds. Forty yeeres he lived in Pharaths court; which d then he left,choofing rather deb .7. re3. to fuller aflliftion with the people of God; then to injoy the pleafitres offinne for a feafon, efteen;ing a6 the reproach df Chrilt greater riches. then the treasures of Egypt. Forty yeeres e hee was a ftranger e, 30. Ibeepherd in the Land of M, Tian ; from whence God called him to feed Jacob his:people, and Iieael Exod. 3. his inheritance. Which thing he alfo did wich all f tidelity forty yeeres,beiug g in the Church in the f mum, 12.7. wilderneffe with the Angel, which Cpake to him in the mount Sinai , and with our fathers ; where he g D°TeT 3 $. h h at .3 ; received the lively oracles to give unto us; and he commanded us a Law, which is the inheritance of i Deur.34, 1.4. 0. the Church of Jacob. Of all the Prophets that arofe in lfrael,there was none like unto Mores, whom k peat.; 4.4, the Lord knew t face to face: and dying 120. yeeres old, (but his naturall llrcugth not k abated;) he 6, 7. was buried ofGod, no man knowing of his Sepulchre untó this däÿ. 1 Geu. t. &c. He wrote the Law, in five books; containing a briefe t History of things pit- a m covenant between n Deu[.1 ßly. &c. toh.ß4s. & 1.17. o Gen. z4.& al chron.ó 1. 5,3 & Z.Z. & God and his Church then prefent; and ,a prophefie of further grace to come,which now is exhibited by Kits Chrilt. In his firft book,he wrote the ° generations of the heavens and the earth,and of man- kind : which we therefore (of theGreeke word) call Gendfir, that is, Generation. In the fecond, hee fee down the departure of Ifrael out of Egypt,with the covenant whichGod plighted With them,the fame yeere that they went out: which hook was thereupon named Exodrer.ln the third,he defcribeth the fa- crifices and fervice of God,under the Levitical) Priefthood;called accordingly,Levitieui.In the fourth, he reckoned the Numbers of the tribes and of the f ournies from Egypt to Canaan, with the order wherein God Celled that Common - wealth of Ifrael, whiles they we're travelling towards their Reif: which booke is therefore called Numbers. In the fifa, he wrote a repetition of the Law, and covenant which God had given unto Ifrael, and the confirmation of the fame: whereof it is named (according to theGreeke) Deuteronomie. In the propounding of all theft things, Moles hath P a veile drawne over his bright and glorious face : for in the hiftories,are implied gAllegorics,andin the Lawes are r types and fhadowes of good things that were to come; the body whereof,is ofChritt. In Genefa (which hi- flory endeth with the going downe of Ifrael info Egypt) we have the image of a naturali ratan, fallen from God, into the bondage of fin. In Exodus, is the type of our regeneration, and flate renewed by Jefus Chilli. In Leviticus , the íhadow of our mortification, whileft we aremade facrifices unto God. In Numbers , the figure of our Cpirituall warfare ; whereunto we are muttered 5 and armed to fight the good fight of faith. In Deuteronomie, the doftrine of our fan&ification,and preparation to enter into our heavenly Canaan (after Mofes death) by the conduft of Jefus the fon of God. The things which Moles wrote, were not his owne; but the tLaw of the Lord by his hand : to him e the Prophets after, bare witneffe. Our Saviour alfo approveth of Mofes,and of 0 all that he Cpake and wrote : what x he faid, was the commandement Y of God; and what God Cpake x unto him, the frame is fpoken re tinto us: him therefore weare willed to heare,which who Co doth not,will not be perfwaded though oneeofe from the dead,Luke 16.29.31.Bist becaufe his writings were the b Old T eft ament,tínder which the New was veiled ; and which many reading, even to this day have a e veile laid upon their heart, fo that they cannot fallen their eyes upon the end of that which is abolifhed : therefore God Cent the Prophets following, yea his owne Son, and his Apoltles, to open and explaine the myfteries, which Moles had clofely and briefly penned : that now by their helpe, and through the Spirit of the Lord, we may all d with unveiled faces, behold as in a glaffe, the glory of the Lord; and perceive how the Law was given by Motes, but' grace and truth is come by Jelin Chrilt. The literati fenfe of Moles Hebrew (which is the tongue wherein he wrote the Law) is the ground of all interpretation ; 8e-that language hath figures & propietiesoffpeech , different froni ours :chore therefore in the firft place are to be opened;that the naturali meaning of theScripture being knowne, the myfteri es of godlines therein implied,may the better be difcerned.Th is may bc: attaided in a great meat,re, by the Scriptures themfelves; which being compared, doe open one another. For darkand figuratives fpeeches are often explained; as,when God faith,/ di i 4.2t.28.í his We are to under- ftand as an oath : for ellwhere he faith, I have fmorne by my felfh,Efa.45.23. and to exprelfe this, Paul a'- leageth it,Ilive, faith the Lord,Rom.14.1 i. Allo when he faith,/ am the Lard that bcaleth they Exo.15.26. hereby, C66 p Exod.0 .30+ß 35.a con 3. gGat.z 24. rHei.9.9.&, 10.1, COí.2.17. f z Chre.34.14 t Pral. 103.7. Dan. 9. n. Mat. 4. 4, u [nke14.15. 44. x Mark 7 9. y Mat. 153. s Mark 12. 16. aJIfa;. a 2, 3 r. b.a COT ;. 14. Verf. z 5. d aCOr.317,18 Clch.l.,7. a.

A/'A//10/GIi81P 1',110W9D//® he Prefaçe. hereby he intendeth the pardoning of ourfins:for where other feriptures fpeake of healing his people EG.6. r o. Mat. t 3.15. elfwhere it is interpreted,theforgiving oftheir fins,Mark.4. t 2. So be rolled himlelfe on the Lord,Pfa1:22.9, is in plainerfpeech,he trufted,Mat.z7.43. and Chrift who (hould be an mfgneoftbr peoples,Efa. i 1.1 o.i.s under that phrafe prophelied,to rule ozer the natians,Rom''r 5.r 2. When Mofes faith, God (mote the Sodomites with bfindhefs, en. i 9.11.he meaneth very great or extreme blindneffe,no- ted by that word in the plurali number: as where the Prophet mentioneth weep* ofbitternefs,Jer.3 i r 5.the Apole expoundeth it,weeping andgreatmourning,Mat.2: i 8. So when he teacheth us to fweare by the name of theLord,Deu.6.i 3.under it,he implieth the confelliô of his name & truth:as when another Prophet fpeaketh in like fort of fwearing,E1a.45.23. Paul expoundeth it,confefng untoGod,Rom. Oft times we shall fee in Mofes and the Prophets,a defe& ofwords,which reafon teacheth,are to be fupplied;as Adam begat in hislihenef,Gen.5.3that is,hegat a fen. The Scripture (heweth us to fupply fuch wants : as, Ithe God of thy fatber,Exad.3.6. that is,/ am the God, Mat.22.32. Samuel faith,Vzza putforth to the Ark, 2 Sam.6.6, another doth explain it, Vzzaput forth bit band to the Ark, 1 Ghron.i 3.9. One Prophet writeth briefly, I with fmrpions , 2 Chron.1 o. r r. another more fully, I will eleaflifiyou with forpions, t King. i 2.1z . One faith no more, but in the ninth oftke month, 2 King.25.3. another tepplieth the want thus, In the fmtrtb mcnetb, in the ninth ((the month, Jerem. 5 2.6. So , thy fervant barb found to pray, rGhron. s7. 25. that is, hathfoundin his heart topray ,2Sam.7,i7. and many the like. Here men may fee the reafon,why Tranflators doe fometime adde words(which are to be difcerned by the different let- ter;) for the original! tongue affe &eth brevity; but we delire and need plainneffe of fpeech. Yea, this may helpe in weighty Controverfies: as,Iefua Cooke bread,andb1c(j ,and brak,Mat.z6.26. here fome ima- gining a Tranfubltandation of the brcad,blame thofethat translate, be broke it, as adding to the Scrip.. ture : whereas fuch additions are neceffarily underftood, many a hundred time in the Bible ; and the fame Apostle elfwhere faith,Ghrift bief ed and brake,Mat. t 4.19. when another writeth,he Urged them and brake, Luke 9.16. which a third Evangelift explaineth,he Wed and brake the lames (or bread) Mar.6,41. again he faith, a man (hall leave father and mother, Matt 9.5. when Mofes plainly faith, hitfather and his mother , Gen. 2. 14. But fuch ufuall defe&s, all of any judgement,will foone underftand. On the other hand, but more feldome, there is abundance of words, (though not in vaine) which in other languages, may be made fewer; and the holy Ghoft approveth it. As where Mofes writeth, a man a prinee,Exo.2. r4. Stephen faith onely a prince, omitting the word man, A &.7.z7, So one Prophet faith, men fhooters; t Sam.31.3. another faith but fhooters, i Chron. r o,3. Efay faith, a man of his cotmfrll, Eia.4o.13. Paul abridgeth it,bis counfeIour,r Cor.2. t 6. And, one faidfayisg en this manner, 2 Ghron. r 8.i 9. or, ore faid on tbh manner, i King. 22. 20. with fundry other of like fort. But the change of names,words,andletters; as alfo of number,time,perfotf,and the like;isvery fre- quent, and needfnll to be obferved. As Mofes calleth a man,7ob,Gen.46.13. elfewhere he nameth hint Iafhub,lTums6.z4. Afhbel,Gen.46.21. is by another Prophet named lidiadl, s Chron.7.6. Nebuebad-ne- zer, z King.25.i. is alfo Nebucbad- rezer, Jer.52.4. Ietberan Ifmaelite(by nature) s Chron.2.i7. is Iitbra an Ifraelite (by grace) z Sam. r 7.2 5. Hofbea is called alto Iehofbua, Numb. r 3.16. and Iefhua, Ezra 3.2. in Greek Iefus, A &.7.45. So enemie, i King.8.37, written enemies,2 Ghro.6.28,34, iniqultie,Jer.31.34 is iniquities, Heb.8.s 2. And contrariwife;Matthew faith they brought the Affe and the colt, and put ate them their clothes, and fet]efus upon them Math.2 i.7. which Mark Iheweth to be meant of the Colt on- ly, and that efus fate upon him, Mark. 11.7. So, the tbeezes are faid to revile Chrift,Mat.27.44. whence of them did it, Luke 23.39. Likewife,hearrye, but emderf and net, Efa. 6.9. or,ye fl all beare,butfhall not un- derffand,A &.28,26. and the way before me, Mal. 3.1. or, the waY before thee, Matth. Smite thou the fl eepberd, Zach. i 3.7. which Chrilt citeth thus, brill the flrepherd,Mat.26.3 s, and,Itwk the thirty pieces of Liver, Zach. i 1. i 3. or ,they Cooke them, Matth.2,7.9. Of which changes there are many, and of great ufe , throughout the Scriptures. Quefions are, as in other languages, fe in theboly tongue,nfed for earneft affirmations,deprecati ons, denials, forbiddings, wifhes, and the like: as when the people faid,Why fhouldwe dye ? Deut.5,z 5. it was both an affeveration that they (hould dye, and a prayer againft it. The Scripture openeth it felfe: as, wby ebtb he fßeal, bla fbemies ? Mar.7.2. which another Evangelift writeth, this man blafpbemetb, Mat.9.3. And, art thou come to torment ne? Mat.8,29. wherein was implied, ¡pray thee torment me not, Luke 8.28. So, are they not wrntm? 2 King.2o.20. is affirmed, behold they are written, z Chron. 32.32. and that which the Prophet averreth, All theft my hand bath made, Efa.66.1. is turned into a queftion; bath not "y hand made all theft ? A &.7.49. Againe,when God faid to David ; (halt thou build me an boute ? 2 Sam.7.5 he meant, thou jhaknot build, s Chron.i7.4. when Chrill faith, bow fhall Satans kingdome fancy Mat. 12. 26. he meaneth, it earntot fiend, Mark.3.26. and, thinkeye that I am come to give peace ? Luke 12. 51. is as if he had faid, tbink it not, Mat. to. 34. I will paffe on to a few moe obfervations. When fpeech is of many , where one is principali; the Scripture fetteth it down,as of one,or ofmany indifferently. As, Beare them the word, r King.zz.i 9. or, beareye the word, 2 Chron.i 8. 18. And they killed, 2 King.z 5.6. or, the king of Babel kited, Jer.5 z. i o. David offered, 2 Sam, 6.17. or,tby ofered, 1 Chron. 16.1. they made pease with David, and ferved hire, t Ghron. t 9. 19. or, they made peace with ¡frail, andferved them, z Sam. 10.19. So, Peter faid untoGhrifi, Mat. 15.15. whereas another Evangelift faith, his difcipleo asked him, Mar.7.17. And, couldefi not thou (Peter) watch? Mar.1437or,eoeddnotye(my difciples)wateh ?Mat.26,4o.By this,we may gather the reafon,why thrift at Z,10/71/7íuliw _z-HEIE1.1111

1 he Preface. at other times fpake to Peter fingularly, that which was intendi1d alto to the ref}, in M it. 16. t 7,19 compared with Ioh.20.z2,23.which tome not obtèrving, would reltrainetbalieyesofthe kingdom¢ mito Peer onely. But ofttimcs,therc is a force in words,wherebyother perfons or things are excluded: as when Mo- les faith, they fbai be one flefh,Gen.2.24.he meaneth,tbey two (not moe) fbaibeone Rh, M'at. t 9.5.and lày- ing ofGod,bim thou fbalt ferce,Dett.6,13. he intendeth him onely,Mat.4.1o. It was not lawful] to eat the Shew bread,bxt for the Priefts,Mar.2.a6.that is,butfr the Priefis onely,Mat.1z.3.aadçhe iigtree had nothing but .'eave.s,Mar. i t.i 3.that is,nothing but leaves onely,Mat. z i. s 9.Accordingly Paul làith,a man is not jufti- fied by the workes of the law , but by the faith of lefue Chrift; Gal. z. í 6.whereby is meant, iy f itb one'y. In expounding the Oracles of God , we are taught to take abfolute and indefinite fpeec1 es in the largc(t let &e : unleffe there be Tome fpeciall real an of reftraint.As,when he Paid to Moles, See, and ma tho.s thetn,awerding totheirpatterne ,Exod.25.4o.themeaningis,See thou mak all thing; , according tothepat- .terue, Heb.8, 5.And in laying, Curled be be that confirmeth not the words of thie law, extendeth thus fa rte, Curfed be every one that coeitnureth not hi all things which are mitten in the bookofthe lam, Ga1.3. t o. When he prontiCeth Chrifk,to put bn enemies for his footftoole , Pfal. t t o. s. he meaneth all bit enemies, 1 Cor. i 5.15.z5.So other fuch precepts and promifes,are in likemauner,to be underftood. But fontetime generali words are Mid, scripture and reafon teacheth to rëliraine:as,al If ael went up with David to Baalah, z Chron.t 3 6.meanirg, aU the people that were with him, as another Pro- phet explainethit,2 Sam,6.z.SoChrift healed aN that were ficke,Mat.8.16.that is,all the ficke that were brought unto him;or,as another Evangel ft faith, Many thatwereidse : Mar.1 -.3 4. Thus a /I, is uCed for very marry,Mat.2l.26.Litk.21.17.Phil .2.zI.Gen.41.57. none, fur veryPm, Ier.8.6,i Cor a.8.nothiag,for very little, loh. i 8.2 o.Aet.27.33.Or, with other fpeciall restraint; as, of bis fubteffe; bave we all , eceived, Io11.i.16.that is,aflwe which beleeve,and the like. It is not the Malt help in opening the fcriptures,to obferve words and fpeeches that differ in found, but accord in fenfc ; and let dowse the fame thing in ftmdry termes, one of which do often give light unto another.As, the morel of the Lord came,2 Sam. z4.11.or,tbe Lord f eke, s Chro 21.9 T here fell,' Chro. 21.14.or,there died,z Sam.24.15. To fit on his throne,' King.3.6.or,to reig ne in his lead, a Chro 1.8. They faff mt,Mat.9.14.or,they eat and drinke. Luk.5.3 3.The time of tentatioa,Luk.8. t 3. or, of afffi£fiW and pee - f etstien,Mar.4.17.To enter intolife, i 8.9,or,into Golf kntgdome.Mar.9.47.To take awry the k y of know - Iedge,Luk.ii.5z.or,to flout up the kingdomeofheave n,Matth.23 ;3. Thus they that are in one place called Hypáce hes, Matth.24.5 i. are in another called inhde/s, Luk. r 7.46. and they that Welke not accord ng to any law,Mark 7.5.are laid to tranf ref the fanie,Mat.17.2. And theWlrckcd one, Mat.' 3.19. the Di, el, Luk.8.12.and Satan, Mark.4.1 5. are all one. By comparing the holy writers thus , even myfteries in words and phrafes are manifelted, and difli. ulties may be cleared. A, in 2 Stm.7.23.heiecu Ælohin, that is ,God they meat;this foundeth to a paynimyas if there were many Gods:but the fame thing writ- ten by another Prophet,ha /ae Æ'ohim God he went, i Chro. i 7.21.refitteth the plurality ofGods,t ho igh clofcly teaching the trinity of Futons in the Godhead. So when David aith, far bj mod ¡,,ke, z Sam. 7.21.or,(as another rccordeth his f eech,)fir tly f:vants fake,' Chro. i7.i 9.th_te two,fhew that David meatu f r thy Chrifia fake,for Chrift is both the roord,Ioh. t . i.;ut 1 the Servant ofG od, Mat. t z. 18. -z i.When Davids foes are called by one Prophet Cehanim,(that word which we Engl ilh P 'vices ,or, Prieffs,) 2 Sam.8. i 8.and by another are named the Fi' f1 (or Chief¢) at the kin is b m4,1 Chro. 18.17. we may hereby learn the office of Chrift our Cohe»,both Prinee and Priefl,who now fitteth at the right hand of the throne of the Majeitie (ofGod) in the heavens, Heb.8. t So for other material] things in I.rael which we are not acquainted with : fcriptures compared, doe explaine them. As when Solomon put three pound of gold to one fhield, i King. i o.; 7.and another Prophet faith three handed (fhekels) ofgold went to one fhield,z Chr.9.1 &we may certainly gather,that the March or Pound in Ifrael,was a hun- dred fhekels. W hen K. Achaz made his fnne to paffe through the fire, z Kin. i 6.3. if any know not what this meaneth;another f rlpture telleth us, be burnt hit fires in the fire, a Chr.28.3.So the (Debts or) Oracle in Solomons temple,s (hewed to be the Holy ofhelies,or miff holy place in that home,: Chr.3 to. When Chrift teacheth us to pray,Forgive us our debts, Mat.6 I z.thereby is meant,our fim,es, Luk.1 1.4.. with many other like, of profitable Me, in letters, words and phrafes, througout the Bible. And the more to excitemen,to fearch and conferre the fcriptnres,I will note a few moe not unlike the former. The name of God,and ofChrift,how often is it mentioned in the holy booke ? yet not alwayes under - ftood.How he it,the Prophets and Apoftles. open themlelves; one raying, he (hall build an hon.è to my name,2 Same7.13.another,he (hall build an houle tome, I Chr. i 7 s Chrift faith,for my name,Mat.l9. 29.that is, for me and the Gofpel, Mark. i 0.2 9 for my name fake,Luk.21.1 z. that is,fOr my fake, Mark., 3.9.So things Molten by the Prophets in the Lords name, t Chr 21.19. were the Lords commandement s, 2 Sam.. 24.19. accordingly Iames faith of the Prophets, they have fpoken in the name of tin Lard, Ian1.5.1 o. and where the Prophet faith;tbe Iles fh aiwait for (Chrifts) lam,Elà.42.4.the Apottleexpoundeth it,tbe Gen - tilesfb5U truf! in hie Rtame,Mat. s 2.21.When David faith,he prayed bef re the Lord, Chr.17.15. and the like is Cpokenof Ezekiah, z King,19.15,themeaning is,that they prayed imoo the Lord,as is exprefled in 2 Satn.7.27.andEfa.37. i5.Likewifc the kneeling before Chrift,Mat.27.2 9. i s called the werfbipping of him, t 5.19.and when the Devil] would have had Chrift doneworship before him, Luk.4.7.he knew that in fo,doing,he (hould roor fhip bim,Mat.4.9.yet many at this day, though they pray and doe wor- (hip 2`.

WEB The Preface. Ihip before images and idols ; they will not bee a knowne that they pray or doe worfhip rents: them. It is needful' for us to underftand,that as the fcriptures are of God , fo whatfoever is written in them is written unto all of us : this will increafe our faith, and our obedience. If any doubt hereof, the Evangeliftscleareis for when one writeth, Gedfpeke wire Mofes ,Mark.i2.26. another faith, it was fpoken untoyou ly Go4Mat.22.3 I. Againe,Mefes faid, as much as,Mofes wrote unto us, Mar. 12,1 9.So Chrilts bloodJbedjer many, applied in particular ,Jbedferyou, Luk.2z.zo.lfmen would thus mindealt the precepts and promifes in theBible, it would greatly further them in god - lineffe : now, the Lord complaineth of the contrary,/ have written unto them the great things of my law, but they are a muted as a(range tbing,Hof 2. i 2. For theft caufes,I havechiefly laboured in there annotations upon Moles,,to explaine his words and fpeeches,by conference with himfelfe,and the other Prophets and Apoltles,all which are commenters uponhis laws,and do open unto us the myfteries which were covered under his veile:for by a true and found literal! e}cplication,the fpirituall meaning may the better be difcerned.And the exquifite fcan- ning of words and phrafes,which to Some may feeme needleffe,will be found, (as painfull to the wri- ter) profitable to the reader.Our Saviourhath confirmed the Law,unto every joie and tittle, Mat.5.18. that we Ihould not thinke any wordor fentence to be ufed in vaine. Oil the contrary,the miltaking of phrafes,oft times occafioneth errour : as from lakobs fpeech, in Gen. 48. i b Jet my name be called on them, and the nine of my fatbers,Abrabam and yak: Come would gather the doftrine of prayer unto the dead, or faints departed: whereas the phrafè there,meaneth not prayer at all,but to be named of them,as their children,ás by other fcriptures contpared,may be feene: Dan.9.19.Efay 4.1. Next this main helpe of the fcriptures themfelves, t compare the Greeke and Chaldee verfions, the firft of them being in the world before Chrifis comming in the flefh ; the other,foon after : both of great authority,efpecially theGreeke, honored even by the Apoftles , in their fo often following not only the words , but even the Theological! expofition. Of many I will produce theft few examplesin Efay i i . t o.Chrifl is promifed for an enfrgne of the peoples : this the Greeke verlion expiai. neth, to rukozer the nations, and fo doth Paul alledge it in Rom. r 5.12. In Pro.3.34.God fiarnethihe fcor- ners,the Greek tranllateth,he refill etb tbeprouei,and Iames followeth their very words,Iam.4.6. In Prov. 11.3 I.the righteous is recompenfed in the earth ; the Greeke faith, he is fiercely faved; and Peter faith the fame,'Pet.4.i8.In Efay 42.4 the Iles waitfor Chrifs Law : the Greeke interpretethit,the Gentiles Jhall trufi in His name,and the holy Ghoft approveth this,in Mat.' 2.21. When Mofes faith of man and wife, they fball be one flefi,Gen.2.ì4.the Greeke addeth,tbey two, and fo thewords are cited in Mat.' 9.5. Mar. ' o..Eph.5.3 I. s Cor.6.16. Where Chill faith (in David) my Bares thou bail digged,(or opened) Plà.4o.7. the Greeke expoundeth it, a body thou ball fitted me; and the fame words Paul bringeth as Scripture, in manyGreeke words are found in the Apoftles writings,according to the Greeke rerfion of theProphets ; as Aretar, praifes, in' Pet.2.9. from Efay 42.1 2.and 43.2 sand 63.7. 7harrmávines pro f ipá, inludeverf.. ió. arefuchas regard, accept, or honour r eperfe 5.Iob zz.8.Kubernefea,Counfeua(that is,Catmfellors)in i Cor. i 2.28. from Pro.' .s4.and 20.18 .and 24. 6. Mamma tes adikiar, in Luk.' 6.9. is falfe (or deceitful) riches, oppofed (in v.' t.) to the true, as the He- brew Sheker,is often turned Adikia : Praia i 9.29,69.104.1 63, Wherefore as occafon is offered, I ob- ferve fundry things fromthe Greek tranflation , which ferve for the better underftanding of Mofes text : and other fcriptures that have reference to the fame. Concerning the Chaldee paraphraft , and other Hebrew do &ors of the ancienter fort, and Come later ofbeft efteeme for learning, as Maimony,or Rabbi Moles ben Maimony, (who abridged the Tal- muds,) and others ; I alledge their expofitions for two caules : the one , to give light co the ordi- nances of Mores touching theexternal! ra &ice of them in the common wealth of Irael, which the Rabbinesdid record,and without whore helpc,many of thofe legali rites (elpecially in Exodus and Leviticus) will not eafily he underftood. By their records afro, many particulars about the Paiozer which Christ kept, Mat.26.the Pbyloíieries which the Pharifees wore,Matth.23.and other things men- tioned in the Evangelifts, will much be cleared: whereof fee the annotations on Exodus 12. and Exodus t 3.9. As for thetheologicall expofition , therein the later Rabbines are for the nioB part blinde ; but we are enlighted by the Apoftles of Chrift, wholewritings, (fpeeially Pauls) doe unfold the myfteries of the law. Another realon why ,I cite theRabbines, is to (hew howin many words, phrales , and points of doftrine, they approve the new Teftament ; though fometime to the con- demning of themfelves: and fo theteftintony of theadvSrfary againft himlèlfa, helpeth our faith. Examples may be feene in the annotations themfelves foam few I will here touch. The day of judge - mene, orludgemeatof the great day , Jude verle6.was tiled of the godly lewes, againft the opinion of the Sadduces , as lovadinarabba in the Chaldeeon Pl.11.5 o.3. and many other places. So l'aradifi for heaven,Gebemm,for bell ; as Chrift ufeth them, are common in all the Rabbines; and the Second death, ufed by Ionatban (a Rabbine of the Apoftles age,) on Efay 65.6.15. where he danmeth his owne people to the fecond death. Chrift is called the Word,Ioh.x.i. fo by the Chaldee paraphraft on Plal.' so. [.and many a time betide. The Devil! is_ called the Accufer, Revel.' z.' lt. lWoazacbemon Levit.z 5 .fpeaketh of the Serpent the Accufer. Paul nameth Abraham the heire of the world, Rom.4.' 3.So doth lt. Bocbai, fol.z3.The Apoftle callerh Circunicihon, a feale, Roen.4.n. fo doe the Iewes in their prayer which they ule at circumcifion,Maimony treat. ofCirrumcif. chap .3And whereas they that deny the

The Preface. the baptifingóflnGmts, plead that circumcifion was a carnal! figneofcarnal!pronlifes to a carnal! feed : the Iewes own_ teftinn ties doe abundantly refute this errour, as is (hewed after, on Gen.17. Chrlft baptizeth with the holy Ghoft,and with fire, r. It it Paid by ow Rabbiner of happy memory,that the holybkfjèd( God) baptized wuhfiee ,faithK.MmachemonLev.6.Unfit our high Prieft is on the right hand of the throne of the Maje.iie in the heavens,Heb.8. r'.and by the Rabbi nes doftrine,Miehael it the great Priethat it above, and offretb the fades ofjufi men.R.Menachem on Lev.r.and 6.chap.Maimony (in Mif+ mh, in Bisth bamikdafh, chap.6.feEt. r 1,) fheweth how the great Synedrion were wont to fit in a cham- ber dale Temple , to judge and try the Priefts, both for their genealogies, and for their blemithes. What Prieft foever was found diflallowable by his genealogie,he was clothedinbla%, &fo wentout of the Priefts court in the Temple ; and who fo was found perfe& and fit, he was ebathedin white, and went in and minittred with his brethren.This givcth light to that laying of (Çhrift in Rev.3.4.)tbeythrill walk with mein white, for they are worthy. SD the names of Linnet and Iambres, the forcererS of Egypt, cited by Paul, in 2 Tim.3.8.are recorded in the Taimnd, and other Iewith writers, as is noted on Exodus 7.11. Wherfore the evidence brought from the learned Iews,w ill he Ipe both to underftand Come fcriptures, and to end tome controverfies. But I re fh * forbidden fables,of which there are too many,them I paffe over as unprofitable : Come things alfo I note from them, not as approving then my felte abfolutely, but leaving them to further confideration of the prudent. The Chriltian Fathers and Doaors,becaule they are ututally cited by other expofitors abundantly; Ithought needle& to repeat:and the rather for brevitie,which is rcquifite in annotations. The teftimonie of heathen writers,l alledge more fparingly alfo;as of whom we have leaft need.Yei Paul had occafion * fometime to cite them:and we likewise may have ufe of their fayings;both for an- cient hiftoriés,and religious exerci(es, and for the witneff which they beare unto the trtìth of God. Finally in all this labour,l delire the furtherance and ltirring np of people in the Rudy and under- ftanding of.Godslaw.Wherein though Come things as oricfe, tome things darke and hard to be un- dcrftood, yet many things are by a little, direftion,made eafieto the prudent. And let not the varietie of phraíè,or fundry interpretations troubleany,bnt let d Ccret ion choofc out the befi.Behol d,the ho- ly Ghoft tranflateth one Hebrew word, by many Greeke, to teach us both the ample wifedome conl- prílèd in that mother tongue ;and that any words may be ufed,which exprelfc the true meaning of the text unto our underltanding.The Minch or Meat -... fring,(as we Englifh it.) in the law,is turned into Greeke,Thufia,Sacrifiee,A &s y.42.from Amos 5 and Prof¡eoors,Oblatiort.Heb. so.5.from Pf.4o. The He- brew word Pitmab,Efa.4o.3. is Enthuno, to Make-Ilraight, Joh.t .23. Hetoimazo, to Prepare, Mát.4.3. and Kataskevafa, to Make read , Matth. i 1.1 o. That one phra re of Mofes in Deut. z 5.5. (tebm zip ia,) and he haze no fine ; is by three Evangelifts translated three wayes, all good;having ne ehildren,Matth.2 2.24.and leave no children, Mark.12.19. and hedye chiidleffe,Luk.2ò.28. Yea one Hebrew wordSe,er,in expreffed of Paul b9 two Greeke words together, Apeitlrrsenta, and Antilegon:a, that is Dif bedient (or unperfwaded) and gginfaying, Rom. 1o. 21 . the .one n.xtcRtherebellioufheffe of the heart;the other of themouth and cariage.By which,with many other 0,-1 iKe tbrt,we may fee the copioufneffe of matter, which the original' tongue containeth in tew words : and that the noting of Inch varieties may be profitable unto us.TheHebrew Doftors have a fay log, that the Law ba, h ftentie faces.(that is, ner ofwayes to be opened and applied) and all t(them ninth : R.Menachem onGen. z 9.and Exod.21. But£oralmuch as my portion is (mall, in the knowledge of holy things ; let the godly reader try what I let downe,and not accept it,becaule I fay it,:.and let the learned be provoked unto more large and fruitfull labours in this kind. The Lord open,all our eyes,thatekve may fee themarvellous things of his Law. Havy Ainfworth. The fumme of GenefiS. THe[anti bool<e or Mofet, fheweth the Generation of the World ; the Corruption thereof by Sinne ; the refiauratian prohiifed in Chrifl ; tñe Go ernment of the aidworld, 16 5 6gteres, till it perifloed by the Flood: and of the World that now is, (ef eeially of Gods Church therein) y 13 yeere.r mot, till the death of lofeph. The Generation. GOD, infixe layes, createth the World, all good : and Man in the limage of God; whom he made ruler over the earth. `. Chapter I He,adorneth this his world with a fpeciall eanlbified Time,as the Sabbath day:Place,as the goder of Eden,withtire River and Trees thereof: Order of mans obedience by the Law given td Adam,and of propagation of kmde,by Mariage., Chap Tb e' Cor, npion of the World. The Serpent tempteth to difobedience: Man Talleth: to Smne And Death,are come upon all men. The Serpent is carted , and the Earth for mans fake. Chap.3 The, 73,rilaaration. GOD promifeth; that (Chriff) the Womans Sed,ó,altbru,fe the Serpents head. The man callcth his wife,Eve :God layeth chat ,fsments on them both ; clotheth them ii and drives them out of Paradle. I' Chap.; Thegoveraniretofthe otdrrortd ADAM begetting two fonnes, Kai. the firE borne is wicked; Abel fa,thfall.Kain kdleth Abelaand is ended: yet liveth,and increafeth in the world.Seth is given in Abets Read}and of Seth,Enos. Chap.a -SETH * Tb.t. 14. * AI* 77.22. I COT 15.33. Ttt.I.I a.

IIIay1l11111/Air S E T H pro pa,_ateth the fait hfull feed. Enoch prophefieth, and God takerb him away, that he dierh not. Chap. 5 Serbs feed, and Kains, arc mixed, Co Giants are bred , and fin increafed. God repenteth that he made man ; rhreaeth to drone the world , but Noe find. grace. 6 NOE & his houCe,wuh fome of al cream, es, are faved in the Ark,which God bade him snake:the world is all The government of the World after the Flood. N O E with his family, come out of the Arke; are blared, to fill the world again. Chap. 8 G O D promifech to drowne the world no more. Sin reviveth in Cham, Noes Con ,whole pofferitieis cuffed : the Melting continueth to Sean and laphor. Chap.9 Noes three furors, Scm, Cham, and Iaphet, doe multiply on the earth. Chap. to Their poReritic arc fcattered, by confufron of tongues at Babel. Sem propagareth the faithfull feed : which in Torah falleth from God, but is called to repentance. Chap.rt A 13 R A tri is called from Idolatry : and commerh a pìlgrime into the land of Canaan. Çhap.Is Abram (parted from Lot) is promifed the land of Canaan, and a plenteous feed. Chap.,; He fighreth for Lot, overcommerh foam Kings, and is bleffed of blelchifedek. Chap,14 He (being childle(fe) is promi fed an Noire, juftified by faith, and comforted by a villein, and covenant of God. Chapp.t 5 He hath a Con (after the fldh) Ifmacl of Agar his bondwoman. Chap. t6 Ho bath a newname Abraham, the covenant ofcircumcifion; and promife of Jfaak. Sarai is named Sarah. Chap. a7 Abraham entertaineth Angels: bath the promife renewed : and Sodoms deftruftion revealed , for whom he màkethi inter.. ccflion. Chap, r8 Sodom is burned; Lot delivered, begeeteth of his daughters, Moab and Ammon. Chap.ty Abrahams wife taken by Abim fee, is tea ored unto him. I S A A K the vomited feed , is borne: Agee and ICtot , arc toff out of Abrahams home. Abimeleceoernanreth with Abraham: Chap.a t Ifaak is offred for a facrifice by his father : but fared from death by God. Abraham is bleffed ; and heareth of his kindred, iee,eafe.. Chap.aa Abraham purchafeda in Canaan, a burying place for Sarah. Chap.a; He provideth a wife for Ifaak, who marrieth Rebekah. Chap,a4 Abraham dierh : Ifaac begectcthEfau and Jakob, who (hive in the wombe. Iakob buyeth the birthright of ECau, furna- cued Edam. Chap.a5 Ifaaks wife taken by Abimelec, is reflored : he covenanter, with Abimelec. Chap.nn I A K O B by Cubtilry getreth the blaring from Elan, and is rhreaured, Chap.a7 Iakob ffeeth from ECau, is comforted by a vifron of a Ladder, at Bethel. Chap.a8 He fervetti for a wife ; is beguiled, marrieds two, and hath foure formes. Chaps, He is increafed with mue children: is wronged by Laban, but waxerh rich. Chap.3o He fìeeh fccretly, is purfued by Laban , but God delivereth him. Chap. ;a He is mer of Angels; afraid of EGu; wralllethwith God, and is named Ifrad. Chap.; a Iakob and ECau meet, and are friends : Iakob purchaferh ground at Sechem. Chap.;; Iakobs daughter Dina is defiled: his fonnes flay the Sechcmites for ie. Chap. 34 Iakob burieth Deborah the nurfe, Rachel his wrfe, and Ifaak his father. Chap.; 5 Elm dwelleth in Sen., bath many Dukes and Kings of his polteritie. Chap. ;4 I O S E P H Iakobs tonne, is hated for his drama , and fold by his brethren into Egypt. Iakob monmeth for him, and will not be comforted. Chap. ;y Judah , Iakobs fan eth of his daughter in law, Pharee and Z arah. Chap. ;8 Iofeph in Egypt is tempted m adultery, falfly accufed, and impriConed Chap.;, Iofèph in pnfon,enpoundeth the dreames of Pharaohs officers: but is forgotten. Chap.4o lofehh ex poundesh Pharaohs dreames, and is made ruler over all Egypt. Chap.4t Jakob fendeth his fennes for corne into Egypt : Iofepb kaudleth them roughly. Chap.4a Iakob cooflrainedly fendeth his Cons agsine : and left hfeallesh them. Chap. .,; Iofeph challengeth Benjamin for his eup; Iudah fopplicamth for his brother. Chap.44 Iofeph maketh himfelfe known to his brethren: and fendeth for his father. Chap.45 Iakob by Gods advice, goerh with his houfhold into Egypt : in all feventy boles. Iofeph meeteththem in Gelber, and inftrufteth them what to fay to PharaoF Chap.46 Iofeph father his father and brethren m time of famine r bringer, the Egyptians into bondage ,acrd Cweareth to bury his in Canaan. C hap.47 Iot phs two Cons are ble fed, and adopted of Iakob on his death bed. Chap.48 Iakob bleffeth his twelve fens, prophefieth of Chrifl , and dierh in Egypt. Chap49 Iakob burieth his father in Canaan , and returneth: forgiveth his brethren; prophefieth of their departure from thence : gweth charge concerning his bons, and dyath. Chap.So The number of the Seaions (or Leîfures) in Genefrs, are twelve : the Chapters, fiftie: the valet, 1534. The midfl is at Gen. 27.4©. Search the Scriptures, Ioh.5.39, To the Law, and to the Tefiimonie, Efay 8. io. W hat(oever things -were written aforetime , werewritten for our learning : that -wee through patience , and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope, Rom. 15.4. AIWA% %/11W111111'Afi/J.

The Creation GE NEsiS I. of the V ToiId. THE FIRST BOOK OF acv OSES, CALLED qE nCES IS. CHAPTER L ',The Heaven! and the Earth are created , and the Light,. in the firll day. 6, In the fecond, the Firmament ie fßred, and the waters divided. 9, In the third, the earth is made dry land, and froiofetll: the matere are gathered to be fear. 14, The Sun Moot ; and Stars, are createdfor Lights, the fourth day. 20, Fifh and Fowles are brought forth, and blef'ed in the fifth. a ¢, In the ftxth, Scaf s are made out of the Earth.. 26, Man is treated in the image of God, 28, k it b.efd, andbath dominion of the world. 29 , Food it appointed for man anti beafi. 31, Gode market are all good. 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 Al THE BEGINNING; God created the hea- vens and the earth. And the earth was emptie and void ; and darkneffe, was upon the face of the deepe and the Spirit of God, moved upon the face of the waters. And God Paid , Let there be light : and there was light. And God faw the light, that it was good : and God feparated betweene the light and the darkneffe. And God cal- led the light, Day ; and the darkneffe, he called Night : and the evening was, and the morning was, the firft day. And God Paid; Let there be an Out-fpred firmament, in the midit of the waters and let it feparatec betweene waters and waters. And God made the Outfpred- firmament; and feparated betweene the waters which were under the outfpred-firmament, and the waters which were above the outfpred -fir- mament, and it was fo. And God called the outfpred- firmament,Heavens: &the evening was,'and the morning was, the fecond day. And God Paid ; Let the waters under the heavens bee gathered.together, unto one place; and let the dry-land appeare : and it God called the dry- land,Earth: and the gathering- together of the waters,he called Seas : and God faw,that it mar good. And God faid ; Let the earth laud -torth the budding-gralTè, the herbe feeding- feed,'the fruit -tree yeelding-fruit after his kinde, whole feed is in it !elfe, upon the earth and it was fo. And the earth brought -forth budding-graffe, the herb feeding -feed, after his kinde; and the tree yeelding fruir,whofe feed was in it (elfe, after his kinde : and God fane; that it war good. And the evening was, and the morning was, the third day. And God faid; Let there be lights in the outfpred- firmament of the heavens, to fepa- rate between the day and the night; and let them be for figues; and for feafons ; and for daies, and yeares. And let them be for lights in the outfpred- firmament of the heavens, to give light upon the earth : and it was fo. And God made the two great Lights: the greater lighr,for the rule of the day; and the leffer light,6for the rule of the night; alto the Bars. And God let them, in the outfpred - firmament of the heaven ;ro give light upon the earth. And to rule over the day,and over the night; and to feparate between the light and the darkneffe : and God law that it mas good. And the evening was,and the morning was, the fourth day. And God laid ; Let the waters bring forth abundantly, the moving - thing, the li- ving-foule: and fowle, that may flue above the earth, on the face of the outfpred-firma- mentof the heavens. And God created the great Whales: and every living crzeping foule, which the" waters brought forth B abun- Iy 13 14 Iç 16 Ió 19 20 zI 1

t 11111/MART// The Creation of Man. GE ',lasts I. 22 23 24 25 26 27 z8 iq 30 31 abundantly after their kinde, and every winged fowle after his kinde; and God law that it w.w good. And God bleffed them, flying, Be fruitfull and multiply, and fill the waters in the feas, and let the fowle multi- ply in the earth. And the evening was, and the morning was the fift day. And God Paid, Let the earth bring forth the living foule; after his kinde; cattell and creeping thing, and beaft of the earth after his kinde: and it was fo. And God made the beaft ofthe earth,after his kinde,and the cattell, after their kinde, and every creeping thing of the earth , after his kinde : and God taw that it ;vas good. And God laid, Let us make Man in our image, according to our likeneffe: and let them have dominion over the fifh of the fea, and over the fowle of the heavens , and over the cattell , and over all the earth , and over every creeping thing, that creepeth upon the earth.And God cre- ated Man in his image, in the image of God created he him : male andfemale created he them. And God bleffed them, and God Paid unto them ; Be fruitfull and multiply, and fill the earth , and fubdue it: and have dominion over the fifh of the fea, and over the fowle of the heavens,and over every li- ving thing that creepeth on the earth. And God Paid, Behold I have given to you eve- ry herb feeding feed, which is upon the face ofall the earth, and every rree,tn the which is the fruit of a tree feeding feed : ro you it (hall be, for mear. And to every beaft of the earth,and to every fowle ofthe heavens, and to every creeping thing upon the earth, which hath in it a living foule: every greene herbe, for meat, and it was fo. And God taw every thing that neehad made, and be- hold it was very good : and the evening was, and the morning was, the fixt day. tyltìnotations. BOokte ofMotes;] fb it is intituled, inMark. s 2. 26. called ellewhere,the boohgc efthe dew of Mo- les, zKing.t4.6. Luke 2.22. being indeed the book of the Law of the Lord by the handof Motet , 2 Chron. 34.14. Of this Motes his birth, education, au- thority and death, fee ExQd. 2. and 4. &c. Numb. I2. 34. Deut. 34. He was forty yeeres a Philofo- pher in King Pharaohs Court in Egypt: Forty yeeres a Iheepherd in the land of Madian; and forty yeeres a King and Law-giver of Ifrael , lea- ding them through the wildernes of Arabia; and dying an hundred and twenty yeeres old, he was buried of God , A &.7.22,23,29;30,3 5,3 6. Deut. 33.4, 5. and 34. 5, 6,7. His writings are appro- ved of, by the Prophets after him , by the tetti- monfe of Chrift and his Apoftles and by the Church ofGod,in all ages, Nehem.8.i,2,3. Dan. 9. 51.13. Ma1.4.4.Lnke 16.29.31. and 24.27.44. Aft; 15.21. Revel. 15.3. Genef:i]that is, Ge- neration: fo the Greeke verton calleth this booke, becaufe it fetteth forth the generations ofthe betvens and earth, and of Adam, or mankitíd,Gen.2.4. and 5.1. Howbeit, in Hebrew, the five bopkes of Ma- lees have no namei but by the firft words of them : as this booke is called Brefhith, that is, In the beginning. Verf. t. In the beginning,] namely , of the Creature which God created; as our Saviour expouudeth itg Mark. t 3. t 9. the whole framewhereof, is cáled the World, Mat.z4.21. Beginning therefore is here extraordinary and fupernaturall,af the Creature or Creation; and fo,oftime. The Chaldee para- phrafe called Ierufalemie,tranflateth it, In wifdome: fo fundry Hebrewes apply this myltically to the wifdome of God, whereby the world was created, ar it it written, The Lard by mifdome founded the earth, Prov. 3.19.and,in wifdome haft thou made them all,Pfal. s 04. 24. R.Menacbem on Gen. t. Many Chriftian wri- ters a11ò, apply it unto Chrift , the wifdome of God, by whom he made the work', s Cor. i. 24.' Heb. 1.2. Prov. 8. 2y, -3o. God,] in Hebrew, IElcbim, which fignifieth the Almi bties, or Almightie -po- wert : his name is molt ufed in this forme plurali, but joyned with a word ungular, be created, be- caufe God is but one,Deu.6.4.although in power infinite; in perron or manner of being, there are "three which beare witneffe in beaten, the Father, and the Word , and the bolt' Spirit , and theft three are one, 1 Joh. 5.7. The Father is this as is ]hewed in Ephef. 3.9. The Word (or Sorse is the Creator ,Heb.1.8,io.Coloffi.16. fois the Hob, Spirit,as is here in the fecond verfe,and in Pfa.33 6. and 1 04.-30. Job z6. 13. and 33.4. Hereupon Solomwt faith , Remember thy Creators, Ecc1ef, t 2. I. and God faith , Let ítsmaIe man, Gen. t. 26. The Apoftles apply the general] name God,to the per - fons fevirally 3 unto the Father, Heb.i. s, z. unto the Sonne, Afts 20.28. Rom. 9, 5 and unto the Hob Ghaft Alts '5. 4. The Hebrew Dó&ors have left Records of this myfterie, though at this day that nation underftands it not : Come and fee the myllerie of the word [Elohim:] there are three degrees , and every degree by it felfe alone, (that is, di- ftinft,) and jet rtotwitbffending they all are one, and joyned together in one , and are not divided one from ano- ther ; faith R. Simton ben lochai , in Zoar, upon the fixt Seftion of Leviticus. Sometime this word is nfedtngularly,Æloab, the Abnighy, Job 12.4. and in a Ihorter forme, LEI Mighty, Gen. 14.s8. And Ahab hath affinity with A/ah bee adjured: for by oath and execration, men entred covenant with God, Deut. 29. 12,14, t 9. Nehem. 10.29. Ecclef.8.z,.Angels and Magiftrates are fometimes called Ælobim, Gods, Pfal. 8.6. Heb. 2.7. Pfalm. 82. t, 6.-but in this worke, Iebovab 1Ekbtm, was the Creator only, Gen.2.4. Efa.44. 24. and An- gels were his creatures,Pfal.148.2,5. Col.1,16. The Apoftles writing in Grcek,ufe it alwaies fin- gularly, GA// rIgi_

rt 2 GENESIS (, gtdarly,7heas,God: fo in our and other languages, which cannotattaine the grace and proprietie of the Hebrew fpeech. Created,] that is , excel- lently and perfe&lymade of nothing at all, or of that which is as good as nothing, as mans body of the duft,Gen.2.7. and 1.27. Therefore creation is a worke of God alone, to be underitood of us by faith, Heb. 11.3. although the eternall power and Godhead of the Creator , are Irene by his worker, to make all men without excufe,Rom.1. 20. wherfore no heathen Writer almoit,bnt hath acknowledged the world to be the wormanfhip of God; whereby his wifdome,power and good - neffeismanifcfted. theheazens and the cart b:]The world,and all things that are therein,A&.17.24. things vifible and inviftble, Col. 1.16. The He- brew articles eth and ha frente alto to imply fo much : eth, having the firft and fall letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and fo being of generall com- prehenfion; and ha ,of plainedemonftration.This Creation o£ heavens and earth, the Scriptures doe apply to the new and Ipirituall eftate of the Church in Chrifl,Efa. 51.16. and 65.17. and 43. 7. Eph, 2.10. Rev. 25.14.: The Hebrew DoEtors fay; All mbatfoever the hop blefd (God) bath created in (this) his world, i4 partid into three parts. Some creatures compounded of matter and forme , and are gene- retied and corrupted continually , a thebodies of men and heaps, and plants, and minerals. Other fine are com- pounded of matter andforme, but are not changed from body to body and from forme to forme , lik the former : and they are the (heavenly) Spheres and Stars in them. And their matter it not like other matters, nor their forme libeother formes. And fime creatureshaze f retie without matter, and they are the Angels : for the Angels have no body, nor corporal, fubf4once, but firmer &parted one . from another. Maimony in Mifneh, in lefudei hato- rah, chap. 2. tea. 3. Vcrf. 2. empty] Hebr. emptine : a thing empty; without inhabitants, & voidwithout ornaments, a deformed wilderneffe,and a waft : and fo unfit for Life; not being feparated from the waters, not having light, herbs, trees, bealts, birds,or people, to adorne and Inhabit it,Gen.2.5. This fettle the Chaldee paraphrafe allo yeeldeth ; and the Pro- phet confirmetli it, faying, Hi created it not to be emplie, he f rmed it to be inhabited, Efay 45. 18. and whenextreme emptines and defolation of a place is meant, it is exprelTed by Cr obis and Bohu) the words here ufed, Efa. 34.11. Jer.4.23. or by one of them, as PluI. t 07.40. Deut.3 2.10. Darlinef was :] It is not laid, God created darkuef, for it was but the want , or privation of light and fo meere nothing. This dark es is myftically applied to mans corrupt (late, deftftute of heavenly light Eph.5.8.and 4.18. Sometime it fignifieth aflli&i- on,and then God is Paid to create it,EIa.45.7. The word wa,& fuch like,are in the originali tongues often underltood, but not expreffed; though in tranflations we ufually let them down,for plain- neffe fake: which the Scripture warranteth, for in repeating matters , it many times exprefleth words wanting: as z Chro. 9.5. true the word, for which in 1, written,erue woe the mord. So in z Sam. 23.18. be chiefe among the -three; for which in i Chro.i 1.23. is laid, be wachiefi. And the Greeke tranflation adding loch words, the holy Ghoft alloweth it, as in Pfal.2.7. thou my fin, in Greeke,thou art my fon; and ío the Apoftle allea- geth it, Aa.z 3.33. The like is in many other pla- ces. Compare Mat.22.3 2. with Exod.3.6. Mark. 12.29. with Deut.6.4.,with Pfa.82.6. Alts 2.25. with Praia 6.8. Heb.1.1 z. with Pfalm. 102. 28. Rom. 3. 12. with Pfàlm. 14.3. face of the deeper]face is ufed for the upmolt part, or outfide of anything: the Greeke verfion omit- teth it, laying, upon the deepe : and the Hebrew text fometime doth the like,as in 1 Kin.9.7. from on the fare ofthe land : which elfewhere is written, from on the land 2 Chron. 7.20. By the deepe, or abili, is meant the deepe of waters , which asa garment covered the earth , and flood above the mountaines, Pfalm,194.6. Hereupon the Apoftle faith , The earth confilïed out of the water, and in the water, ly the word afGod z Pet. 3.5. Spirit.] The Hebrew Butch, is generally anySpieit,Gboff,breath or :rind: here it is (as theworke thereof fheweth) no created Spirit, but the creator and cherifher of all; as Pfal., 04.30. thou feendefl forth thy fìrie,tbey are created So Pfal. 33. 6. Efay 40. 12, 13. Later Jewes (whom tome Chriftians follow) expound this, a wind of God, or a mighty wind: but the wind (which is the moving of the aire)was not created till the fecond day,that the firmament was fpred, and aire made. The ancient Rabbiues fpake bet- ter, as 7hargum Ierufalemy here faith, Thefpirit of mercies from before the Lord; and R. Menachem on this place interprets it, The j iris of wifdome, called she firit f the living Gad: and the Author of the Zoar,Co1.83. calleth it, Thefpirit oftbe MefTo,(or afCirifi.) moved] or, was moving. The Hebrew Rachapb, fignifieth generally a waving, or moving, Jer. 23. 9. and in Ipeciall, fifth a moving and flue seeing as Eagles ufe over their yong, cherifhing and furring them up,Deu.3 2;1 s.So it is ufed here for theetfeftuall comfortable motion, whereby Gods fpirit fuftained & as it were furred up the waft creature. Here againe, moving is ufed for mo- ved; as,the Qneene ofShebahearing, for, the ()scene of Shaba heard,2 Chron.9,1, rear - ring, r Sam.31.1. for warred s,we may underhand, was moving ; as, the Cherubims (reading the wings, 1 King. 8.7. for, they were fpreading, 2 Chron. 5.8. Verd 3. God fail:]This fheweth how God cre- ated things by his ward; faying, and it was; com- manding, and it was created, Pfà1.34.6ï9,& 148. 5. Light] the drit ornament of the world, wherwith the Lord decked it as with a garment, PfaIm.1 04.2. This glorious worke,Patti appliet h to our regeneration, thus, God who faid that out f darlsef, light fhouldfhvx , he hach fhined in our hearts, &e.2 Cor.4.6. that Wee which were oncedarkesifi, are now light in the Lord, EpheC 5.8. yea, Gad him. felfe, and Chrilt, is called Light : for the bright- nefleofhisglory ,andgracesgivenuntous,s Joh. 1.5.7. Job. 1.4,5.Pfa1.27. I. and 118.27. And as God made tight in the fifth day, fo Chrid B2 role