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THE r ETA PPINES OF ENJOYING, 1A1 NI MAKING ,A , TRVE ND fjpeedy de of C x R 1 sT. SETTING FORTH, FIRST, THE FUI_,N E S OF CHRIST. SECONDLY, The danger of C H K I S T,and the opportunity of Grace. THIRDLY, The L o P, D J E s t.i s'tlie Soules laft refuge. ALL TENDING To the makingof Chrift moft amiable and glo rious in the eyes, and molt joyous and p'eafanr, fw_ et and fatìsfadory to the Soules of all bcleev- ing CHRISTIANS. Whereunto S,Pauls Legacie,or Farewell to the men of co; inth. By ALEXANDER GKOSSEB.D.MiniSerof the Go. ell, and Pafi r or Bridford. That their hearts may be comforted,beirg knit together in lin,,e,and unto ail riches of the fall al'uranee of under .s7aading,to the'knowledgement of the n ys7ery s(' Ggd, and of the Fatlie ;, and of Chïi : jas iuhh.m are hid-all the reafures c f -ai fsiame and ltnowledge, Col. i. i, 3 . And of his fulneife have we all received, and grate for g. ace, 1oh.n r . s 6. O mniahabemusin Chri fro, & omnia nobis Chriftus,An brute. LONDO N. Printed by Tho: Brudenell, for John Bartlett at the ligne of the gilt Cup neere S.A:!§Zins Gate, 16 4 7.

TO MY MOST DEARLY' Beloved, and much honoured Friends,,I (howfoever dignified or difinguilhed) t e Iiibabitants of Plynzpton St. Mary, the encreafe of all raving grace and ever - lafting blifl`e. O V E among the Ancients was pourtrayed and fhadowed out by, and under the image of a Woman cloathed in a green garment,havin written in her forehead, Procul_ grope, a farre off, and neer at hand in her breaff, Mors 63 vita,life and death ; in the hemme of her garment; "yems & ,eHas, winter and fumtner ; in her fide, t%ülitu apertum, an open wound, through which her heart within might be Peen. My love to you ( farre from me be all bate flattery and Pelf commendation) hath been very fer- vent, like the love of women ; green, and never Wither- ing, alwayes frefh and flourifhing ; nor onely while I was prefear wire you, but frnce I have been abfenr from you, the fenfe at left of my love hath been more ¶ ' abundant

The Epile Dedicatory. abundant, towards you : fuch bath been my love to yon, that you were in- my heart to live and dye with Jett : I could willingly in winter and fummer, in all chan- ges, have continued your fervant, as Jacob ferved La- ans flvck in the heat and in the cold': My heart is open to you, as a Bridegrooms heart and houfe is open to receive the Bride ; and had your forger been like the laft manifeftations of your =love towards rue, I am aÇ' Cured all the proffers and perfwafions of the world fhould never have drawn me from you.. Great is the power and flrength of affeùion, with which faithful' Miniflers love the Lords people : as grace is more powerful' then nature, fo is their love ftrongerriien the love of naturne : Non mimic vos diligo (faith A n- brofe) quosgenuiex Evangelio, quarna fi fufcipifem con - jugio ; gratia quippe vehementior efl ad dil agendum quam natura. I love you no leffe whom I have begot- ten by the Gofpe!, then if I had begotten yeiu in ma- trimonial' conjunUìon ; becaufc grace bath more energy and vehemency in the way and work of love, then nature. And in my unfained love, and as a pledge and teflimony of my never-dying lové,I have lent you there papers, .part of which is the loft Legacy I had beflow upon you at the time of my departure from you : It is very ufefull for all Chri`ílians rd retie* the memory of the pall labours of Gods Meffengers. Every good child deliires a copy of his Fathers will, to fee his Fathers love, to know his Fathers gift, to remember and obferve his Fathers charge and coutr- cell : Children within force few dares after their Fa- rhers death expeet the receipt of their Parents Lega- cy and bequeath ; and loving children are ever very glad to accept, and very careful' to keep their parents laíl

Z he £piffle Dedicatory. lafl gift, though of :flender worth : the lafl words of ; Gods Miniflers,our fpirituall Parents,doe commonly (like the. words of dying men) rake the deepefl imp-cf.- fion in their hearers. True Chriftians think often, and put great price upon the lafl labours of Gods Minifters : I therefore here prefent unto you that which I publified as my lafl minifleriall Will and Tcllament among you, with fome part of my poorr: labours fince befowed on others, defiring you, like' loving children,to accept it ; like provident and c.s rc- full children, to make the humble, true and bc-ft: Life of it : A fuall gift well u led, proves many times an inflrument of great enrichmenr. Though I ceafe to be your Milliíler, and am now no-more your Inílruer, yet I cannot ceafc robe your true, though weak and unworthy, perhapti derpi fed, friend : and as oyntment and perfume (according to Solomon) rejoyce the heart, lo would I gladly by hearty councell, diftill on you the drops of Come friendly, force Chriflian and fpirituall fweetncfre to the reioycing and revivement of your Conies : and as iron Playpens iron, fo am I willing by force words Of admonition, exhortation and excitation, to fhzirpen and quicken your affefStions. Let me therefore as a conflatit lover of your fouls, and a carefull remembrances of your welfare, et,trcar and perfwade you all, Firfl, to grow in the fight and fence of your finne : Beware of hardneffe, keep-your hearts loft and contrite, nourifh and maintaine all tendernefre in your confciences :fence ofmifery fweer- ens mercy ; the feeling of finne breedes both the loathing and leavig of finne; mans fight of his owne vileneffe, makcs, Chrifl very .precious, and breeds a IT 3 low

The EMI le Dedicatory. low opinion of all worldly excellencies.The Harr fee- Una within him the operation of che-ferpents poyfon, goes from he chornes and thickets, and pafret h over the green S pleafanc paftures, defires nothing berthe fountain : fente of the venom of fin and uncleannefre, mikes min go from the Thorns and thickets of world- ly cares and riches, and p.'íie from the greer tnedows of carnall pleafures, the foule king reftle ffe ut,rìll it cornes to Chrifl jefus, the fountair,e of all Ipirituall.= refrcthments. Secondly, take heed, deceive not your (elves with (hews and.fhadows inflead of fubflance, with a forme inflead of the pourer of godlineffé : as the Poets fable it of Ixion embracing a cloud inflead of Juno ; or as mothers in hafte (=crimes catch at the fwadling cloaths,and leave the child behind them.It is very dan gerous to fray and applaud our felties in the ceremony of Religion and godlinefs, nor taking with us the Lord Jetais fometimesMary&Jofeph went on with themu!, titudefor company,and left Chrift behind them : all relie pious oUervations prove complemental,frivolous and fruitleffe, if in them we fee not, talk trot, receive not, enjoy nor Chrifl': religious exercifes are loft labours ro the foule that gaines nor the Lord _Ierus. Thirdly, be Truly meek aid humble, be emptied of all opinion of your own worth and wifdome; this will' make you wife to°falvation: He that is iii the low pits and caves of the earth fees the Bats in the firmamear, when they who are on the top,, of the mountains dit Cern them not. He that is mofl humble fees moll of heaven: Bona e(? via humilitatis(faith Bernard)qua ive-° citas inqNiritur,charitas acquiritur, &generationes ra® , pientie percipiuntur.God (faith be) is the way of hu- mility e

Epifle Dedicatory. 1- mility,whereby, truth is fearched our,ccbarity is obtained, and the generations of wifdome areperceived. Humility exalteth ; he that is moil humble,is,and (hall bemofi ho- nourable. Mofes was the meekeff man on earth,and God made him the moll honourable,calling him up unto him Pelf in the Mount and making him the Leader ofhis peo- ple.Gideon was very little in his owne eyes, the le4/t oF'hit fathers houfe in his owne apprèhenfion, and God incredu- loufly exalted bim,making him the deliverer of Ifrael.A matis pride is attended with infamy, fo is mans meekneí% waited on with glory. Vi, snag uc effe 4 incipe nb imo: Wilt thou be great? begin from below,faith the Father. As the roots of the tree defcend, fo the branches afcend this makes the foule capable of grace, as the low grounds of water,and the broken earth of feed. God gives grace to the humble,as men pour liquor into an empty veflel.The Altar under the"Law was hollow, to receive the fire, the wood and the facrifice: the heart of man under the Got-- pel mull be humble, empty of all fpirituall pride and felf conceit, to receive the fire of the fpirir, and Jefus Chrift, who offered himfelf a facrifice for our fins: this`keeps the foule free from many darts of fatans cafting,and fnares of his fpreading, as the low drubs are free from many vio- lent gulls and blafls of wind, which (hake and rend the taller trees. I have read of one,who feeirg in a vifion ma- ny fnares of the Devill fpread upon earth, he fate downe and mourned, and laid within himfelfe, u:srü pertranfiet iHa ? who (hall paffe through thefe ? whereunto he heard a vovice anfwerit,g, Humilitas pertran fret, Humility (hall paffe through them. The devil bath leall power to fallen a temptation on him that is moll humble : he that bath a gracious meafure of meekneffeis neitheraffe6ted with fa- tans profîcrs,nor terrified with his threatnings:this makes man

The Epifile Dedicatory. -man peaceable in converfing with his brethren, fruitfully in we1- doitdg, cheerfùll in fuffering, comfortable in every condition, .conftanc in holy walking ; this makes a man precious in the eyes of God, as, a humble fervant in -the eyes 4f.his f:Z tflcr. ui p471.)Wr eft in reputatione propria, ? :IPM ell reputatiarle cta.;ina, fish Gregory'; He that is little in his own accounr,is great in Gods efieem. This m ekes the way and work of matt, acceptable unto God, .and alto fwectens and encreafeth Mans communion With God.if ever therefore you intend to enjoy Gods glorious and bleffed prefence,labor for this humiliry &rneeknefTh. Fourth1y,be fervent and unfained iii your love ro God, his truth, and his children : this will make your language very gracious. Amant moss e¡? (faith Chryrof ome)ut amo- em pup n pent io to -ere nequeunt : Lovers know not how co keep lencc;lovers of God are very full of gracious ex- prefion : this will make you liberall, you flail give your felvcs to God and the fervice Of his Saints : as the men of Macedonia did : this will make you patient in fuffering, as Yacob,inhis fervice for Rachel: this will make'youfre- guenr the hóufe of God with all alacrity, freclueLcy and gence, as children their fathers houfe'and table e this Will make you joyfull in hearing the word of God, as the Bride -in hearing the voyce'of the Bridegoome :- this will make you careful!, free and full in the obfervation of Gods fiatutes,as loving children in the obfervatiö of their fathers precepts : this will make you diligent and rich in 211 good works ; them-ore man lovcrh God, the more he firiveth in all wel -doing ro glorifie God. Love, like fire, is not idle,but operative : Amor D ei (faith Gregory) nun - quam otiofuf e(l ; operatur enim mafsna fi ei ; fi vero operari renuit, amor non ell : the love of God (faith he) is never idle ; for if it is, it worketh great things ; but if it refute ro

to work,ir is not love. Love makes the yoke of God eafie, and his work delightfull;it is only want oflove that makes the commandement a burtheti : Tanto magic deleEfat opus bonum,quanto magis diligitur Deusfummum & incornmuta- bile boaurn, faith Augu,itìne : A good worke fo much the more delighteth, by how much the more God the chiefeft aid unchangeable good is loved. Love among force of rheAncients was refembled ro,and reprefented by the Sun : the Sun inlightens the world; the more love the more light. Knowledg and love,like the wa- ter and the ice,beger each other ; man lovesGod by know- ing, and knows God by loving. God dwels in love, and where God is there is light : that mans light is dirk ei% which is not attended with the love of God and his refli- monies : the Sun makes the earth fertile; he that lovesGod cannot be barren, his love makes him fruitfulI in all wel- doing : the Sun is fwifc and confiant in his morion ; love makes man cheerfull,fpeedv,and unwearied in running the race whichGod hath fet before him :the Sun is impaffible, love is patient and invincible,it eudureth all things;noftiods can drown it,no waters can quench it. Want of love and af- feaion is the maine caule of mans apoftacy and back-flid- ing : the Sun cafleth his beanies upward and downward, tu the Ea It and to the Weft, to the North and ro the; South ; Ghriflian love caufeth its beams to afcend to God' above, and to defcend to man beneath to our friends on the right hand, to our enemies on the left hand ; to them that are in the late of grace before us, to them that are in the late of corruption behinde us : love which is not in this 'fente univerfall,is corrupt and carnal]. The Sun beginning to afcend in his circle, never goes back until he comes to the higheft degree thereof: true love abhors apoflacv, of cends to more perfe6tion,and ceafeth not until,like £liahs A fiery

The Epifile Dedicatory. fiery chariot, it bath carried the foule to heaven : "fever you mean to fee and enjoy the God of love,labour for this love. Fiftly, be very ferious, fludious, circumfpe &, and care - full in all your waIkings; ponder the path of your feeet, `ike carefull travellers ; confider and weigh all your do- ings,let all your waves of the heart within, and work with - our,be ordered arighr,according to the rule of Gods word; every motion of the foul is a flop to life or a flop to death; a Il(p towards heaven or towards hell : Mans labour and fervice is temporall, his wages and recompence eternal' therefore as Zeuxes, that famous Limt;er, being deman- ded why he was fo exa& and ferious, fo long, fo careful' and curious in his wor kmanip, anfwered, Diu pino, quia eternitati pingo; I am long in painting, becaufe T paint unto eternity., .Ve all paint unto eternity ; every one of our aftions tends to an eternity of joyes or forrows ; all our temporal' a&lions are as feeds of eternity Towne by us : a temporal feed an eternall harveft : we fpeak,we hear, we write, we read, we pray, we ring, we confer, we worke, we rhinke unto eternity : how exa& and ferious fhould we he in our fhort walking, the end whereofis eternal' ! Yi- ilanti cura (faith Gregory) per cunEra opera intentio nobie oenfanda eg, ut nihil temporale in hie Tux agit appetat, fed total?, fe infoliditate eeternitatù f fat : The intention is thorough all. our works to be weighed with vigilant care, . -hat in the things which ir doth,it may delire nothing tem- poral!, but wholly fallen it felfe on that which is eternal : '?e that walkes not circumfpealy deprives- himfelfe of an eternity of felicity, and e calls himfelfe into an eternity of mifery b better live flri&ly fora time, then live miferably for ever .nay, be allured that even for the prefent, there is more comfort in one dayes flriF,t walking with God, then In

rl be i:pigt'le Dedicatory. in a thoufand dayes loofe converfing with men. Did me know the peace,joy,fweetneffe, boldne fe, honour and tri- umph of holy walking, they would inffautly and for ever abandon all diffolute living : heaven is the paraelice of all joyes he that in his holy walking commeth neereft unto heavetbis doubrleífe of all men the molt joyful!. O fay nor then, as a maxi of r,obleblood and acurewir, but prophane life, fomerime did,when being demanded what he thought of the avftere life of the godly,& licentious lif of the wick - ed,anfwerd,Cum i ftis mallem vivere,cum illis mori mallem; I had rather live with the latter, I had rather dye with the former.But as you defire to dye the death of the rightcou, fo be very folicitous and ítudious, very vigilant and indu- ffrious to live the life of the righteous : Never promife your felves a bleffed death without a holy life. Laftly,be fledfafl in adhering to the truth : be not like children carried ro and fro with every vaine perfwafion nor like Chips without anchor,roffed up and down with the winde of every empty doórin But be conftanr in follow - in the truth,as the VVifemen did the Star,urrtill you come home to Chrift ; and as the Ifraelites did the fiery Pillar, utnill you come to the heavenly Canaan. Buy the truth (faith Solomon) and fell it not .3 you can never over -buy it whatfoever you give for it you can never fell it,if you have all the world in exchange for ir. It is laid ofl Ceefar, Major fuit cura Ccefari lilellorum quam purpurx;Hel had greater care of his books then of his royall robes ; for fwiming through the waters to ¿cape his enemies, he car- ried his books in his hand above the waters, but loft his robe. What are CRfars books ro Gods booke, and his learning tsa Gods truth; morethen a glow -worme ro th . Sur ? B.! you therefore more careful! of the GoÇpel then of any earthlypoffeffio:a : though you be driver into the A Z deep

The Epifile Dedicatory. deep waters of afflu ion, and there lore all your worldly fulueu1 , vet ',old f ?ft the Go p:=I1 of Chri'ft Teats : you thall finde.infinitely more worth and comfort in the Gof- pel,chen in all thetreafurf° of the world. It is reported of AlexAlder the great, that the had al- wayes Homers Iliac-is under his pillow, and preferred them above Dario his moft precious and coftly Cheft : what are Homers I'iads ro Chrifts Gofpel ? Or Darius Chef to the invaluable rreafure which is in Chrift ) H:Ive rherfore the book of God ever with you, when you lye down, when you rife up, when you walke abroad; have it in your un- derftandings, to know it ; in your im.igivations, to rhinke and meditate upon it ; it! yourmemories,ro remember it ; in your hearts ro love it,to rejoyce and delight your (elves in it ; to lolace,refre ih, and comfort your foules with it ; in your tongues, to fpeake of ir, ro edifie and ftrengthen one another by ir; give it preheminerce above the choyfeft' worldly fubftance. The lof %of all cannot make manmi- `cerable;as long as he fincerely and fully adheres unto, and enjoyes the Gofpel. Make this therefore your conftant and perpetual) light ro guide you ; your heavenly Manna,to feed you ; your ce- leítiall treafure,to enrich yo. u ; your fpirituall wel- fpring, to refrefh and fill you ; your firme and lure anchor, to fu- ftain and ftay you ; your holy and gracious School, to edi- fie you in the knowledge, faith, and Iove of Chri ft ; to ra- vifh your pules with the apprehenfion of Chrifts beau - ries, to fill you more and more with Chrifts fulnefre, and prepare y ©u a Tweet and entire communion of everlafting continuance with the Lord Jefus which he molt unfain- edly defireth ; who ever remained], moft intire y devoted to your f irituall fervice, ,ALEXLNDER GROSSE.

f 'tits,) tet)_,a 41 t;ets) 4t . cgt ott It ot: irt,1 t,e á 071M-1 ,r ,_, ,r:: % WAWA frlirrrrYr4M,"644"VVV, A TABLE OF THE CHIE FE THINGS CONTAINED IN THIS TREATISE ON COLOS.2.9,10. For in him dwelleth the fulneíe of the God -head bodily : And ye are compleat in him, which is the head of all princi- pality and power. CnAH. I. THe tranfcandency of Ch rifts fulnes above all created fulnes.fol. i CHAP. II. Chrifis fulneffe a ground of deportation from humain inventions. 5 Do &. i. Such is Chrifts fulnefe,that men ought not to joyne to him other dolirines and objervations to further their eternall happinefe. Four grounds hereof. P. 7,8,9 C nAP. III. The folly of not cleaving to, and quieting and contenting our felves with Chrift, but going afide to humain inventions. p. i o Five grounds hereof. p. 11,12 The vanity of humain doctrines difßlayed in 12 particulars. 13,14 An admonition to wait on Chrift, and receive all our direaian from him. 15 CHAP. IIII. Do&. +. All divine and heavenly fulneffe is to be found inChriff7e- fm. Three grounds hereof. x6,18 CM AP. V. The folly of neglel`ting Ch rift, and feeling fulnef elf where. 22 Fenre feelers of fulne(fe deceived. 23 t Some leave Chri ft a>;d feel fuine f fe in the creatures. ibld. Mans folly in feeking fulnes in the creature opened in 6 par-ticulars.24 2 Some feekfulneffe in themfelves. 26 2 Some

THE TABLE. eE Ignorance and unfenfibleneffe of mans want of Ch'e ground this. 27 3 Some f eekfulneffe in the naked ufe of the Ordinances, not labour- ing to fee, tafle and receive Chri ff in them. 28 4 Some f eekfulnef e in humain eb; ervations : their folly difcovered CHAP. VI. ibid. The folly of man in ftanding aloofe eff from.Chria,' and not coming fully home to Chriff, in whom is all fulness manifefied. Four grounds hereof. 29 The folly ofman in not coming unto Chrift, illuffrated. 35 35 36'34 CHAP. VII. 3 7 The valuing and efleeming of Chrift above all r pre(fed. S Chrift to be valued above all,fix wayC1. 3 Four things in Chrift to behighly prized.. 3 g' 39540 C H A P. V I I I. 4243 Perfwafrens to come to Chrifl, and get intereft in Chrift. 36 Three things perfwading thereunto. The manner of coming to Chrißf laid donne. 46547148 Helps diff offing and fitting man to come to Chri . 5 , 5 i CHAP. IX. fi 50,5j 2253 The making ufe of Chrift is taught. 5 4255)5 6 CHAP. X. Full and confiant ácnuiefcence in.Cbrìft is perfwaded. Confolationsflowing porn the fulness o f Chrift. 58 CHAP. XI. 58 Do &. 3. Chrift is God and man in one i °rfonby an in(eparable union. Two grounds hereof. 60,61,62 Mans honour and the exaltations ofmans nature c opened. 63,.64 Man is charged not to debafe himjelfe, but maintain the honour to which Chrifi bath exalted him, with the manier how to doe it. 65 CHAP. XII. Mans choyceft excellency confftetb in union with God. The benefits thereof. 66 C H A P. X I i I. 67,68 Do &. 4. Chrifts per fec ion and fulneß dotb infinitely furpaß the fulneßof all creatures. Three grounds of this. 6 0 Such as are filled with fulneßo f God,are filled with eboyceff fulneß. 64 C H A P.

THE TABLE. CHAP. XIIIi. The fuperlative excellency of Coríft above all creatures is declared. 73,74,75 Four excellencies in Ch riff, on which men muft fallen the eyes of their faith. 76,77,78 79 CHAP. XV. 7'he Nippy and bleffed condition of them that are partakers o f Cbri fi it fet forth. Illufirated in five particulars. 81,8 2,83,8,4 Do &. 5. Chrill dwelling in uúr flefb is true God : his names,attri- lutes and work prove it : meditation whereof tends to admire, em- brace, fear, exalt and ¡lay on Chrift. 86 CHAP. XVI. Do &. 6. Such alone are trully holy and gracious, are compleat and perfeeiinChrift Jelus. 88 Prophane men f#rangers to perfeelion. ibid. Such alone as are gracious, partake of Chriffs fulneffe. 89 Do &. 7. There is a Jpiriruall and heavenly perfection and fulneffi in Cods fair: full fervanrs. ibid. Severalljortsof fulneffe. 90 CHAP. XVII. Four grounds of the Saints fulneffe. 92 Two forts of men ftrangers to Chrift. 95,96 CHAP. XVIII. Four marks or charalers of fyir'ituall and heavenly fulnef?. 97,98,99 .fin exhortation to ffiirituall and heavenly fulneffe. ibid. Four meditations inducing thereunto. 100,101 The dolefulnelfe and danger of negk&ing Chrift and the opportunity of Grace. Do&.!. The fíate of that perfon or people is very dolefull,which con - tinuetb barren under the plentiful & powerful means of falvation -i o8 Do &. 2. It is very dangerous and fearfull for any people or perfon to negkei the means and times ofgrace which God dotb offer them-I26 The Soules lait Refuge, a Sermon on Revel. 22. 20. Note. Zy bow much the neerer communion we have now with Chrift

TH BLE. Chriff by grace and holinef e, by fo much the more his fecund coming if defired by us. 136 Note. No man rightly defines Chriffs coming but be that bath of furance of the good and benefit of his comining. 137 Do&. It is the unfained defsre of Gods faithful! fervants to have the full fruition of Chrift Jef ins. 13 9 Note. Love and mercy are fweetly_knit together inChriftJe. 148 f Note. if aryl be not our Lord. and Mailer firff, he will never be ottr Saviour at left. ibid. Saint Paul's Legacie, a Sermon on z Co. 13. I I. Do&. i. The Minifiers long andfrequent preaching muff be atten- ded with much perfetiion in the people. 154 DoE. 4. There is in all Gods faithfullMiniflers a very fervent; and unfained love to their hearers. 16o, Note. The labours of Gods choyceft Minifiers are not everlaffing but of a fbort continuance. 1631 Doe. 3. The full and tborosigh conforming of our felves to the1 do(irine of Gods Meffengers, miniiers great joy and gladne,(re though they depart from us. 164 DoE!. 4.. It is the duty, and ,muff be the care of Gods children to ffrive to more f#irituall perfection. -r 68 Do&. 5. Gods children ought to be very comfortable, though many changes and afflit7ions doe attend them. 17o Do&. 6. There nnfl be unanimity and confent between Gods children in matters of Doîlr-ine and Religion. 17 FINIS..

t CHRISTS FVLNESSE TRANSCENDENT. C-o t o S. 2.9, 10. For in him dwelleth the fulne e of' the God -head bàd;Iy, and yee Are compleat in him nhe is head of aillirinci- palitj.and power, CnAP.1. Sheaving the tranfcendency.of Chrifis fulne ff above:allcreated f uin. ffe., and opening thel cope of tige words. F all Fulnefle, Divine and Heavenly Fui - nell'e is the choicelt :The nearer any crea- ture commette unto God, and the more it cloth participate of thefulnefpe of God; the greater is the perfe &ion,the more ex- cellent is the fulncflle thereof. There is a tülrïtffe of light in the.Sun, a fulneíi' of waters in the Sea,a fulneffe of ítrength in the Rocks,a fulnes of riches in the earth : a 'The earth Cffith the Pfal niill)is full o f thy rie es, o is the great and wide lea, w erein are things creeping in- nunsera1l', oth (mail and 0-eat. Beane: Yet of all this fulnelle in- compariion of th. ir.fiilnet e who are filled wich the fulneffe ofChrift,may we fay,as Gideon fometime faix of.the \' iittage B of Pral. to4'' 4

., r. i6 r b Judges 8.z. c Eph.4'ì. John a. 3 3 John a . r 6. Chriff"s' fulnta the ground of the Apoitles. dehorration ire.m. humane cleaPing>_ Chrssi.r f ìxlneffi tran f cendent. .r.. of Abiezer, b the gleanings of Ephraim are better then the Vintage of Abiezer ; fo the gleaning, the fmalleft gatherings of the ful- neffe of Chrift, are better, more excellent,more fatisfaetor , more permanent, then the full and greateft Vintage of the world : This is a fulneffe making like God; endearing to God, leading to heavenly and fweet communion with God ; the leaft of Chrift is better then the greatelt abundance of the earth : There is falneffe of wifdome and purity, a fulneffe of flrength and fagacity in theAngels ; there is a fulneffe of hó- linefle and righteoufnetfe in the Lords faithfull fervants yet is their fulneffe in ?efpe& of Chrifts fulneffe, as no ful- neffe ; as the fulneffe of the Star is as no fulneffe in refpe& of the fulneffe of the Sun ; and the fulneffe of the Veffell as no fulneffe in comparifon of the fulneffe of the Fountain;::( Their fulneffe is a derivative, a borrowed fulneffe ; it is is them by participation, as the Moon hath her light from the Sun, Rivers their waters from the Fountaine, and the eye her fight from the foule ; but it is in Chrift originally, natu- rally, and of himfelfe : Their fulneffe is in them by meafure according to the gift of God ; in Chrift it is c infinite and above; tnea;ure. The Moon is full oflight,but the Sun is more full ; the Rivers be full of waters, but the Sea is more full ; their fulneffe is not communicable to others, they cannot derive their graces to others ;but Chrift as a head and Fountain,im- parts his fulneffe to others ; and therefore the Apoftle faith here of him, In bim dwelletb the fulneffe of the God -bead bodily, and yee are compleat in bim who it head of all principality and power. The Apofile having dehorted and difwaded from heark- ning to, receiving and embracing the do &nines, traditions, devices and inventions ofinen,as from emptyLamps,where- in is no light to difcover fin, to reveale God in Chrift, to make man wife unto falvation ; as from wodden fwords fairly guilt and lourifht over, but having no edge, no pow- er to penetrate the heart, to hew downe fin, to cart downe the holds of ungodlineffe ; as from broken Cifternes, where- in is no pure and living Dater to refrefh the foule, to fatisfie the thirft thereof ; as from Chaffe, wherein is no nourifh ment to firengthen -the inward nian ; and as from falfe phy- ficke

libfolute fislnefe rn (,`hrlit alone. 3 iicke, wherein is no venue to heale the breaches of the foul, and to cure the wounds of the Confcience : Having diffwa. ded from this by an argument drawne from the vanity, ernp- tineffe, idltnefle,unprúfitablenefie and deceitfulnefle of filch doctrines and observations, he here perfwadts by another argument drawn from the perfeeiion and fulneffe ofChritt : In ( hriit is the height of all perfection, filch perfeétion that no more can be added to him ; in him meets the fulneffe of all perfe!tions ; as of beames in one Sun, and lines in one Center, and Rivers in one Ocean. WhatCoever fulneffe or perfe &ion can be mentioned, defired, imagined, it is to b found in him : It is abfiird to run to a rotten Cifterne for water, having by us a full and living Fountaine ; to goe tó a Glow -worme for light, having the Sun to guide us : It is a great folly to have recourfe to humane traditions, Philo- fophicall doctrines, vaine and empty ceremonies, having Chrift, in whom dwelleth the fitlneffe of the God -head bo- dily, and in whom we are compleat. In the words we have a double plenitude or fulnefe : The A doubt: rut- ;;. of Chrift, ver. 9. The fecond ofhis Members, ver. To. The nef firft is originali, abfolute, independent : The fecond, com- mt'ncated, derivative and borrowed. The firf} is the Foun- tane ; the fecond the Screame : The firft the root ; the fecond the Branch : The fielt is of the Head, the fecond is of the Members : The firft is like the fulneffe of the Sun, the fecond is like the fulueffe of the Stars : The firft like the fiilneffe of a King, the fecond like the fulneffe of a Subje& :The for- mer like the fulneffe of the Lord and Mafier of the houfe,the latter like the fulneffe of a Servant in the.hoúfe : For in Chrift 4welletb all the fulnefe of the God -head bodily, and wea re compleat in him who is bead of all principality and power. Fiel, of the former of there, the plenitude and fulneffe of AnaIygs: Chrift ; for in him dweßeth the fulnefe of the God -lead bodily. In the words we have, Fief}, a terme or note of coherence; For,, t which is a particle redditive,rendreng the reafon of the fore -, Terminus cart. going fentence, Beware leafs any mm ffioikjeu through Philofophy nexiortis, andvainc deceit : Be not a fcholler in their fchool,nn derftand not, beleeve not, adore not after their Marines, there is no 13 2 need

2. SubieauPi. 3. .411us 4. Taatitm. ilbfolnte fulnegi Cbrifi alone. 4111 // 4 need of having recourfe to them : You have all in Uhrift ; For in bim if the fidn4re of the God-bead ; all fulneffe appertain- ing to life happinefre is to be found in Chrill Jeaiis. Se- condly, here is a fubjeEt, in bim ; in Chrift,, in his perfon as he is the Son of God by eternal! generation, as he is God and Man in one perfon , as free is Mediatour , a mid- dle perfon between God, and Man by divine ordina- (ion , by his Office of Mediation : In Chril is filch perfeaion that thee needs no addition. Thirdly, here is the Aa , Treelktb ; AEt of duration , Chrills hu- mane Nature and his Godhead are never feperated. Fourthly, here is the matter which isin Chrifi, and that is -a Ainef. perfeal.)n, the high& perfeEtion the greateft fidnelie : The fulneffe of any thing is the excellency of the Lhing ; fulneffe of corne in the care, fulneffe of branches and fruit on the tree, fulneffe ofchildren in the houle, as of ar- rowes in a quiver, fulneffe of light in the Sun, fulneffe of precious fhb:lance in a pearl;is the excellency of the care, the 'tree, the honfe,,the Sun, the Pearle ; divine and incompre henfible ftdneffe is the excellency of Chrid Jefus above o- chers. Such is (.1hriiifulneffe, that in companion thereof the fulneffe .of all creatures is but emptineffe. .Fitly, here is the quality or condition of Chriits fulnefre, The fulne Ire of the God-head ; a fulneffe communicablé to no creature : In Saints and Angels there is a finite fulneffe of divine qualities, in Chria there is the infinite fulneffe of the divine effence,a,ful- nefre by wch be barb d obtained a nore excellent name then theAngels. He that partakes of God above others,is more excellent then others ; the Lord ,Jefus is . farre exalted above all creatures. Sixtly, here, is the manner how: this fulneffe dwelleth in Chria, Bodily ; not feemingly,but really, truly and in deed; not figuratively andin fhadow, as hedweltin the Temple, but compleatl) ; not by power and. efficacy, as he dwelleth in all creatures, nor by grace,. as in the Saints, nor by glory, as in the bleffed in heaven ; but Effentially, LS'iikElantially, the humane nature being affunaed into union with the perfon of the Word. Great is the difference between the dwelling of the God-head in Chrittaud in his members : Such is the pre- fence, dHeb.i.4: 6. modas.

IIunràne Inventions: not, &c: fence ofthe fulneffe of the God -head in Christ, that he is a. bnndantly able to fill all that come unto him. CHAP. II. Declaring the vanity of joiyniag humane Qbrervations to Ch'vift Jefisw. UT firfl ofthe termeof connexion,the particle For, ren- 1ring the zeafon why we fhould abilaine from all for - raigne and ifrange guides to dire& us, from all the rotten pillars of humane inventions to fupport us, . and from the broken Cifterne of all the traditions and . obfervations of men to fill us, to perfea us, to promote the welfare of our foules ; for, or becaufe in Cori ft there it as fulneJfe, and there fore no caufe, no need of flepping out from Chrifl, of cafl- ing our eyes abroad on other lights,ofjoyning other things to Chriíl, ofmixing and mingling other things with Christ. Whence we learne, that Such it Chrifis fulnef e; that mrn ouOt not to ioyne to him other poíirines and,Obfervationr to further their eternall happineffe. Such is the fulnetl-e of the light of the Sun, that the traveller need not joyne a candle of his ovine thereunto,to help him in his travell. Such was the fulneff of light iffning from the fiery Pillar, that the Ifiaelites needed not the lightof any Lamp befides to guide them in their journeys to the Land of Ca naan : Such a,fiery Pillar,. fuch a bright and fhining Snn is Ghrift, . that we need no other light to guide us in all our doings, in all our progreffe to the heavenly- Canaan, but onely Chrifi fhining in the facred Scriptures, and in the la- boues of his faithful Minisl rs:Therefore we are fens to him, as to the only e Matter, having both authority & wifdom to command and iniru& us.This was commanded by the voice from Heaven,f Heare hint ; as if the Lord had Paid, I will not that yee depend on any other, whether Mo fes or Elias, but on Chrift.Mof es and Eli:asvanifhed,Chrift'remainpd; the Gere- i monies of the Law were abolifhed, the`predi6tions of the Prophets fulfilled, Chi ill alone remaineth, and him we muti heart ; as , a. Scholler his Teacher, receiving all inflru &ion B 3, . from T. Terminus con nex: enis. Dour. e M; t. t3.9i io. f Mat.t7 5.

1 Humane Inventions not to be joyned to M. O. Ï from him ; as a Servant his Lord, yeelding full and constant obeidience to him : Him we mutt heare in his Word, as a King in his Proclamation ; in his Minifters, as a King in his Embaffadours, as a Bride - Broome in his Friends : Him we imuft heare in his precepts obeying him, in his Promilès be -' leeving him, in his judgements fearing him, in his mercies drawing nigh unto him, and rojoycing in him, every way gDeuc.t .sç 'quieting and contentingour (elves with him : And for this g,a,v, 'caufe'he is filled our Prophet, a Prophet g like unto Moles, in nature and office,being a Man and a Mediatour,asMojes was, though more excellent, and in a more fingular fort ; Mks as -is Hci. 3. ,A Servant, Cbrif as a h Son and Lord of hip Church ; a Prophet re- vealing the councell of his Father concerning our redemp- tion, a Prophet giving power to his Won.' to work for our converfion : As he called Lazarus by his voice, and railed him by his power ; fo he calleth us by his Word, and con - . verteth and raifeth us by his grace. And as the eyes of lírael were on the fiery Pillar to guide them, and as that moved they moved ; fo mull our-eyes be on Chrift, conforming our motion according to Chrills prefcription : All other Do- ¿brines are excluded, we are denied to hearken to them, to i r Ep;it. Joh. embrace or entertaine them . i It there come any Wate you, and bring not this Doctrine, the doarine of Chrift, but his ovine dottrine, receive bin; not to bou e, have no acquaintance with him, give him no audience, thew him no countenance, nei- tbcr bid him God(Peed, falute him not, afford him no fpeech, with him no fucceffe, Phut your ears at'him, withdraw your felves from him : 7bougb 'we, or an Argel from heaven, faith Saint Paul, whofoever he be, be he never fo famous for his learning, or renowned for -his íanftity ; if he (peak or live in external' appearance as an Angell ; yet it he preach ano- k Gal. r lß, Cher Gofpell, another Dontrine,k then that W'ich we have prea ched unto you, let hint be accu--;ed ; _lct hint be vile and execrable in your eye, odious and abominable in your apprehcnfion. Look to Chrift, cleave to Chrid, turne not afide from him, look for no other Infiruter to make thee wile unto falvati- on : Look (faith Chryfo. ojne) for no other Mailer ; thou haft the words of God, no man can fo teach thee. And, I (faith our

Chriffs per, fe5ìan. our Saviour of himfelfe) am the Way, the 7 rutb, and the Life : Ambulare vis,? (faith Augustine of Chrift) ego fum via : Falli non vis ? ego fum veritas : Mori nonvis? ego fum vita. Wilt thou walk ? I am the Way : Wilt thou not be deceived ? I am the Truth : Wilt thou not dye ? I am the Life. So thatin Christ there is filch fulneffe, that we have no caufe of going to o- tbers,to joyn other do &tines & observations to Chrift Jesus. In regard of the perfe &ion of Chri.Pt; It I pleated God that in him (mould all fulneffe dwell; fulneffe of wifdome to di- re&, fulnefle of power to defend, fulneffe of worth to fatis- fie Gods juftice, to merit mans falvation ; fiulneffe of righte- oufneffe to juftific, fulneffe of holineffe to fan &ifie, fulneffe of mercy to pardon, fulnefl'e of fufliciency to fatisfie : He is Riled a Kock for his ftrength to support us ; a Counfellour for his wifdome to guide us ; a Fountaine opened for his readinefle and preparedneífe to wash away our uncleanneffe ; a Tree of Life bearing twelve forts o f fruit every moneth, for the plenty and perpetuity of joy and gladneffe, and other fruits of the Spi- rit, which he minifters to true beleevers : To a River of living water, cleer as Chryflall, for that ineffable purity, perfe. &ion, comfort and fätisfa&ion which Chrift minifireth to the foules of his children . To a precious Pearle for his worth to a Store -boure for his fulneffe. of all fpirituall treasure. O the happineffe of the foule that enjoyes Christ ! he that hall the Lord Jefas need not look elfwhere for any perfe&ions Having Chrift we have all, faith Ambrofe : He may fay as Ja- cob did, I have enough The in woman, the Spouse of Chrill, is iefcribed, cloathed with the Sun, and a Crowne of twelve Stars upon :er bead ; the righteoufneffe of Chrift cloathing her as the Sunne, and his do &rine guiding her as- the light of twelve Stars ; and in him are n bidden all the treafures of wif dome.Surely the man never knew, never faw, never apprehended Chrifts falneffe, that dotes on forraigne do&tines, that admires hu. mane inventions. In regard of the vanity of all humane Do &vines and Ob- fervations : They are a o vaine vifion a vifion composed of vaine and foolifh things ; they are an empty Lamp, wherein is no light, they difcover not the fin of mans heart, they doe not 7 Nole expeaare alirsm >Aagi- (trum, tttmo te pote fie lleee- re,Chryfoj}. Four grounds of this truth. I. I Col. i. i'. m Rev. ¡ z. r. -. n Col.t.a. 2. oEzek. 13.7: Lam. z 14.

COSISCILIMON, 1-lxmane Ub f ervatifan.r vaiite. nit reveale God in Chrift,,they thine not into .the,hcart,they make not wife unto falvation, they are a Schoole wherein p a Tim. 3.1. men are ever learning, and yet P never come to the knowledge of the- truth.: He that is moft devoted to humane obfervations, is commonly_ moft ignorant of the myftery of godlinefíe : As long as. Saint Paul was a Scholler in this;Schoole, he rema- . ned ignorant of his owne eftate, he ftill.beheld himfelf in a Julie glaffe: gIwas alive (faith _Paul) once without the, Lam: He knowes little of the Law of God, that makes mens traditi .ons a law to dire& him in the fervice of God ; no light dif- clofeth the Heavens, but that which fhineth from Heaven , no Doítrine fr.eweth forth God and the way to. heaven, but onely that whichGod himfèlfe bath given : Of all other Do &tines we may fay as Job did of his friends, r They are Phi_ ftians of no value, they .neitherdifcover nor cure the difeafe of the foul: And as fometime the Lord Paid of the Egyptians, s The Egiptians fhall help in vaine and to no,purpof e ; their ftrength is to fit pi; fo may we of alihumane and carnali (latrines, they help in vaine andxo no purpofe, they can doe nothing by way ofmortification:to finne, by way of corroboration againft Satans temptations, by way of pacification in quiet- ing the confcience : In fuch cafes their ftrength is to fit fiill, they doe not profit the receivers of them. k is but the tow- ing of chaffe that brings forth no fruit, or feeding on husks that minitters no ftrength; a labour which doth not t profit. He that looks beyond or betide Chrift for light to dire& him his labour is altogether unprofitable. In regard of the fooliihneffe of man to Rep afide from Chrift, and cleave to humane observations : Every man re- putes k a fooliíh thing for a man that hath a full fountaine,,' to Peek water out of an empty pit ; f r him that bath the Sun fhining upon hirn,to light a candle to guide him:It was, great foly in the men of Secb nt to refute v the Vine, the, Olive and the Fig- tree, and choo; a the Bramble ; to leave the Cons of Jerub- baal, and chooje Abimelech to raigne over them. What is Chrift but a living Fountaine, a bright and fhining Sun, a Vine, an Olive, a Fig-tree, full of all light, replenifhed with the geateit fulneffe of all divine and heavenli fruit ?.And what are q r job 1.3. r. s ICa. 3a. t. t jtr. t. 8. v judges 9. 9.

Folly of not cleaving to Chriff. are humane dotrines and obfervations, but an empty pit, a very fnuffe that gives no light,a barrenBramble that beares no fruit ? Man never more manifefis his foolifhneife, then in leaving ,the Lord Jefus. w Hath any Nation (faith the Lord) changed their gods, which are yet no gods? But my people bave chan- ged their glory for that which doth not profit. Be aflonzfbed, 0 ye heavens, at this, and be horrible afraid, be ye very defolate, faith the Lord ; for my people bans committed two great evils ; they bave for - f aken me, the Fountaine of living waters,and hewed them out ciflerns, broken ciflernes that can hold no water. Who is the Fountaine of "living waters but God and his Chrift ? What are the broken cifteraes but humane inventions, which have no water of life in them ? Who is cenfured in the Parable as a foule, but he that left the Rock and built upon the Sand ?, Who is the Rock but Chrift? What is the Sand but the vaine and idle obfervations of men ? And who fo foolifh as he that leaves the former, and builds his faith and falvation upon the lat- ter ? He is certainly, in Gods account, a man of no under - ftanding that leaves Chrift, in whom arehidden all the trea- fures of true wifdonte. In regard ofperilI : k is very dangerous to leave Chria and adhere to rotten do &rines and empty devices : It is dan- gerous to the Sheep to Ieave the Shepheard, and apply him- felfe to the Wolfe to the fick to leave the wife and faithful! Phyfician, and put himfelfe into his hands who is both ig- norant and deceitfull. What are the Teachers of corrupt do&rine,'but ,X Wolves in Sheeps cloathing, and y falf e Pryficians who beale the difeafe of the daughter of Gods people deceitfully : The men of Ifrael expofed themfelves to great danger when they left David their true King, and z followed Sheba that 61;ív the Trumpet of Rebellion. The man that leaves Chrifl,and follower them that blow theTrumpet of vain and idle,carnalland unfound do&cine, expofeth his foule to the danger of infection, fedu &ion and utter ruine. Unfound Do&rines are inífruments of great prejudice to their receivers, the bait by which Satan, like a Fowler, allures theni ; the (hare in which, 1like a Hunter, he entangles and takes them : The Prince ofdarktìeffe hath no C fuch u Ier.zxï,tz 13. 4. x Mat 7.1j. Y Ier.6. t4. 1,z Sam.zo.z omne quod non ediftcat audi- ences in pericu 1um vertittir aud, entum, Ie- rom.

io f Folly of not cleaving to Chr#1. a t Kings 13. 8,19. b King. 2z. x z fuch agents as deceitfull Teachers ; he cloth more advance his Kingdome, and bring greater ruine to the foules of the peo. pie by bad feeds -men, then by the men of any one calling befides them A lying fpeech out of the mouth of an a old Prophet, prevailes and drawes to difobedience more then a Kings perfwafion : Satan ordinarily works the greateft mif- chiete by being a b lying f/irit in the mouth of forne Prophet. The Nate of mans í'oule is very dangerous that flicks not dole to Chrift Jefus c z Sam. Y;. aa,tz. CHAP. I I I. D ij'clo fing the folly of not cleaving to,and contenting our felves with- Chriff, but going afidelo vaine inven- tions, .. 'TIN I S difcovers the vanity of their minds, the folly of 1. their hearts, the perill of their foules, who cleave not to ChrifF, who reft not, quiet,not, content not themfelves ill Chrift and his fulneffe ; but ftep out, goe afide, turne away from Chrift to vaine Do &nines, humane devices and carnall obfervations ; like the two c hundred men of Jerufalem, that turned afide from David, andwent after Abfolom : As they went in the the fimtlicity of their hearts ; fo thefe in the folly of their foules : As they knew not any thing, fo thefe know not any thing truly and ravingly of God, of Chrift, of the deceit of Satan, of the danger of their eftate and doing : As they took unto themfelves Achitophel, a Counfellour of David ; fo thefe take unto themfelves Tome Teacher, forne Mitaifter, who by calling is one of Gods Counfellours,one that fhould plead Gods caufe, and open Gods counfel l : And as their confpiracy was flrong againft David, fo is there mens con- fpiracy ftrong againft God, against his trash, against the good of their owne foules. He that cloves to corrupt Do- ¿trine, confpires againft Christ and his owne falvation : And . whence is it, . that fal (hood is more welcome then truth ; a man that comes in his d owne name, more acceptable then he that

yr ()rounds of not cleaving to Chri¡t. it that comes in Gods name, but, firtt, from the dominion and fulnefíe of corruption ? A deformed face pleafeth it fife in a deceitful! giafle ; the malefaetor rejoyceth to heare of a cor- rupt fudge ; fume ditèafed flomacks delire to feed on afhes ; a rotten heart and a rotten d aline are very futable. Ahab having ejold himjelfe to commit rwickedneff '., was very attentive to the falfe Prophets : Men (faith our Saviouur) t love dark- liege rathen then light, becauf e their deeds are evil?. fie that áoth evili heal) the light, neither commetb he to the i ht, Leff hid deeds fbou'd be reproved : job faith of Theeves, g 'Joe nrorning is to them a the fhaúore of death ; if one know the -m, the_y,are in the terrors of the fha,,o4, of death. To men that rob God by. their impieties, the morning, the truth which fhineth forth like the h Morning Star, is as the fhadow of death ; if one know them, if the Mi- nitcer detc& and lay open their fin, their prophane and evill eftate, it is a great terror to them, it troubles them, as the liar did i Herod and the men of jeru, a. em. Man can never take pleafùre in that fulnefíe of light which filineth from Chrift Jefits, untill he bath emptied himfelfe of the fulnefíe of his corruptions. Secondly, from the want of laver to the truth : The woman that wants love to her husband, readily prof i- tutes her Oft to firangers : The foule that loves not Chrift and his truth, cloth eal:ly open it Celle to corrupt and dec it full do&rines ; brcaufe they k received not the love of t;;e truth that they might be raved for this cau;e,f.ith the Aporde, God Pal fend themirong deiu6o'is, that they fkould beleeze a lyc. Corrupt and carnali d. &rive is very welcome where the love: of the truth is wanting ; he that receives not the truth into his af- fe &ion, as well as into his judgement, mil? foon bedrawne from it. Linder the Law it was uril.tll foi a man t at married a I woman, if he loved her not, to give her a bill of divorce- ñient, and fend her out of his houle:: It is common with men under the Gofpell, who, in r:gard of externall cove - nanrandprofeflion,are married to the truth; yet afterwards through the want of love, they give the truth a bill of di vorce, and become ftrangers to it : It is love to the truth that caufeth man to continue coma. n: with it : in Love it, and you Pail never depart from it; Thirdly, from a desire of no G a.. velty; Five grcu1is he reos. Se e I Kings e24 . f loh 3..9,zo g lob 24.17. b -z Pets 1.1s. i Matth. :.a. 2. k a Thera 93 1o. 1 T9eut.o,4.i. m Cazrt-8:15;7 3

1 2 J' ' Grounds o f not. leasring Chr j.. C velty : Men naturally defirenew things ; as they defìre new fafhions of apparell for their bodies,, fo new do &tines for their foules. The eye is little affe&ed with the Sun, becaufe it thineth every day ; it much admires. a blazing ftar, becaufe but feldome feene : Things of greateft worth, becaufe com- mon, are little efteerned ; vaine and empty things, becaufe new, are much regarded.. Saint. Paul tels. Timothy that the n z Tim. 4.3 .. ; ivì ' trial come mien mct'n will not v endure round doeirine, but after their owne has they bear unto them;elves 7eat-,ers, having iácJ- i. g Bares. Men having the itch, delight in fcraping ; men overfpread with the loathfome fcab of uncleane lulls, delire to_be fouthed,daubed,flatter'd in their fins,and to have their ears tickled & pleafcd wth fame new and ftrange things,with o Ifa. 3010. o fmootb things -and deceits, with the P enticing words of mens P I Cor. z.3. wifdeme : The Ifraelites a loathed Manna, and luftea ofter the.Onyons 4 N3'6.r 1.S of Egypt. Men ofcorrupt hearts, after a while,loath the pure and plaine preaching of Chi if, and fall a hitting after Phi- lofophiCall,, frìperflitious and vaine do &rines : No man fo defires change of new and : ftrange doctrines,, as he that meanes not to change his converfation : were the hearts of men truly changed; the true and common dó&cine.of Chrit would be very pleafant, the foule would' never grow weary. 4, -of it. Fourthly, from their eftrangernent from Chrif }, they lifcerne not Chrifis beauties, they tafle not Chrifis fweet- nefle, they feele not.Chrifts goodnefie ; there is no fiitable- 4. fre between Chris and their hearts; they have not r learn -_. r Eph.4.2,1. ú Chrift as the mob is in him ; they have not learned the wil- tome of Christ to be guided by him, the authority of Chrift -,..o fube& themfelves unto him, the beauties of Chriti to ad- -nice him, the love of Christ to delight_themfelves in. him, she death of Chrift to mortifie their lulls, the refcirre &iOn of Chrift quickning them to a new life, the power of Ch rift to !Tend' upon him, the holineffe of Chrit to imitate hirv,the xl- iuficiency of Chrift to content themfelves with him. '.shrill is to them a s bidden Manna whom they tafle not: a Rev. -.17 they feet nothing in bim for which they fbould defire bim. It is re- t )ra. s3. z. corded of Ageftlaus, comming to help -the King of E ivr in his. .iiitreffe; that, Ob corpus incultum, .& veftís vilitatem venit in con - t +r -Punt